In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Eleven

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com

Chapter Eleven

Keli woke in a bad mood. She hadn’t slept well over worries what would happen at school the next day. She didn’t have a goodnight romp as her best friend had. Sure, she gave Cody a quickie blow job in his drive way. And, yes, it always made her feel empowered to say good night to her step-father with Cody’s taste still in her mouth. Some times she even gave her mom a kiss on the cheek just to flaunt her sex life to herself. At first, when she first gave Cody head, she had no intention of letting him ejaculate in her mouth, let alone to swallow it. But she changed her mind one night after a football game when she had a Monica Lewinsky moment with a white stain down the front of her navy blue blouse. She was able to slip in and change her shirt without being caught, but one scare was enough. The next Sunday, when she did him after church, she didn’t let a drop go. At first it was a little disgusting, but now six months later she really looked forward to feeling his balls tighten, then spray in her mouth. Sex was now not just a good feeling, but a taste.

So Cody got gotten some relief from her, but there was no time for her to get some relief. She had tried to get herself off in bed, but he worries kept the big “O” just one step away. At 7:30 in the morning she called Misty.

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Misty meanwhile, had slept well. She had been though four outfits this morning looking for he right one. She had stared with the grunge look but thought that would look like she was trying to disappear. Then she had tried on a mini-skirt that just barley (or didn’t quite) meet the school’s dress code. But she thought that might look like an invitation to the guys who had been looking at her photos all night. She had just decided to go with the fashion look when the phone rang.

“Hey girl, ready for a big day?” Keli said, fighting to be upbeat. “Just trying to find the right outfit. I think I’ve decided to go with my long hippy skirt and a vest top” Misty answered.

Not paying a good deal of attention Keli said “Sounds good. I’ve gotten Rebecca, Jeanette and Caitlin to meet us on the south parking lot at 8:15. They’ll run interference before school. You should have no problem making the 8:30 bell.

“Are you expecting problems this morning?” Misty asked naively. Keli surprised at her how out of touch Misty must be this morning “Duhh, yes.

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   Do you think the preps would miss a chance to treat you like shit?”
“I guess not” came Misty’s dejected voice.

Keli had not meant to hurt her friend “But, I’ve talked to a couple of people already, I think over all you will get some good support, even from people you wouldn’t expect. And besides maybe this will generate more RSVP’S for the pool party. ”

She referred to the annual end of school pool party she held. She had posted the invitation to all her Junior Class on the community bulletin board and in the school paper. She had only received a dozen or so RSVP’s out of a class of nearly 400. This year all the Euro Club was co-hosting which would keep the cost down. It was speculated that the unusually cool wet weather had delayed the swim/tan season and thus curtailed the RSVP’s.

Misty was now no longer excited about going to class today. Her stress level began to rise after she and Lamar drove to school.

Stepping out of her car she was grateful to see a knot of her friends waiting. Her sprits lifted as they greeted her with hugs. Jefferson Davis High School was much like any high school in America. Its clean modern exterior belies a rigid social structure. Like High Schools, north and south, the 21st century found social and racial segregation almost, but not universal.


   Additionally within the white and black student communities were distinct and rarely intermingled sub groups. The strange thing is that few people think themselves in any of the groups, but the entire school knows to which group they belong. Broadly defined were:
The Preps: those blessed with wealth, uncommon good looks or unique talent in football or basketball and cheerleaders.

The Rednecks: those not blessed with wealth or academic inclination who found solace in the lost cause of the confederacy.

The Jocks: those with athletic talent, but not good looking enough to be a prep

Geeks/Nerds: those who are blessed with high IQ but are neither athletic nor unusually attractive. A catch all for those who don’t seem to fit in.

Stoners: those who don’t care about academics, athletics or extra-curricular, getting high is a plenty good life ambition to them.

Extra-Curriculars: those whose identity is defined by other activities such as band, choir, drama, church or in Misty’s case school newspaper.

Usually these people get the “nerd” or “geek” appellation tied to their activity such as “Band Nerd” or “Jesus Geek” when referred to by the Preps, Jocks or Rednecks.

Since the Euro-Club was essentially a secret society, Misty’s school groups were the “News Paper Geeks” and the “Drama Nerds”. Today she was glad to have all the friends she could.

Momentary as she walked toward them she began to convince herself that no one really was going to say anything. A black pickup with a couple of burly rednecks slowly rolled down the parking lot isle.

“Hot pics. ” One yelled from the window after he had passed her.

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   She blushed involuntary.

Lamar, who she ignored at school, piped up “So I guess I everyone knows now. Dad can’t kill me for telling my friends now. ”

Her first reaction was to swing at him, but she knew he was right and just told him “Shut up pervert”

He cut to the right before saying “I wasn’t ‘the one naked on the beach”
Her friends had formed a phalanx in front of her and though she clearly got stares, she got only one more comment in the hall and it was also a guy yelling “Loved your pix”. This time she had the presence of mind to reply “Thanks, glad you liked them” just before ducking into class.

What was unnerving was the extra long look she got from Miss Holland, her English teacher. She wasn’t sure what the look from this twenty something teacher meant, but knew full well it meant she had seen or heard of the pictures. She tended to be one of those students that most teachers hardly knew existed. And in each class she got the same look. The only teacher who she thought even knew her name was Mrs. Kimball, her photography/graphic arts teacher. Before class she walked up to Misty, opened her mouth as if to speak, then walked away.

