Why you should always lock the door...


Hillary Duff walked into her apartment in Beverley Hills, switched the lights on and poured herself a glass of coke. Normally she would have a beer after a long day on the set of her latest movie, but since her mum and dad were away she'd promised to steer clear of the alcohol.
Just as she opened the fridge door, she heard a noise behind her. Turning around, she realised it was only her dog, Sam.
"Hey Sammy, have you had a good day?"
Sam wagged his tail as Hillary gave him a biscuit.
"I'm going to have a shower now, so you be a good boy and go and have a sleep"
Sam turned around and lay on his bed as Hillary walked towards her bedroom. Once she was inside, she stripped off her tight pink top and tight jeans to reveal her near perfect 16 year old body.
She looked in her full length mirror and admired herself from side on, taking in the slender curve of her ass to her full 34C breasts,
"Lookin' good girl" She said to herself.
She stripped off her lacy white bra and her ass-hugging panties and threw them onto the bed, before walking into the shower.
Ten minutes later, Hillary stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a fresh white towel. The feel of the new cotton rubbing against her nipples made them stand to attention.
She knew that something was wrong before she stepped out of her bedroom, but what really confirmed it was the sight of Jenny, her 25yr old bodyguard bound and gagged on the sofa. The second thing she saw was a mid-30s man sat next to Jenny, stroking his cock through his jeans,
"Hey, Hillary. My oh my, you look damn fine!" he said
"Wh-Wh-Who are you?" she responded
"Me baby? I'm every school boy who wanked at the idea of you on Lizzie McGuire rolled into one"
"What do you want from me?" said Hillary, backing into her room
"I thought that was obvious by know" and with that, he sprang up and grabbed Hillary by her slender wrist and threw her onto the sofa, next to Jenny.
"Now" said the stranger, taking an 8" knife from his belt, "We are going to play a game: namely, you do what I say, or a cut you up a bit and rape the shit out of you, OK?"
Hillary could only nod in answer.
"OK, take off that damn towel and kneel in front of me"
Hillary did so, tears streaming down her face,
"Now unzip my jeans, take my cock out and suck it for me"
Hillary tentatively undid the man's trousers and released his throbbing 8" cock.

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   She took it in her mouth and started to suck and lick his purple head. The starnger started to moan and groan with pleasure.
"That's right you dirty whore, suck me like a prostitute"
Hillary kept sucking until the rapist started to thrust his cock deeper into her face. Suddenly, he pulled out and started wanking himself. He walked over to Jenny, pulled off her gag and ordered Hillary to come and help him ejaculate on her. Hillary did so, and sobbed as she helped a stranger to shoot his hot cum over one of her best friends and colleagues.  The cum went all over Jenny's face, in her eyes, her mouth, her ears and in her hair.
The stranger was suddenly angry again. He threw Hillary over the arm of the sofa and pushed her legs apart,
"Please, don't do it - I'm still a virgin"
"Fuck that" he replied
With that, he jammed his hard cock straight into Hillary's pussy, breaking her hymen in one swift thrust. Hillary screamed as the pain ripped through her virgin pussy. She could feel his swollen head push past her slickened labia and her hymen and push against her cervix.
“Ahh, yeah! That’s better” exclaimed the stranger as he fucked his teenage fantasy. He continued to shaft his hard cock in and out of Hillary’s tight pussy until he felt the urge building once again inside his groin.
“Ah crap! I’m gonna come!” he yelled.
Quickly he pulled his cock out Hillary’s now bleeding vagina and forced her to her Knees,
“Suck me off bitch!” he yelled
Hillary proceeded to do so, disgusted at the taste of her own blood and juices being forced into her mouth.

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   The stranger started to moan loudly and Hillary felt him fuck her face even harder. Soon, the tip of his cock was pushing past her tonsils and into her throat. She started to gag.
“Yeah, you like that Hill? You like your first ever deep throat?” he moaned.
Suddenly, he yanked his cock out of her mouth and started jacking off in front of her face.
“Oh crap! I’m coming!” he yelled
And with that he shot strings of his hot, sticky, white cum all over Hillary’s teenage face. Soon his cum was in her eyes, her mouth and her hair.
“Ah, that’s better” said the stranger; “Now how about we get our friends involved?” he motioned to Jenny and Sam, the dog.
“What!?!?” gasped Hillary, holding her bleeding pussy
“Let’s see if your dog likes jenny as much as I like you”
“You sick fucker!” yelled Hillary, “Leave them out of this!”
The stranger responded by slapping her hard across her face,
“If you ever talk like that to me again, I’ll rape you again, stab you, and then rape your dying body. How’d you like that?”  
Hillary sobbed as the stranger grabbed her long, blonde hair and dragged her over to her dog,
“Now, you start jacking him off, and I’ll get jenny ready” he said, showing her how to rub her own dog’s cock until it poked out of its sheath.
She reached under Sam and found his growing cock. Slowly she started rubbing, until his cock got harder and warmer. Sam began to wag his tail and pant with the thought of what lay ahead. Meanwhile, the stranger had untied Jenny and stripped off her clothes. He then proceeded to bend her over the arm of the sofa (which was still wet with Hillary’s cum and blood) and tie her arms and legs to the sofa’s base.

