Dad & me. Me & dad.


Dad & me. Me & dad.

If you're big enough,you're old enough! - This was a phrase dad often used. A phrase that had a whole different meaning for me this morning.

This is what happened. . .

I'd dumped my girlfriend,the bitch had virtually caused a war between me and my best mate. Home I stormed and on arriving my dad was sat in his usual seat with a glass in his hand sipping occasionally as he watched some crap on the TV. - "Bloody hell matey! You look like thunder,she pissed you off or summat? I tell you, they're never worth it. Like I say 'If they're big enough,they're old enough' - Problem is, they were only put on this earth because men were having such a good time without them!"

"Yeah! Yeah! I know where you're coming from dad,but. . . "No but kid, take that row of bottles. . .

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   she played hell when I said I'd drink one, fuck its only minitures of the bigger bottles I hadn't enough to buy. . . I say I ain't going to drink the bottle only what's inside the fucking thing. . . makes no difference says she,you're not having it!" - In fairness dad wasn't much of a drinker in fact he seldom drunk except when mum, got on his case. In one way I loved mum, but she was one hell to live with. I'd never admitted to dad that when she left, I was as relieved as dad was.

He didn't turn to booze but he did have a glass of spirit or a beer if he felt so inclined. "Hey dude, if its that bad,use one of them,I know you ain't into drinking yet,but it would please me to see you have a sip or two from those bloody things. . . mind not that brandy one or the whiskey, Ha! Ha! They're cold tea. I suckered her with them, done the seal and she never even suspected.

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   Fucking woman!"

"Open a few if you want,see what you think of the different taste's, I'll drink the remainder in each" - I did and some drinks later and having found some repugnant, I went to get up to pee. Fuck my feet and legs went to jelly and for the first time I knew what booze could do to your brain. Dad was up to steady me and said, I'll go with you, wouldn't want you to break your fucking neck would we.

Staggering to the loo, I held on and on trying to get my cock out, it occured thro' the haze that my leg was getting warm. - "Hey son! wait. You ain't got it right out properly, you're pissing down your leg" - I thought no more as dad wrestled my prick out and held it for me to piss properly. I never thought much about anything as with cock dangling he guided me towards the bedroom. I was vaguely aware it wasn't my bed I'd plonked down on, it was too big!

With that dad left me and unknowingly I suppose I konked out. Awhile later I partially awoke and recalled shouting, - 'Dad! hey dad, I'm fucking freezing up here!' - Dad appeared and realising why, he must have pulled me out of my clothes and put me in bed. As I was on his bed,he just stripped and got in as well. That was it! Well that was where it started. . . I must have been rambling on and later he said it was about her and me not getting her to do whatever it was. Anyway, realising what I was on about he dealt with it.

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I came too when I realised my cock was being touched. I could feel a thumb and two fingers squeezing at my bell head[At first I thought it was a dream] but when the thumb slid over the hole at the end and I could tell it was slippery with precum and my cock was somewhat stiff, I, instead of shying away, I let it go on, partly because it felt good, but also because I was also aware that I had a hard cock sliding in between my legs prodding at my ball sac.

This was also slippery and I realised it was my dad's penis and hand doing both. I had no idea how long he'd been at it, but I knew I'd had my cock being played with for some while because I felt really near to cumming. It suddenly stopped, so I assumed dad was doing it in his sleep.

Then it resumed, - "Ever wondered how tight our Agnes would be?" [Agnes was my young sister] "Bet you have, I have! Fuck I'd really like to have that sweet young cunt here now,wouldn't you?" - Trickery? I don't know, but my cock swelled to a full hardon under dad's fondling. - He went on - "Yeah I thought you had thought about it like me, I have often!" - [My mind spun, oh yes, I'd thought about it alright, I'd seen her pussy and each time I'd wanked myself stupid, but the time I'd found her asleep and had spent quite a while feeling her, until I shit as she woke up.

Looking but not realising she just said, 'that was a lovely dream I just had!' but never elaborated on it. I noted after that tho' that she seemed to get caught by me and dad with her young hairless pussy exposed. It was obvious she'd affected dad in the same way as it had affected me. - "Still, its only you and me,her not being here. . . I'm going to turn over!" - My mind whizzed, I lay thinking about this as dad had turned. My cock was throbbing excitedly and my inner thighs were soaking with dad's precum.

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I turned and my hardon now touching his naked ass crack just nudged against it wetly. I adjudged my position was just about lining up with his sphincter. He equally must have realised this as I felt his hand reach back and my heart bounded as he pulled at one of his ass cheeks pulling it apart for me. My cock just slipped into his crack and I knew the head was touching right at his hole.

He in letting go of his cheek, my cock became encompassed by the warmness of his sphincter. Inevitably I started nudging the head of my cock at it and as my precum increased I could feel the slight tightness around my bell end as my cock tried to penetrate the opening to his rectum. Putting my arm over him, I took a similar grip on his penis as he had done on mine. It was totally wet with precum and his foreskin was rolled completely off of its helmet.

He immediately started dry fucking my palm and with this movement my cock just slipped up inside his ass. Feeling the shoulder of my cocks head pass in above the tightness of his sphincter I needed no further pressure as dad's girating at my hand pulled my cock right up into his rectum. The speed he was fucking my hand just played magic with my cock until with a grunt my hand became covered in his jism at the same time as his jerking movement eased my own penis deep into his bowel. My rising orgasm made me thrust at his ass furiously now making my cock explode my cum, thrust after thrust emptied into him until the slushy movement of my cock satisfied the carnal excitement in my brain.

I slept as did dad for awhile, then I was sexually re-ignited by the feeling of pressure on my own bums entrance. "Come on Agnes, let dad's penis into your tight little pussy now" - I knew dadwas awake and realised he was talking of Agnes for my benefit. - My mind was racing at the thought of my dad's rather larger cock than my own forcing my sisters young cunt open as I watched.

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   My equally furtile brain made me react as though my sphincter was Agnes' small young vagina.

I could tell dad's penis was already partly penetrating my equally tight sphincter. Now as tho' resting he just held the pressure of his knob at my entrance. I responded by tightening my gut then pressurising my stomach which was making my ring open and close like in a spasm. Dad's heavy breathing behind me told me it was having an effect on his cock, then the pressure increased and I pressed even harder at his cock with my asshole.

"Fuck you tight little whore" - The effect had dad grasp at my cock and balls as tho' he would tear them off my body. I stiffened straight away and he gripped the root of my knob as with a hefty thrust he broke thro' the tightness and I revelled as the thick shaft slid painlessly straight into my rectum right up to the balls and as his pubes danced against my ass cheeks he immediately started the most powerful thrusts you could imagine.

"Come on you tight little whore, take this you young fucker" - A grunt and AAH! AAH! was all that happened as I felt the fullness of dad's balls squirt far far up into my rectum. All at the same time dad's tight grip on my cock and ball sac was rewarded with my cum shooting all over his fingers. The effect was he just rammed my ass with some real hard shoves until I knew my bowel had drained every last shot of cum from his prick while he pulled at my cock enough to rip my foreskin off.

We lay stuck together for probably twenty minutes until with a formidable sensation in my rectum, he pulled out of me and turned away. "Thanks for that! Who needs women eh!" - My response - "Yeah dad. Not us eh!" - He chuckled, - "Yeah and we'll always have our Agnes if we really need a change I reckon!" - Oh Shit! The thought of me and dad ravishing my young sisters cunt had me back hard in moments. I just spooned myself into dad's back and rested my hardon against his crack ready for another go!!