It was her third period class that was the problem. Somehow all the cheerleaders had managed to be assigned the same US history class. Listening to their conceited self-absorbed gossip had made her want to puke more than a few times.

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   But they were usually nice to her because she was on the photo staff and they were always wanting their photos taken.
Not today though, she could feel their eyes bearing down on her as she moved to her seat. Then it began. Whispering, but loud enough to be sure Misty could hear. “No way would I do that”, “What decent girl would” “A desperate one”, “who doesn’t have much of a figure”, “a skanky slut if you asked me”.

The comments went on for the entire period. If they had only made a few comments they might have hurt her feelings, as it was they just made her mad. When the bell rang at the end of class she quickly moved from her chair and stood to block their way. These were not strangers; these girls had posed for her in some of the most suggestive ways. And from her access to the boy’s teams she had heard more than a few stories of their slutty ways.

In a voice just a little too loud, “I’ll have you know I am glad I went to that beach. It was a great experience. If you’re too juvenile to deal with that it isn’t my problem. Further, I did not go to that beach for sex, in fact I was a virgin when those photos were taken last summer. Can any of you say the same?” She turned to leave and realized every eye was on her.

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   So she answered the question “The answer is, no you can’t say that. ” then stormed out of the room.

The students at Jefferson Davis High had a love/hate relationship with the cheerleaders. They loved to idolize, admire and fantasized about them as the ultimate sex high school sex symbol. But they also despised them for their arrogance and the humiliation and disrespect they meted out to nearly everyone at school. By lunch time her public upbraiding of the cheerleaders had made the rounds. Even those who were uncomfortable about he photos now found a champion in a normal, wall flower, who had out sexed and now out humiliated the entire cheerleader squad.

Of this sea change she was unaware as she walked across the cafeteria, tray in hand. She noticed the eyes following her, but had no idea that she was now a star. Her friends already had a clue as they had been stopped in the hall by dozens of people wanting to know more about Misty, but were afraid to approach her. She opened her Sprite can and was about to start on her salad when something was thrust in her line of sight. It was a folder holing a photo qulity 8X10 print of her running nude through the surf. She jerked her head reflexively and looked around for teachers. Only then did she look up and said “What are you trying to do, get us both suspended?” It was George Stockdale, a senior and the best photographer on the staff. She had long sought his approval.

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He smiled “I was wondering if you’d sign it as a memento of the brassiest girl at Jeff Davis” he said smoothly, “and don’t worry, they don’t much bother seniors in the last month of school.

She couldn’t have been more flattered. If he weren’t openly gay she’d be hoping for a date invitation. She didn’t even notice that her table had been filled by onlookers and admirers as she pulled a gel pen from her purse. It was odd, no guys sat down, but several stood towards the end as if they dare not get to close. Before she had started signing the questions began.

A girl sitting at her right asked “How’d you get the nerve? I’ve dreamed of doing that but I know I couldn’t go through with it even if I knew where to go. ” It was another senior that she had never spoken to before, but had a reputation as a stunning dresser.

Mustering the courage to be herself, rather than to ether shrink or grandstand she said “It was really hard the first time I took my top off at the hotel pool and then I walked down the beach in just my bikini bottoms. That was lots harder than at the nude beach. It was way more crowded. I thought I’d jump out of my skin. But, after a couple of days of first wearing just my bikini bottoms, them only a thong, taking that last bit off turned out to be no big deal. ”

“Wow, at the hotel?”

Misty turned to a girl she knew from the newspaper staff “Yea, there were two pools and one was topless. About half of the girls and younger women went topless.

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   So I would have stood out even if I’d worn a regular swim suit. A thong and no top was just a normal thing there. ”

“Is your pool party swim suit optional. ” A girl named Patty, whom Misty had known since grade school asked.

“No, I already asked my parents. ” Misty answered
“But Jeannette said that she went topless at your pool all summer last year?” Patty followed.

“Well sort of, after I came home from Miami I talked them into it. SO we did the second half of the summer, but it was always all girls. ” Misty responded.

“Are you mad your pictures are on the web?” A goth girl at the end of the table asked “Don’t you feel violated?”

Misty couldn’t help but smile at this question “No, the guys asked before starting to take pictures. Though my mom didn’t think so, I kinda figured they’d end up on the web at some point. But in some obscure little armature post, not a full web site devoted to mom and me. But no, I’m not embarrassed at all that the whole school seems to have seen them. I’m not ashamed of what I do. I would think a goth would understand that?”

The goth girl nodded her head “Yea, I respect that”

The questions continued non-stop.

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   Eventually some of the guys had mustered the courage to ask a few questions. It was easy to tell who had seen the whole photo set from the questions they asked. People came and went so she ended up answering the same question several times.

The next few day’s brought only more questions and more accolades from school mates. The quiet photo geek was now one of the most, if not the most well known girl in school. The last issue of the school paper was dedicated to upcoming graduates, but a long article on unusual vacation plans had been planned. Thought the article never mentioned the nude photos directly, her friend Mark, did a full interview with her about South Beach as an exotic destination. She also got a much more explicit interview (conducted by phone) by a mysterious guy who ran the “Jeff Davis Underground” web site; the modern online equivalent of the underground newspaper. In it she told all about the trip to Miami, even about the boy she gave a hand job to in the hotel swimming pool. She also talked at length about the Euro-Club, though she omitted a few names (such as Keli) who did not want to be mentioned. She was startled but not entirely surprised when after she thought he’d asked the last question, he asked “I have been told by my sources you often have sex with a number of your Euro Club friends. Do you consider yourself a lesbian?”

