Really wierd


Heres how it all started. One friday evening i was sitting in my desk waiting for the bell to ring that would let us out for the weekend. There was only 10 minutes left of class. The Proffesor was talking about some stupid stuff that I wasn't even paying attention to. 9 minutes left until freedom. I was kinda day dreaming and looking around the room when I noticed this one girl who was sitting maybe 3 desks away from me. She was sooo hot. I barely knew her but i had hung out with her before. She was about 5' 6" tall and had pretty blue eyes. Her body was a skinny as a twig and had really tight tits and a really tight ass. She looked up at me when i was looking at her. I smiled for a little bit but then looked up at the front of the room.
"Attention, class is almost over so I am going to assign your homework for the weekend. " Said Mr. Ross. Oh great I thought, just more damn homework for the weekend.

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   "The homework will be to write a report on how the brain works. " Oh shit, thats like the hardest damn homework ever, I was thinking to myself. The other people must of been thinking the same thing because they were all groaning and complaining. "Attention, the paper is to be at least a 6 page paper and will be due monday. " Oh my god, thats even worse yet. The bell finnaly rang and everybody ran out of the door.
I caugt up with the girl, (whose name was Karly). I started talking about the prodject and other stuff with her. She said that she would be willng to work on it with me if I wanted. I gladly said yes becasue I wanted to work with her and see if we couldn't do a little something specail. "Just come over Saturday night at 7 and bring the work that we need," she said. "Ok, ill do that. " I said jokingly. I went to my appartment that night and went on the internet and stated looking up stuff about the brain. It was so fucking boring that I just went to bed after only 20 minutes of being on the internet.

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The next morning I got up and ate breakfast and did all my usual stuff. I went on the web again looking up the boringest subject ever. The phone rang. It was Karly. She said, "hey, if you want you can come over a little earlier, like 2 maybe if you want to. " "Sure, is it ok if I come over right now?" "Yea, if you want you sure can. " "Ok, i'll be over in an hour then. " "Ok, bye. " "Bye. " I hung up the phone and put my real clothes on. Karly had given me her address and it wasn't really that far way so I decided to just walk there. I poped a tic-tac in my mouth grabbed my stuff and walked out the door.
Her appartment was only like a mile away from my appartment so it didn't take long to get there walking. When I got there I rang the buzzer thing and the door opened up. I walked to her appartment and knocked on the door.

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   Karly came out and opened up the door. She was wearing a tight short top and really tight short pants that really showed off her ass. "Hey, come on in and make yourself at home. " I walked in and sat down on the couch. The appartment was really small, only 1 bedroom, but that didn't matter. She had a computer in her bedroom.
She came up to me, "so, did you find any information about the brain?" "Hell no" I said jokingly.   She said, I pulled out my cock and rammed it right through her pants and then she was pregnant then I left her appatment, the end.
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