Sir William (Very Bizarre Fictional Story)


The setting is medieval England, in the depths of a deep dark cave. Lured by the possbility of adventure, the young Sir William took up a quest to destroy a trio of evil witches that were terrorizing a local village. The young and inexperienced knight was quickly over whelmed by their powerful magics upon entering their cave. Magic energies quickly sealed the entrance to the cave and trapped him inside. Another burst of energy from an unseen force struck him, and he found himself without his sword of shield. Without his armor. . . indeed. . without any clothing. He was dreadfully handsome at only 21 years of age. He applied special oils to his body so there wasn't a hair on him, except for the lush dark hair on his head. He stood at six foot tall and was toned with rock hard muscles that now glistened slightly from his sweat. Then there was his genitals. His scrotum was as big as an apple, housing two fairly impressive testicles.

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   And his penis, 17 inches long and 3 inches wide at its widest point. It was a true monster. No, it was a true masterpiece, a work of art. A perfect symbol of manhood and the male gender as a whole.
There was something about this place, maybe the excitment of it all, or maybe the fact of being naked, but something stirred in him. Something primal and sexual. As a result, his massive cock grew to its full magnificant size, the head pealing past the foreskin as it became fully errect. Suddenly, something stirred behind him. He jumped around, his mamoth cock flopping as he did so, and saw something of equal height to him waddling toward him in the darkness. As it got closer, William could see that it was covered in spikes and carried an axe in one hand. He also saw that there were several slimey tentacles on its belly. The creature was truely hidious and too fat to run at him, so it simply waddled at him as fast as it could. It reared back its right hand and took a swing at horse hung stud, or more specificly at his horse hung cock. His cock was fully gorged with blood, and despite his size, was now pointing upward. Obviously, it made for a huge handycap in battle.

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   As the beast swung its blade, our hero had to move his hips, bringing his beautiful monster cock out of the way of the monster's axe.
One could only imagine the horror if the axe had found its mark, its sharp rusty steal driving into his wonderful manhood and taking it away. Forever destroying him. The creature placed its aze above its head and swiped it downward once more, only this time William managed to catch the monster by its wrists before it could get the swing fully under way. His muscles tenses and flexed and as the two were struggling, William felt something down below. The monster's belly mounted tentacles had reached out and began to wrap around his cock, squeezing it tightly. They started at the base of his shaft, then several more wraped around the area just underneath the magnifficant beautiful rock hard silky smooth cockhead. Occationally, a stray tentacle would rub against and violate an area of his cock further, particuarlly when one stroked over his cockhead and temporarily covered up the large slit that was the opening to his urethra.
He was powerless to do anything about the creature's tentacles around his cock. It took all his muscle to keep the creature's axe at bay, but then something horrifying caught his eye. He looked down to observe the situation with his helpless horse hung cock and there it was. In the center of the monster's belly, which had the tentacles mounted around it, was a mouth of almost perfect circular shape. What more, the inside of it was covered with rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth. As rock hard as his blood gorged cockmeat was, it wouldn't stand a chance against the jagged teeth of this monster's belly mounted mouth. And that was exactly what this beast intended to do.

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   The tongue of this mouth shot out and wraped around the area just under his cockhead and began to squeeze and pull down on it. Slowly it proceeded to pull his beautiful monster cock down. Sir William knew what horrible fate awaited him. He thought of all his missed chances to make love to a woman. How he was gifted with such a maspterpiece of cock, but in the name of his honor, remained a virgin and never once let other human eyes gaze upon it. And now, his beautiful virgin cock was about to be ruined by this hidious monster. Its rotten teeth were about to sink into the veiny flesh of his blood swollen throbing godly sex organ. What ever was he to do?. . .
To Be Continued. . .

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