magic mirror, the intro


Topic: Magic Mirror - Into the mirrors power My name was Alex, and I lived a normal life. I went to school, did my home work, and averaged a good grade. Did chores around the apartment I lived in, worked my part time job, and lived my normal life. My problems started some time ago, so here is how it went. I woke up like normal and got dressed. It was a Saturday so I decided to head to the local market held downtown. I made and ate breakfast then headed out the door. It was pretty warm out so I didn’t ride my bike. I walked to the bus and rode it down town. This is where everything just starts to go weird. I make my way through the many stands setup. Filled with charms, food, videos and games. I find a small shop I have never seen before where a parking lot use to be. I thought it looked interesting so I went inside to see what little things I could get. I walked in circles checking and checking again. An old woman walked out from the back and saw that I was interested in some of the items.

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“Hello dearly, what can I sell you today?” her voice sounded soft for such an old looking woman.
“Just browsing, but what is some of this stuff?” I asked because some of the stuff actually looked nice. She walked over and pointed some small things out. Explaining what it does and its origins. I saw a small pocket mirror that looked very nice, I thought about giving it to the landlady as a gift. I asked about it and the old woman gave me an elaborate story about it.
“This is a magic mirror that belonged to a thief of spells, he used it to change his identity after stealing a powerful spell. Until he was caught and forced to stay in the form he was found in. ” I did not really believe this story because magic spells and form changing mirrors are stupid. I bought it and thought the story was just to make it seem interesting.
“Be careful something’s in life are not meant to be played with lightly. ” She called out as I left the store. I didn’t think much of it, but it would be cool to change your appearance. The fun you could have with it, but it was just a story. I walked around until dusk rolled around and everyone was packing up.

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   I bought the last bus home and unloaded what I bought onto the counter. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the mirror.
“I wonder” I questioned whether the story was true or not then decided it was fake. I placed the mirror down and emptied the food into the fridge. I grabbed the mirror and walked into my room. I placed it on my bed side table so if the land lady walked in she would not see it right away. I jumped into the shower, flicked on the TV and dried off.
“Nothing, nothing, nothing, and nothing” I flicked threw the channels and found nothing good on. So I decided to sleep a bit early. I put some underwear on and jumped into bed.
I had a nice dream that turned into a nightmare. I was dreaming about girls, lots of them. Tall ones, short ones, different hair colour, different body shapes and sizes. I fucked all of them I fucked girls by the hundreds in my dream. But then the old hag slipped into my head.

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   I was grossed and lost my erection. The girls where all gone and she stood there in front of me.
“Sonny how about you getting your brains fucked out. ” Then the old hag disappeared in a puff of smoke and turned into a mega hottie. But when she touched me I felt really weird, and my body hurt all over. I watched as my feet slowly shrank, then my legs got skinny and smooth.
“What the fuck. ” I scream in a high pitch voice and grab my mouth. I slowly watch as my hands got dainty, I lost the mussel I had in my arms. My hips grew as my belly shrank, and two huge boobs pop out of my chest.
“What did you do to me you witch. ” The woman laughed and faded as a bunch of ugly guys walked out from nowhere.
“No get away, I’m a guy, don’t touch me” The guys swarmed around me and touched me all over. They where rubbing my body everywhere. My private areas, my face and chest.

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   I got excited from all the rubbing, I felt warm and tingly until I screamed from pleasure. Then nothing, I was sitting up in my bed watching as the sun just peered into my room.
“Morning I guessed, what a dream” I say to myself in my head. I slump out of bed, really tired for some reason. I start up the shower and peer over at my alarm clock.
“7 in the morning, early for a Sunday. ” I walk back over to the shower and step in. I grab the body wash and squirt some in my hand.
“I feel really short this morning. ” I mix it around in my hands rub up my arms.
“Must be from being really tired, I’ll get over it soooo…” I rub my chest and feel two huge tits there.
“What the fuck?” I say aloud and look down, after rubbing my eyes clear I see two huge breasts attached to me.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, What the fuck. ” I jump out of the shower and rub the mirror clean.
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

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  ” I look at the refection and stare in shock.
“I am a girl!” I scream and feel over my body, boobs real, I reach down to where my cock use to be and feel a pussy.
“No way. ” I rub and prod.
“It’s real, what the fuck” I slap myself across the face.
“Wake up” I slap myself again, but I still look the same. I run into my bedroom and sit back on the bed.
“Ok, ok think, what could have happened. ” I try to remember my dream. Fucking girls, yup, a lot of them, wait old hag, turned mega hottie, then I turned into a chick. Wait the old hag, the mirror” I turn around and see the mirror on my bed side table. It was open and when I picked it up it showed a reflection of the boy me.
“Shit she was telling the truth. ”
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