First time she cheated on me.


My wife is very shy but she is a sexual animal. She won't let me take pics or vids of her with me or other men(sometimes other women). She is a very conservative christian mother and wife and teacher. She is afraid of being found out. The first time she cheated was when she was 35 and was 36. our youngest was 13months old and the oldest was 4. We were at a party at a friends farm. There were about 300 people attending. Allot of them cowboys. As the night progressed we mingled and split up many times. We were both drinking from the time we arrived. I noticed that a young man had taken a shine to my wife. He was about 25 and descent looking. It turns out he was one of my buddies ranch hands. My wife and I had discussed the idea of her being with another man many times. Actually I discussed it she just listened and laughed it off.

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   At one point we met up and I mentioned that the guy was keen on her hot body. She almost spit out her drink when I said that. She said "don't get any ideas". About an hour later I noticed her walking towards one of the out buildings with the young guy. My wife loves horses so I thought nothing of it, he is probably showing her some of the horses. I was curious so I followed but stayed back until they went into one of the stables.
I made sure they did not see me come in behind them. He was showing her some of the horses in their stalls. As he was showing her them he kept on complimenting her on her looks and telling her what a lucky guy I was to have such a sexy wife.
He kept getting closer to her and talking her up.
At one point while she was petting the nose of one of the horses he reach out and rubbed her ass saying "I love the way your ass looks in this dress" I thought for sure she was going to smack his face. I was shocked when she placed her hand on his and helped him rub it more. Then she took his hand and put it on her left tit and said "what about my tits do they look good too'.
Now all the talk that I did about wanting to see her with another man was happening but I was not sure at that moment if I really wanted it to happen.
I was confused; do I jump up and say something or do I let it happen.

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Before I could do anything my wife said to him "my husband has been bugging me for years to mess around with someone, maybe your the one. "
He did not hesitate. He leaned in and kissed her passionately. She responded eagerly. They kissed for about 2 or 3 minutes before he broke off the kiss looked at her and commanded her to "take of your dress'. My wife did not even think about for a second. She stepped out of it and stood in front of him with nothing on but her bra and panties and a pair of very unsexy pumps on and a drink in her hand.
I was thrilled and scared at the same time.
He was only about 25 but he was very dominate. He told her to rub her tits she did it. He told her to rub her pussy she did.
He removed he bra and told her to pour the rest of her drink over her tits and she did. He started to suck on her tit like they were his first. She loves having them sucked it makes her pussy get wet. While he was sucking her tits he reached down to her panties and with one pull ripped them right of her body.

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   She almost fell over and yelled at him "suck my pussy'.
He put her on a table near one of stalls and buried his face in her bush(I mean BUSH, she only trims not shaves). She was orgasming in not time. At least to or three of them before he pulled her up and said "its time for you to suck my dick you city bitch I know you want a cowboy cock"
I thought she was going to tear his clothes off.
She pushed him up against the wall and got his pants off. He was as hard as rock but not that impressive in size maybe 5 inches but he was thick.
My wife had trouble getting it in her mouth because he was so thick. She sucked on him while he kept say "thats it city bitch suck a real cowboy cock suck it suck it. "
I don't know how long she sucked him but I was freaking out in my head. I wanted to bust him in the head but I was the one who wanted this.
There in front of me is my wife the one I wanted this to happen to sucking this thick dick like it was candy.
The cowboy at some point, while I was in a daze, lifted my wife up onto the table and said " do you want my cowboy cock say it, say it. "
She actually begged him saying 'fuck me with that cowboy cock I wanted it in my pussy'
I had never heard her talk like that before.
He drilled her pussy, he pounded her hard for 30 minutes or more in every possible position.
He was a "stud".

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   She was begging him the whole time.
When he was about to come he said,"do you want my cowboy cum in you bitch"
She moaned, "yes, yes, yes in me. "
He let it go. His body started to vibrate and he literally collapsed on her.
Just as he finished annother ranch hand came into the stable and saw them. He started laughing and said "it looks like you got you one of those horny city bitches again. If I didn't have to get the rest of the horses in I'd finisher for you ha ha".
The young stud laughed at his buddy and said I'll help you and looked and my wife and said,"thanks for the fuck bitch, now go home to your pussy husband"and he grabbed his clothes and walked out.
She lay on the table for a minute with her eyes closed trying to recover. I snuck out from my hiding spot and while her eyes were closed I stuck my tongue into her pussy. She was surprised at first because her eyes were closed but I heard her say "Hey stud did you come back to do me again?"
Then she opened her eyes and realized it was me.
She jumped of the table and was terrified until I said I saw and heard the whole thing. I assured her it was ok. She jumped at me and said "then finishes eating my pussy"
I did and it was great. We fucked on the same table and she let me fuck her ass for the first time.

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   While I had my dick buried in her ass the young guy walked back into the stable saw us and started to laugh. He asked if I was her husband. I said yes. He laughed even more saying,"I hope I loosened her up for you man. She's a great fuck. "
We slept in the stable the rest of the night and fucked again in the morning.
When we got home she was feeling very guilty. She said she did not plan it but the young guy made her feel very sexy and wanted even though she is a mother of three and all that other prudish stuff. He got her hot by just complimenting her all to hell.
That's why to this day we prefer younger guys.
That was her first but not her last. .