“I consider myself a sexual human being and a Christian. Beyond that I don’t need labels. ” She said indignantly.

“But do you deny you have sex with other girls from out school?” said the voice on the phone

“That is not the same question.

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  ” She said, and then gave her prepared statement. “Just as I have not embarrassment about having my nude photos public, I have no problem telling anyone who asks that I enjoy sex with both my female friends and my male friends. Someday I’m sure I’ll marry and have kids, but I at this point I don’t see myself restrict my fun to just one person or gender. Life is just too short. ”

Just before hanging up he asked if she could email any of the other photos from her Miami trip. Though she knew she shouldn’t, she sent about a dozen of her at the hotel pool; ones that had not been posted before. The next day she checked out the site and found her interview faithfully reproduced as well as the photos she’d sent, though the webmaster had put a fuzzy bar just big enough to cover her small nipples.

Misty wasn’t the only Campbell at Jeff Davis. Lamar was a freshman. He was bright, personable and reasonably attractive with a real gift for music. In other words he was a freshman band geek. In the high school pecking order he was near, but not quite on, the very bottom. For almost a year he had faithfully abided by the orders his dad had giving him about telling about his sisters or parents activities. This is not to say he had obeyed the other rule to stop spying on his sister. How could a teenage boy not look out the window on his sister and her friends their pool going topless.


   And it isn’t like she wasn’t inviting him to look when she and her friends would munch each others muffs with the door wide open.

He could have been a real hero all year by telling his friends what his sister was doing, not to mention the pictures his parents had brought back from the Caribbean. He hadn’t even told any one after the weekend that his dad’s hot secretary had spent the weekend fucking his parents. He had been dying to tell how when he heard them coming from dinner on Saturday night he had hidden out in the back yard and watched through the big windows asthe three of them do it in more ways than he had before imagined, right in the family room. But since his mom had told all Misty’s friends about doing the man at the hotel, he guessed he was free to tell all. And he did.

When his friends were skeptical he backed it up by printing photos from his parents trip last winter. He had jacked off to those photos till he thought his penis would fall off, but by making him the overnight sex expert in his group was a bonus he had not expected. He figured not all families were quite as open as his, but he was truly surprised that he was the only one of his friends who had seen his mother fully naked.
“No way” his friend Todd said jaw dropping.

“Really, she walks around the house naked, she doesn’t care if I see. ”
“I’m not making it up, She has a big picture of her naked hanging right in the study, and smaller ones of her having sex with all sorts of people right on the walls were anyone can see. ”

Because by then, they, like every guy in the school, had one of the hundreds of CD’s of the photos that now circulated, they were inclined to believe him. After all, his mom did have her pics on the web and in them it sure looked like she was going to fuck that guy right on the beach. But his stories were just too unbelievable.

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“…. and they don’t stop fucking when you walk in the room?”
“well they stop moving, but they don’t move off each other. Like one time, my sister and I came in the room and my mom sat naked on my dad. She just sat there talking to us like it was no big deal, but I could see his dick stuck in her pussy. She had to know I could see, but she didn’t move. They say sex is natural and so they don’t hide it. ”

“Do they let your sister fuck?”

“I told you, when she first fucked a guy she told mom and dad all about it sitting right in pizza hut, with me sitting right there. I mean she told how she and her friend together had blown him then her friend held his dick while my sister sat down on it. I got so turned on I had to go jack off in the bathroom or I would have creamed my pants just by listening. ”

Though they wanted to spend the night that weekend, all the commotion over the photos mad it impossible. So he burned a CD with lots of the beach pictures, the Caribbean sailing tip pictures, the pictures of his mom having sex with her best friend’s husband and other naked pictures of his mom. That night as they sat in Todd’s room looking at the hundreds of pictures, he had his first experience with the age old ritual of adolescent boys ‘the circle jerk’.

Though the nude photos and subsequent notoriety were a boon to the younger Campbell’s, the first action of the older Campbell’s was to call their lawyer. Though he was able to see them the day after Bonnie received the call from the school, it took until the first of the next week until he was ready to give them some directions other than to not talk to the police.

It was Thursday, one week after the call from the school.

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   The Georgia summer had finally arrived. The weather man predicted low 80’s and moderate humidity. By 9:00 it was all of that, but after the cool spring, it felt even worse. Cooper’ shirt stuck to his body and Bonnie’s hair simply would not say in place.

As they walked to the building Bonnie quipped “This is why I wear as little as possible in the summer”

Cooper and Bonnie entered the air conditioned strip center office, she now allowed herself to think on why she was here. Suddenly she was nearly shaking with jittery nerves. They were led back to a large, but not ornate office. Their lawyer, Dean Toombs leaned back in his chair.
“Well, well, you certainly have kept my office busy this week. ” The heavy set attorney said with a deep Georgia draw. “I guess it’s good for the staff to do work on something totally different for a change. I guess in L. A. this kind of thing might be more common, but here it’s quite a novelty. ”

Bonnie was a bit impatient and jumped in before the words were fully out “What have you found out?”

“The long and short of it is you don’t have anything to worry about.


Cooper looked at his wife “I told you this is not a problem”
Mr. Toombs went on “. . . . unless our solicitor or someone in social services gets itchy for some publicity”

Both Bonnie and Cooper felt their feet pulled out from under them. The instantly leaned forward to catch the next words.

