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Nausi Love

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Lengte198 cm (6'6" ft)
Gewicht67 kg (147.71 lb)
Borsten typeSiliconen borsten
SchaamhaarMeest geschoren
RokenIk rook niet
Taal: Engels  English English English English English
  Frans French
    Zweeds  Swedish Swedish Swedish Swedish Swedish
Privé Ontvangst    Privé Ontvangst: Hotelkamer
Outcall    Outcall: Hotel en Huis bezoek
Sexuele orientatie: Biseksueel 
Afspreken met: Beschikbaar voor mannen  Beschikbaar voor mannen    Beschikbaar voor vrouwen  Beschikbaar voor vrouwen   
Beschikbaar voor koppels  Beschikbaar voor koppels    Beschikbaar voor transseksuelen  Beschikbaar voor transseksuelen    Beschikbaar voor Gays  Beschikbaar voor Gays    2+  2+   
Ik ben fetisj/BDSM

Steden Trips
2023-10-01 - 2023-10-03 in Madrid Spanje
Telefoon: +491784714226
2023-10-04 - 2023-10-15 in Tel Aviv Israël
Telefoon: +491784714226
2023-10-16 - 2023-10-19 in Stockholm Zweden
Telefoon: +491784714226
2023-12-12 - 2023-12-13 in Stockholm Zweden
Telefoon: +491784714226
2023-12-14 - 2023-12-23 in Tel Aviv Israël
Telefoon: +491784714226
Over mezelf

I’m Nausi. I’m a Swedish student traveling around the world. I love reading and writing (don’t force me to read you my own texts it will make me bluuuuuush! haha).
I love experiencing new things and I’m curious for everything. This is one of the reason why I like this job. Tell me your most strange fantasy, tell me what ever you are scared of telling others, tell me what other escorts have refused you. Tell me and we will explore it together!
Now it sounds like I’m the most kinky girl ever, and I don’t think it is true. I just like a lot of things, and I enjoy meeting strangers, seeing new places, trying new things or trying old things with new people or in new constellations. It makes me happy and excited.
I’m open for everything and all kinds of suggestions but I think I’m more a GFE kind of girl than a PSE. I think I’m more dom or soft sub than a hardcore slave. (though I do LOVE analsex, but on the other hand I think it is totally possible of having a GFE anal).
Please have a look at my website: nausilove.com
I have built it myself and I think it describes my personality quite well. I think it is important!

How to contact me:
I prefer being contacted on Telegram, WhatsApp or Signal. Email and Only fans also works.
In your first message please write me the following:
-your age,
-in which city you are located or where you would like us to meet,
-what kind of encounter you would like to have and what kind of sex: are you looking for something kinky, are you more dom or more sub, etc

Important information:
I’m very short and efficient in chatting. A huge amount of guys contacts us escorts, and half of them are just looking for a free-sexting service. Please stop doing this, it’s very disrespectful. If you want sexting or cam sex you can buy it from me. If you want to see more erotic pictures and videos please go to my Only Fans.
After a first encounter, when I know that you as a client are real and serious. I will be more attentive and responsive on messages and chats.
I always appreciate prospective clients who attach a picture of themself and also write something about themselves. It give a serious impression.

Why I work as an escort:
I started with escorting not because I was in the need for money but because I wanted the life experience of it –ever since I was little I have had the desire of experiencing everything. And… I also like sex very very much!!
To my surprise the sex with clients was far better than the sex I had with guys from bars or dating apps. The encounters was more respectful, the quality of the men was better. Since I started to work as an escort my own sexuality have reach new levels. And I’m very grateful for it.
Some recurring clients have become close friends, and with some we have even started to enjoy our conversations more than our hot sex. Like most escorts I have a golden rule of not dating clients, but I would lie if I said it hasn’t it happened. The reason why I wanna say this, is because people need to know that the connection between a client and an escort can become a very beautiful one. And even if there are clients who are total as-wholes, most of them in my experience (at least the ones I meet, I don’t meet with everyone) are kind, fascinating and genuinely respectful.
Working as an escort have also allowed me to explore my own desires, my own kinks and my own great grand curiosity. It’s a shame that so many women and also men, go through life with out even starting. Our desires and sexualities are such a big part of our life. And we are surrounded by it in culture, in history and even in religion. If you have a desire, a fantasy or a concern, it’s not strange that you seek an expert. And escorts are experts in erotics, in sex and in the kinks they are specialized in.

To note to agencies, porn producers and other escorts:
If you have suggestions of agencies that could fit my profile, my personality and my type. I’m grateful for recommendations. I’ve always been a bit skeptical of the agencies, but I can also see how it would be practical and make the work easier.
And to other escorts, I’m always open for collaborations and for duos/groups. If you are a 190+cm girl. Please contact me! Let’s build an agency for goddesses <3

Ik reis naar
Amerika Oost Europa
Canada Australië
Caribisch Azië
Latijns Amerika Afrika
Scandinavië Midden Oosten
West Europa   


Maandag: 21:00 - 02:00
Dinsdag: 21:00 - 02:00
Woensdag: 21:00 - 02:00
Donderdag: 21:00 - 02:00
Vrijdag: 21:00 - 02:00
Zaterdag: 00:00 - 00:00
Zondag: 00:00 - 00:00


TijdPrivé OntvangstOutcall
1 uur300
Outcall + Taxi
Contact informatie
Basis land:Zweden 
Basis stad:Stockholm 
Telefoon:+491784714226 (Alleen WhatsApp) 
Instructies:Alleen WhatsApp 
E-mail:Neem contact met mij op 
Prive bericht:Verstuur PM 

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