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   He then returned to Hillary to see how she was getting along. Noticing Sam’s hard dick he said,
“See, that ain’t so bad, is it Hill? Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll let you and Sam get some private time together, eh?” he laughed, stroking his hard cock He then bent over and grabbed Sam’s collar and lead him to Jenny’s bare ass, which he patted encouragingly. ,
“Come on boy, don’t be shy, I’m sure she’s nice and wet and ready for you!”
Sam, who was rather randy by now, didn’t hesitate in mounting Jenny’s cute ass and pushing his doggy cock all the way inside her tight vagina. Now, what you don’t know about Sam is that he isn’t by any means a small dog. Oh no, he’s a fully grown German Shepherd, and a large one at that. Consequently, his cock is about 4” thick. Jenny screamed in pain as the dog’s penis stretched her tight pussy to a whole new level.
“Wow!” said the stranger, jerking off over the scene, “I think she likes it Hill. Why don’t you go and give her a kiss and play with her breasts a little bit. ”
Hillary did as she was told and crawled (the pain between her legs was too great for her to walk) around to face Jenny,
“I am so, so sorry” she whispered
“You silly bitch, why didn’t you lock the door!” Jenny managed to gasp in between the dog’s pounding.
“Fucking hurry up!” yelled the stranger
Hillary started to kiss Jenny and fondle her 32CC breasts. She could feel Jenny moaning against her will at the pleasure of being fucked by a dog. Jenny’s nipples became erect as Hillary pinched them.
Ten minutes later, Sam was still humping Jenny’s pussy and Jenny had almost collapsed with the pain and exhaustion. Hillary was still kissing her limp body and playing with her breasts.

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   The strange man was still stroking his huge cock, obviously enjoying the scene. Then he got up and pulled Sam’s cock out of Jenny’s pussy. Jenny moaned slightly as her sore vagina was momentarily allowed to relax. Then the stranger untied Jenny and lay down on the floor.
“Hillary, come and help Jenny get on my cock” he said
Hillary helped a rather dazed Jenny onto the man’s now huge cock. Jenny’s was suddenly awake as she felt a whole new object being driven, ruthlessly, into her cunt. She moaned in pain.
“Oh God! She’s so tight” yelled the stranger, “Now Hillary, listen carefully to what I say. I want you to take Sam’s cock and place it in jenny’s asshole, OK?!
Hillary could only nod in sick fascination.
She took hold of her dog’s penis and proceeded to guide it into her bodyguard’s ass. Jenny screamed like a banshee as she felt her virgin asshole being invaded by the animal’s monster penis. As Sam started humping away again, so did the stranger, but from beneath Jenny. Suddenly Hillary realised what she had done, not only had she helped a sick rapist rape her bodyguard, but she was now witnessing a cross-species double-penetration act, which she had helped to happen!
The stranger was now groaning loudly with pleasure, and Sam was panting. Jenny, however, was whimpering and blood ran from both her ass and her vagina. Soon, Hillary could bear it no longer.

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   She slipped a finger into her pussy and rubbed her clit with her other hand.
“Hey” said the stranger, “you do like it, you dirty whore. Come on Hill; let me hear you scream as you come”
Hillary, through fear of the knife, did as she was told. Soon, she felt her orgasm rising like a monster uncoiling itself from her stomach. She quickened the pace at which she was fingering herself and also pushing in two extra fingers for good measure. Suddenly she came and she moaned long and loud at the sound of her bodyguard being raped by her dog and a complete stranger.
“Good, good” said the strange man, “Now, I’ll just finish off here quickly”
He picked up the pace at which his giant cock was raping Jenny’s pussy. Sam took the hint and changed his pace to follow suit and match the rhythmn. Pretty soon he started to shoot his dog cum inside Jenny’s rectum. Jenny moaned loudly as the heat in both her ass and her pussy started to build. She felt Sam’s come moments before she felt the man’s cum spraying inside her pussy and womb. She then groaned as she too orgasmed. All Hillary could see was a mixture of blood, dog and human cum running to the floor off Jenny’s legs.
The stranger quickly disengaged himself from Jenny’s weak pussy,
“Well, it sure was nice meeting you Hillary Duff” he said, “And I sure am glad I don’t have to clean up this mess. I’ll go and have a shower and when I come back, I’ll see how you’re getting on.

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   Why don’t you make a start by licking Jenny’s pussy and ass clean of all that cum?”
Twenty minutes later, the stranger came out of the bathroom rubbing his hair dry on Hillary’s unused towel. The sight before his eyes made his cock instantly hard again. Jenny was lying on her back on the sofa, squirming with pleasure as Hillary licked her pussy clean. Sam, however, had seen another opportunity and was licking the blood and cum off Hillary’s pink labia. Hillary was obviously enjoying the feel of Sam’s rough tongue on her pussy as she was wriggling around on her knees.
The stranger, realising by the sight of the phone off the hook, that Hillary had probably called the cops, decided there was always another day. He threw the towel on the floor and pushed his erection down, without much effect. He left the apartment to the sound of Hillary and Jenny climaxing at the same time and resisted the urge to go back and join in. Besides, there was no point in getting arrested yet, he still had yet to sample the delights that Lindsay Lohan had to offer!