Ever so slowly the attorney went on “. . but I found out the Sheriff Connors punted this one to the FBI. . and . . . the FBI toldhim that since this was an off-shore web site - I think it is from the Bahamas .

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  . . it is out of their jurisdiction. ”

But even if the solicitor wants to pursue this he might be able to grandstand about it, but because you had no part in the publishing the web site and you were acting lawfully. At least according to the laws in Miami Beach. . so at lest to the law the photos are not pornography. . it falls into the kind of nudity in a national geographic magazine. . . so you have nothing to worry about.

“And Social Services?” Bonnie said with baited breath.

“Same thing; They might get some grandstanding, but no more. .

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  . at the very worst just some inconvenience to you. But, given their overwork with real cases, I doubt you have any worry about even a visit. ”
This confirmed what Cooper had thought. “So do you have any suggestions for us based on all we told you?”

Mr. Toombs put his hands behind his head “Sure do. First, now that you have suspicion pointed at you, you need to be squeaky clean. The biggest liability in families with popular teenagers is booze. You can’t tolerate any booze. . Or pot. brought by anyone in your house. Make sure your kids know that.

Cooper nodded his head. “No problem”

“Until all the visiting girls are 18, Cooper needs not to be home when the girls are sunbathing in less than a regular bikini.

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”No problem, that is also the rule” Cooper agreed.

“As odd as it seems, because the beach photos were taken legally in a public nude or topless beach, they are easily defended. I would not recommend minors appear in family pictures at your pool wearing less than a bathing suit. ”

Cooper and Bonnie left more relaxed, now they only needed to concern themselves about the social fallout. After all she and Cooper were leaders in the church and even hosted youth activities at their home.
Upon returning home Cooper read his email. One was from Rev. McBride. With trepidation he opened the email.

Cooper,IjustreadyoupieceintheSocial Chronicle. Very interesting; how would you like to present at the Synod meeting next moth. They hada fewspeakers cancel and need some help. This would certainly liven things up. If you’re interested I need to know by tomorrow.

“Bon, we do have some good news” Cooper called from the study “The Social Chronicle went out today.

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   Pastor McBride liked it. I think. ”

“Good” Bonnie called back as she was dialing her cell to call Trish.

Before last week she had seen Cooper’s writing these academic pieces on openness in sexuality as nothing more than a hobby. But since the call from the school, she now saw them as important. She had even read the piece he’d written for Salon. com for the first time. It was way to wordy and formal for her tastes but she liked his conclusion.

“The fact that the 6th century tools for oppression of humanthought still shape the 21st century word should be ofconcernfor all. Shame and selfloathingfor behavior that is nearly universal is an idea whose time passed a millennium ago. Yet it survives today. Just as itserved the small numbers of leaders in the medieval Churchtocontrolthelargeanddiverse populaceof Europe, small groups on both the leftand rightcontinueto use sexual shame to leveragetheir smallnumbers to control nearly all of thelargeand diverse populace of America. ”

“Hey Trish” Bonnie said a few days later after she answered the phone. She hadn’t talked to her since Sunday at church and they had not talked much.

Trish didn’t seem as enthused.

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   Bonnie told her what the lawyer had said about the photos not being porno in the legal sense “So Byron and his friends shouldn’t have to worry about this going beyond their suspension. Not that that is small potatoes”

Trish, her voice less withdrawn. “No, for a boy who has never even gotten detention, it is a big deal. But I’m glad to hear this should be the end of it. ”

Bonnie felt very bad for Trisha “I’m so sorry we caused this problem for you”

“Bon, you didn’t cause the problem; I don’t even blame Mark for showing Byron the pictures. Byron should have known better than to take them to school. He got what he deserves. It’s just Byron’s dad is making my life hell over this. ”

“Why don’t you come on over. The kids won’t be home for hours. It’s hot out, we can relax by the pool.

“Well, Sherrie is on her way over. ”

“Invite her to come too”

After a pause she said “OK, I’ll be there in about 45 minutes. ” She hung up and went into the study “Cooper, can you make me a CD of all the pictures from cruise they sent us?”

Looking back from his computer, “Sure, but why?”

“Trish and Sherry are on their way over and I think it’s time we come out of the closet. If we are going to live by what you’re writing, we can’t hide who we are.

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  ” Then thinking for a minute, “but leave out your bi pictures, that might be a little too honest. ”

Cooper agreed and by the time her friends arrived she was already out by the pool, using Misty’s laptop to look over the photos. She was wearing a new thong bikini that she had bought off the net for the cruise, but of course had never worn. After some thought, she had left on the top on, for now. The thermometer by the pool read 89 degrees.

She rose to greet her guest as Cooper escorted them out. Though Trish had been a regular at the Campbell’s pool for several years, Sherry had only been over a few times, and those were at church activities held at their house. She could tell Sherry was taken a bit off guard by Bonnie’s minimalist swimwear. The three women settled into chase lounges and relaxed. After she jugged they had made enough small talk Bonnie asked “How’s Byron? He’s back in school right?”

Trish answered “Yea, he’s back. And he seems to be in a good mood. He’s actually popular. It seems Misty’s a real star at school and he’s popular because he knows the family and the he first identified you and Misty in the photos. ”

Bonnie swiveled around to look at Sherry. Trish saw her face and said “I told her everything.

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   I hope that’s OK?”

Bonnie laughed “That’s fine, I really am trying to be open and with all this. So, what do you think o of me now?”

Sherry was a woman in her mid fifties from somewhere out west who had been married twice before. Bonnie remembered shortly after joining their church, she had told a group of ladies that that her fist husband died of cancer after 20 years of marriage and her second marriage had lasted less than a year. She had an exceptionally nice figure for her age and was quite the flashy dresser, and even in Trish’s borrowed, and ill-fitting, one piece maillot; she obviously had very round and probably silicon enhanced breasts. She had married Herb Connors two years ago and had, in the past, had made vague references to her wild years. But not even the gossip mill had any idea what that might mean. Though she would always be an outsider, she was well liked, at least by the younger women. The woman’s ‘old guard’ saw her as trying to suppliant Herb’s deceased wife, who had be a pillar in the church. Bonnie could see her thinking for a few minutes then in slow carefully chosen words she said “Now Bonnie you do not need my approval for what you do. I have been more places and done more things than you can imagine and I don’t regret any of them. Well, many of them at least. If you’re worried about offending me the only way to do that is to treat me like a naive child. So let’s see these pictures that everyone is so excited about. ”

Bonnie began to cue up the laptop but the battery had died.

“Here, we will have to take the disk inside, this won’t work” Bonnie said.



She had two CD’s the first one was the one shown to Misty’s friends. She stared the slide show and narrated through the ten minutes or so it took to run thought. When she finished with the same explanation she did with the teens that she had stopped before letting the college guy put his penis up inside her. Trish said quietly so as not to let Cooper hear in the adjacent study “Wow, you almost did it with another guy. What did Cooper think of that?”

Bonnie looked for the words to tell her fiend that she had done many other guys when Sherry stepped in. “Bonnie back up to the next to last photo. ” Bonnie backed to the photo that showed her face as the good looking college guy had his penis at nestled between her lips. “Trish, like I’ve said before, I’ve been around. I’ve actually watched fiends have sex outside their marriage for the first time. That face is not the face of a first timer, it’s too relaxed. Correct me if I’m out of line Bon, but this isn’t the first guy you’ve had between your legs this year, besides your husband’s I mean”

Trish’s face was mortified “Shhh, she hissed. He’s in the next room he’ll hear you”

Sherry looked at Bonnie with a wicked grin “Oh, he knows doesn’t he?”
Bonnie looked at Trish’s bulging eyes. She didn’t know what her friend was thinking. With out speaking she flipped to the photo of her sitting at the cabaña bar and began with the Cuban man.

“This photo was taken the day before I went to the nude beach.

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   See the man talking to me. Shortly after Misty took this photo I went up to this man’s penthouse and we had sex. Mad crazy sex. Amazing once in a life time sex. Then” moving to the next slide “As soon as we finished I put the thong back on and came down, still weak in the knees and sweaty”

Trish whispered “where did you tell Cooper you’d been?”

“I told him I just got laid”

Bonnie looked at Trisha’s befuddled eyes. Sherry looked at the CD that Bonnie had been turning in her hands.

“Do we get to see the rest of the pictures?” Sherry said pointing the other CD.

“Trish, are you up to another set of photos?” Bonnie asked “You look a little shell shocked”

She shook her head and said “Oh, sure, I was just imagining what my ex would have done if I had announced I’d just gotten laid. I certainly would have involved EMS. Go ahead, I’m getting an education. ”
She put the second CD into the DVD player next to the big screen. “Now, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve even seen all these photos. ” The she called Cooper in to help her narrate.

The opening photo was taken on the dock in Miami with all eight passengers ready to depart. The second photo skipped to the next morning as they were hiking through the jungle.

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   A series of photos showed topless hiker then Judy posing in the nude.

“That’s my boss’s wife” Cooper explained as a full dozen nudes of her crossed the TV before changing subject. It took Bonnie and Cooper a moment to realize what the next photo was. In the foreground were three teenage couples having sex in different ways, it was only looking in the background that Bonnie and Cooper were seen spooning.

Bonnie explained “We were sunning on this huge flat rock”

Cooper interrupted “Sunning nothing, she was getting eaten out by Heather. The girl on the far left on her hands and knees is the secretary for the owner’s son. She and Bonnie was so busy muff diving that they didn’t see the kids for a good thirty minutes. ” Bonnie took back over “It seems that we were in a nature reserve owned by one of the large resorts. This group of teenagers had escaped their parents and were skinny dipping. ” She continued the narrative as the images progressed. Martin had shot quite of few of these kids sucking and fucking.

When the screen filled with a shot of Cooper, nude sporting a semierection, standing and talking to Heather, Trish blurted out “Bon, you don’t mind if I see him like that?”

“No, I think he’s handsome. ” Bonnie replied.

A few frames latter came a full frontal shot of the best looking guy, standing with a full and noticeably large hard-on.

“Now that is a nice piece of man flesh” Sherry said “You shouldn’t have let him go”

Bonnie had just said “I didn’t” when the image of the same young man leaning over her prone figure, followed by several of the guy stroking in and out of her”

Bonnie looked over to Trish “Are you OK with this Trisha?”
Her eyes were wide.


   The image was a wide shot showing Cooper and Heather watching Bonnie get fucked. “He’s OK with watching you do. . . THAT?”
Cooper answered “If she is having fun, why should I object?”
Trish was getting louder “She’s your wife!”

“All the more reason I want her to be happy” Cooper said coolly. Sherry tried to settle Trish as the images continued to cross the screen. “A man who really loves and trusts his wife enjoys watching her enjoy herself, even when that is having sex with someone else. I know that’s hard for you to understand. From what you have told me, your husband was jealous and distrustful. I have had both kinds of husbands. Jerry was the love of my life, but after a few years of marriage we became involved, sexually, with our best friends. For over ten years we had more erotic fun than you can begin to imagine. It stared during the swinging 70’s in California, before AIDS and the rise of the religious right. Together we did men, women, couples, big groups, little groups, there was no limit. In those days we didn’t even have to hide our open life style from other young couples, many who had been free love hippies.

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   We were considered late bloomers as we didn’t start swinging until we were in our late twenties. We were closer than any couple I’ve ever known and kept it up until he just got too sick. And even in those last months we would re-live our wildest experiences. ” She got very quite “It was very special; once in a life time special. ”

The images were not miscellaneous photos from the yacht and then of snorkeling/scuba diving.

In a flat voice she went on “After he passed I went to a few parties, but it just wasn’t the same. The sex was fine, but it felt so empty without Jerry. I took a job in Atlanta and for a few years I was celibate as I grieved. When I met Carl, who eventually became my second husband, he loved that he dated a woman who didn’t expect monogamy and even better that I didn’t mind his friends joining us in bed. It wasn’t’ until we married I realized that his motives were completely different than Jerry’s. We didn’t share sex. He had sex and I was his possession to use as he liked. I didn’t take that long before he was out of my life. ” She paused to regroup her thoughts.

The photos the group were viewing showed a variety of sexual couplings, several involving Bonnie with men and women.

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   It seems Martin didn’t shy away from the explicit shots. Bonnie noticed the only ones with Cooper had him going down on Brian’s wife.

After a few moments Sherry resumed her talk “I vowed not to make the same mistake again. Then when I met Herb I guess one of the attractions was that he was almost than ten years older than me. I just buried the past life, with only these boobs and my videos and pictures as reminders of my life with Jerry. My relationship with Herb is much more as companions than lovers. He’s a wonderful man, kind and gentle. But we will never have what Jerry and I had”

Bonnie could see a tear running down her cheek. “Do you want me to stop?”
Sherry perked up quickly “Oh, no no, these are great. Carl found my stash of photos and videos and threw them out. I only have a few photos and one video tape left and it’s about worn out from me watching it over and over. ”

The photo of the Luau began and Bonnie resumed her narration. Trish was clearly lighting up. In a timid voice she said of a shot of Ramón in his grass skirt with his penis sticking straight out from the skirt. “I love those outfits”
Bonnie seizing the moment “Ah, you do like this.

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   It’s been way too long since you’ve seen a man”

Sherri added “or had sex”

“I’d never in my life seen pictures of people having sex before. ” Trish said breathlessly.

The photo show continued as did the narrative. The photos of Bonnie and the other in the calypso dance outfits led to her story about being doubled in the rain.

“No way” Trish gasped “Not two at once”

“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” Sherry answered as the photos continued to flash on the screen. More wonderful scuba shots, and more sweaty sex shots.

When the last photo, a group photo, nude this time came and stopped it had been less than twenty minutes from when she put in the disk, but for Trish it felt like hours. She had thought she was pushing the boundaries by going topless in a ladies’ only environment, but now she, for the first time since her teenage years considered the possibility of sex as fun, for herself.

After almost being in the cool house for a good while, the girls went back out to the pool, this time followed by Cooper. Sherry was clearly feeling good. She almost danced back to her chase lounge. Turning to Trish, thanks for letting me borrow the swim suit, but it doesn’t fit very well. I hope you don’t mind if I take it off. With that she slipped the shoulder straps down and stepped out of her only clothing.

Raising her hands to the early afternoon sun she said “It’s been so long since I felt the sun on my whole body.

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   I LOVE IT!” Cooper found her surprisingly attractive. She was average height with well coiffed frosted sandy blond hair. Her perfectly round, butt not overly large breasts balanced her full thighs and rear. He felt a twinge in his shorts. She cupped her breasts and to everyone’s surprise tweaked her nipples between her fingers.

”Well girls, I’m I the only one who is getting a tan today?” She said sitting and stretching on her chase. Settling with her feet more than slightly apart her full, natural bush was evident, though it was not nearly enough to hide her fleshy labia.

Bonnie untied her top and without hesitating slid her thong to the ground.

Cooper could feel the twinge in his shorts was now a growing hard on. He was actually getting the hots to fuck this fifty year old church woman.
Trish had reached behind herself but had hesitated to unhook the clasp.
Bonnie seeing her hesitancy “Do you want Cooper to go in?”

With a quivering voice she said “No. no that is the problem, I want him to see me. ” She turned away from Cooper as the red flowed to her cheeks. “I’m not ready to tell you the story, but I want him to see me.

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  ” She began to cry. What she didn’t say was that almost every day after tanning she went home and fantasized Bonnie’s husband finding her topless and making love to her like she had last summer with her secret lover. The shame and excitement of that experience colored all her life now. Making love to Cooper had become one of her favorite fantasies. “I’m sorry, but I right now I’m just confused. ”

Bonnie jumped up and put her arms around her friend. “It’s OK, really. Don’t do anything you don’t want to” she said softly. She held her tight for a moment, then felt Trisha’s hands unhook the clasp before hugging back. Trisha, let go and backed away. The top fell into Bonnie’s hands. Looking into Bonnie’s eyes she said “In for dime, in for a dollar” and grasped the waistband of her bottoms and pushed them to her knees. After kicking them free she slowly turned and faced Cooper.

Cooper wasn’t sure what to do, but he knew his erection bound down in his shorts was beginning to hurt. Trisha’s breasts, though not surgically perfect as Sherry’s were, where very, very fine.

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   Her figure was ideal for a full figured woman of her age. She was sexy, large soft breasts though pulled downward with weight and age the large nipples pointed distinctly andproudly straight forward, a distinct waist, a small round belly, and wide supportive hips with untrimmed, but very sparse pubic hair that left her almost bare below the clit.

Sherry who had not said anything for a while looked square at his crotch and said “Don’t be a boob Cooper, drop those shorts and let her see what you think of her body”

Now it was Cooper’s turn to turn red, but he unbuckled his belt and, unbuttoned his shorts and putting his thumbs inside his boxer briefs, pushed outer and underwear to the ground. Standing up his painfully firm penis pointed to the sky. His was one of those penises that when soft was quite small, but when hard, was ever so slightly above average. He unbuttoned and discarded his madras shirt. To dispel his slight embarrassment, her flexed and posed, which brought the laughter that he had intended.

“Come over here, you sexy hunk” Bonnie growled.

Cooper certainly knew he was no hunk, but prancing nude for these two nice church women made him feel like one, and it kept his dick fully inflated. The three lounges were in a row, with Bonnie lying between those of her friends. He bent over and kissed his wife deeply. He so wanted to spread her legs and do her right there but he knew that would not be OK. He stood up and went to get the fourth chase lounge at the far end of the patio.

Trisha rolled to her side and said quietly “Bon. ” She waited for Bonnie’s attention “Bonnie, I want to watch.

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   I want to watch you do it with Cooper. Right here next to me. ”

Bonnie thought it through quickly and in a low tone asked “Do you want to join in?”

“No” she snapped “At least not today. But I want to be right here when you do it”

Cooper was dragging the other lounge, this one made of cast iron, with enough scraping noise to bring on a migraine.

Bonnie turned her head to Sherry “Did you hear her?”
Cooper sheepishly said “Well I thought I heard what she said” “Would it be OK with you?” Trisha asked “I’d love to watch. I’ve never seen another couple do it”

Bonnie pulled up to her feet and told Cooper “don’t worry about that. Come here. ”

Cooper let go of the heavy furniture and quickly closed the space between them. “Yes, sweetie?”

“Trish wants to watch us make love. You up to it?”

With out saying a word he pulled her close and drove his tongue down her throat. She gripped his penis as they kissed with vigor and passion. She was mindful of showing her friend as much as possible and she released his kiss. She had Cooper help her to her feet and pushing Trisha’s leg aside sat on the side of her chase. She moved Cooper over until he stood over Trish’s left armrest, to be as close to Trish as possible but to still give Sherry a view. She was on stage and she would make the most of it.


   She put on the best show possible. She took his penis in her hand, licking, kissing and then mouth fucking her husband. Slowly, every so slowly she went deeper and deeper. Finally she held it in; on her lips she felt his pubic hair. She had never truly done a deep throat on her husband. She held it in until she need to breath, took a breath and once more swallowed the last inch of her husband’s tool. Trish lay beside her transfixed.

Cooper also felt a need to put on a show, knowing these people went strangers at a party. They lived in his community. He went to church with both of them. Trisha was his son’s friend. So when, due to the amazingly deep blow job she was giving, he thought he might cum, he moved away from his wife’s mouth. Gently he coaxed her to the very end of the lounge. He reached behind her and lifted Trisha’s leg and moved it on the other side of his wife’s hips. This naturally opened up Trisha’s lips showing the pink inside.

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   Cooper knew full well she could feel how exposed she was, but he chose not to pretend he didn’t notice. Rather he held his gaze on the tender flesh now glistening with moisture long enough to be sure she noticed, then looked in her eyes and licked his lips before turning back to his wife. He was sure he saw her body give a shiver. He was sure if he did his job well now, he’d get a taste of that flesh in the near future.

Taking Bonnie’s shoulders he gently laid her back. Her head fell right in the “V” of Trisha’s legs. Sitting on the pool deck between her feet he began to do all he knew to excite his wife. Working slowly his to orally please his wife, his tongue was tired even before he began to ride her hips up and down, but he kept going.

Her hips were thrusting up and down with out her effort. Bonnie knew she would not need to fake anything for her friends. She reached behind her and grabbed Trisha’ hands and pulled them down, down till she held them over her breast. At first they seemed to want to pull away, but she held on to the wrists. She felt she was reaching the point of no return as climax became inevitable.

Below Cooper struggled to keep the rhythm on her clit as her hips bucked wildly up and down. But hang on he did until the movement stopped and she pushed his face off of her clit.

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   He had done it and well.

Bonnie lay panting hard. She let go of the wrists, but the hands remained. As her head cleared she processed that the gentle rubbing of her nipples came from those hands not Cooper’s. She felt so good. She thought about just relaxing, but she knew Misty and Lamar would be home soon. She stood up and looked around for the best place to let Cooper finish the job. Then forming a plan she stepped over Trisha’s prone body and gripped the two arm rests. Looking up she said “You wanted to watch, how’s this?” Trish didn’t say a word, she just slowly nodded. She heard Cooper moving behind her, she expected him to immediately begin to fuck her. But instead he stood to the side and pushed two fingers into Bonnie. After a few slow stokes to move her moister around, he began finger fuck her hard, very hard and fast. She loved when he did this. Two fingers became three; three become four, with his thumb up her ass.

In a breathless voice Bonnie said “I’m surely going to start dripping on you.


   Don’t worry it’s not pee”. Sure enough, having just climaxed and with all his fingers working, it wasn’t long before the stimulation brought a steady rain from Bonnie dripped down onto Trisha. It stared by dripping on the cushion below her, then as Bonnie slowly moved forward the dripping began to rain on her open labial lips and sparse hair. When she began, her face was above Trish’s breast, as he worked on her she moved forward until they were almost nose to nose. Trish once again had her hands on Bonnie’s breasts and with out knowing who had initiated it, Trish had sucked Bonnie’s tongue into her mouth.

Trisha pulled her friend down on top of her and the kissing became more passionate. Cooper now straddled the lounge chair and spread his wife and pushed her legs to either side of the lounge. He eased his organ between the wide open lips. She was now loose and he could hardly feel the vaginal walls, which helped with self-control. He alternated with slow and fast strokes. Now and then pulling out and driving in. Bonnie’s clit lay directly on Trisha’s, when Trisha moved her legs outward so they dangled off the chase Cooper took it as an invite. He pulled back out of his wife and guided the head to the second, bottom, pair of open lips. He ran his rubbery head around their radius, then slowly starting as far down as he could reach; he moved it upward with just a tiny bit of pressure causing the lips to wrap around, but not to actually penetrate.
Then continuing up to his wife above slipped it all the way in.

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   He leaned down so his balls would hit Trish with each thrust. Twice more he repeated the tease, but each time digging the head in just a little more.

He knew he would not last much longer. Once more he moved the head to Trisha’s labia, and pushed forward just a bit more until. He looked down and watched his pink head almost disappear, swallowed by the lips. He pulled it free of her. He pushed the head in again, but stopped just when only the head was out of site. He slipped it in a third and forth time but never past the valley between head and shaft. Then buried it back into his wife just in time for his climax. He filled felt the jets of semen as they moved from his balls, into his body then down his penis then spray into Bonnie. He kept it all the way in using small thrusts to heighten the sensation until the last wave had passed. Then stumbling back to collapse onto Bonnie’s lounge. He lay panting for air.
Sherry perked up “That was intense. ”

Cooper grasping for air said “It’s hot out here, lets go inside” Though exhausted, Bonnie played the role of hostess bringing four, clean but old, robes that everyone put on.

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   Then she retrieved four sodas from the fridge.

For a long time no one spoke at all.

Then as hostess she sparked conversation. “You were great honey. ” Cooper, sitting in his easy chair only smiled, his heart had not yet slowed.
“Well girls, how was the show?”

Sherry had no problems answering. “First rate. Brought back many fond memories”

Bonnie looked to Trish sitting beside her. “Well, did you enjoy?” “I’m sorry I’m still processing everything” Trish said.

Sherry boldly asked “Did he fuck you? From my angle I couldn’t tell?”
Trish looked perplexed and said“I don’t know”

“What do you mean you don’t’ know?”

“Ask him what he did, I know he put his penis right at the opening, but I don’t think it really went in”

Eyes turned to Cooper.

He grinned. “Before I answer, let me ask you if you wanted me to or not?
Bonnie butted in “What does that have to do with it? You either did or didn’t”

Cooper was rather pleased with himself “Yes I put it right at the opening. If you did want to get through the stress of doing it the first time we could say, Yes, I did put it in, even if it wasn’t but an inch or so. If your self-image would be damaged by having had sex with me, then No, it really didn’t go past the lips into the vagina itself. ” Knowing he had their attention.

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   “I just figured it was fairer to let you decide if you wanted to have sex when things weren’t quite as heated”

Sherry chimed in “That’s really sweet and thoughtful of you” Bonnie’s opinion was “That’s Cooper, always over thinking things” But the opinion that mattered was Trisha’s. “I do think it was thoughtful. And you are right; I would have regretted doing something like that in that way. So, we will say we did not have sex out there”

Cooper felt vindicated and was sure his stock among the women just went up.

“But” she said and paused so everyone looked at her. “I am quite sure I would like to have sex today. ”

Bonnie was sure she wanted to do her, and said casually “Sure, what do you want to do?”

Trish spoke slowly “If. you are really OK with it. . . and I mean really OK. . I would like. to go in the bed room. .

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   With the door shut” her words were getting so quite they were almost inaudible “. . . I’d like Cooper to make love to me. ”

Bonnie was taken aback and even a little offended by being excluded, but she had no problems with Cooper showing her a good time. Cooper on the other hand was feeling like the real womanizer. His teasing had led to her wanting him and him alone. This boost of confidence is why he would have no problem getting it up again.

The door shut leaving Bonnie and Sherry on the couch. “So” Bonnie said knowing she was feeling a little uncomfortable. “Tell me about those memories we brought back”

She kept an eye on the wall clock. She listened to the stories, and they were quite good, for just under an hour. Longer than she and Cooper had done it in years the green eyed monster told her. Coming out of the room fully dressed Trisha virtually floated as she crossed the room and hugged Bonnie saying honestly “Thank you so much. You are so lucky.

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   In fifteen years of marriage Victor never did me like that. ” Though Trisha was honest in this, she was not quite ready to admit, that despite her repeated assertions she had been celibate for the past two years and Cooper had been a very good lover.

Looking over to Sherry “Your not dressed, the only reason we quit was I have to get to the school to get Byron. ”