In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Two

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com

Chapter TWO

Cooper had been shooting nude photos of Bonnie since before their daughter Misty was born, but only recently had he began caring several of them in his wallet for his own pleasure and to “accidentally” flash them when opening his wallet. One day in early June he was out to lunch with Adam, an accountant in his company, he opened his wallet to get his American Express card and a photo of Bonnie sunning nude by their pool was visible in the front of the wallet.

Cooper realized Adam saw was clearly intrigued by the photo.
When Adam reopened the wallet to replace the card, Adam looked in to open wallet and asked, “Who’s the babe?”

“Hugh?” Cooper responding as if he didn’t know what Adam meant, and put the wallet back into his pocket.

“The picture in you wallet?”

“Which picture?” Cooper still acting ignorant

”The one of a nude girl by a swimming pool. ”

Cooper retrieved his wallet and began flipping through the photos, his parents, kids, and finally three nudes of Bonnie. He flipped through them slowly enough for Adam to get a good look. The first was a simple pic of Bonnie drinking coffee on the sofa in the nude, the second was a black and white of her from the rear, the third was of Bonnie liberally coated with oil laying on her chase lounge nest to the pool. Cooper thought this was the best poolside he had taken. “This one?” Cooper asked handing the wallet to Adam.

“Haven’t you met Bonnie, my wife. ” Cooper responded. He wanted to present this just right.

“No, I would have remembered someone like this. My ex-never would have let me take a picture like this, let alone carry it in my wallet.

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“To be honest, she doesn’t know I carry them in my wallet. ”

Cooper lied, for she not only knew they were there, she picked out these specific pictures because she thought they were the most flattering.

“Well she’s very sexy, especially to a guy who hasn’t had any for, well, to long. ”Adam said as he longingly looked at each photo. “That’s not what I hear from the secretarial pool. I’ve overheard them alternately talk of you of disgusting lecher and stud of the year. ”

“That’s the problem. After Marine and I divorced I kind of went crazy, There was Janice, but that was when I was still married, and Susan, and Denise, Tina, Mitzy and Georgette, and. . . well I guess I dated nearly every unattached girl in the company. ” He paused the added “and a few who were not unattached. ”

“Does that mean slept with nearly every girl in the company?”

“I guess that’s the problem, if you sleep with all of a girl’s work mates she doesn’t mind putting out, but she won’t keep dating you either. So I’m a pariah” Adam explained still looking at Bonnie’s pictures.

Cooper reached for his wallet.

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   “We’ll have to have you over. ”
That night Cooper told Bonnie of his discussion with Adam. Adam told her some of the things he had overheard the girls at the office say.

“They say he has the biggest dick any of them had ever had inside them, that’s why he was able to lay all of them, once word got around of his tool they all wanted to try it. ”

“Did they like it?” Bonnie inquired.

“From what I heard yes, he’s not only big but he can keep it up forever. ”

“Why couldn’t he keep a girl friend?”

“Well first you have to know Adam, he’s really dull. He’s an accountant. The girls say if it weren’t for the big pay off, and they are meaning big, he never would have had a date. ”

“Well how’d they find out in the first place?”

“It seems about two years ago he had an affair with a woman in the accounting, someone a dull as he. It broke up his marriage, but she left the company to save hers. She seems to have told every woman she knew about his extraordinary endowment. After she left, Suzette, who has probably fucked a thousand men wanted to find out if it were true. It was and for the next year women were literally jumping out of their cloths for him.

”So what happened, why no sex now?”

“Adam decided he was a gift to women, so he he was not only dull but conceded as well.

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  He hasn’t had a date since the new year. ”

Bonnie thought about it, this man who evidently had a poor marriage, then for a year lives a fantasy come true with women begging him for sex, them nothing.
That night she flipped through the portfolio of the nudes of herself and imagined a man with an enormous penis masturbating thinking of her nude photos. As she ran her fingers through the damp warmness between her thighs she devised a plan to make Adam crazy for her. She rubbed the rubbery hardness of her clit imagining this man begging for sex. It would be good, very good. A week later the plan went into effect. Cooper gave Adam a few out-takes form Bonnie’s nudes portfolio and telling him this was just between them, if Bonnie found out she would kill him. Adam was clearly delighted by this secret sharing of his colleague’s wife. Again Cooper made a general reference to coming over. Adam did just what Bonnie hoped he would. He began to ask Cooper sexual questions about her and ask when the three of them could get together. He clearly was thinking about her a lot. When Cooper told her, she was thrilled. That night they had hot sex talking about what Bonnie planned to do with Adam.

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Bonnie first met Adam at a luncheon a Steak & Ale near Cooper’s office. She knew the key to being a tease was not to give too much at a time. She wore a light cotton flower print sundress. The only thing unusual or sexy was she wore no underclothes. She knew in the dark of the restaurant it would not show, when if she stood in bright enough light one could see through it.

She was already seated in a corner booth when her husband and Adam arrived. Adam was not what she had expected. He was tall and immaculately groomed and tailored. The only thing that made him look like an accountant were the thick glasses. Cooper was right, Adam was exceedingly dull, but it was exciting that he was obviously staring at her. As planned Cooper excused himself to go the men’s room. As a few minutes after he was gone Bonnie slid around the “L” shaped bench to sit next to Adam.

In a low voice she began speaking, “I’ve been wanting to meet you for a long time. You used to date Tina, Cooper’s secretary. She told me, well, intimate things about your relationship.

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  ” She put her hand on his “she said a woman hasn’t lived until, until. . . ” she put her mouth against his ear and said “until she’s had a man like yours inside her. ”

Adam was clearly uncomfortable and moved his head away from her lips. Bonnie sat up anticipating Cooper’s return. As Cooper sat down she finished “. . . and I’d like to live some time… soon”

As the luncheon progressed Bonnie took advantage of sitting next to Adam by rubbing her leg on his. And when they were to leave Cooper made a point to turn away from them to take care of the bill. Bonnie reached down to Adams lap and ran her hand across until she found what she wanted, a stiffness pressing on the fabric of the designer slacks. She quickly squeezed, it was too large to wrap her hand around. She wanted to hold on but she knew that would ruin the plan.
Bonnie was careful to be the first out the door and walked directly toward the sun.

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   For a moment Cooper could see through the dress and knew Adam could too. He couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge in Adam’s slacks and how he had stared at his wife the whole time. He felt himself getting hard watching his friend lust over his wife.

It was ten days later when the next phase of the plan was executed. They both knew it by heart because they rehearsed it over and over as they made love. The idea of watching fuck Adam put his bid dick in his wife was unbelievably erotic to Cooper.

It was a sunny June Saturday afternoon. With their children at their regular Saturday activities, Bonnie and Cooper had gone over the plans one last and now she was sunning next to the pool, nude when she heard Adam’s car arrive. In the house Cooper greeted their visitor.

After some small talk Cooper handed Adam a bag of chips and a pitcher of lemon aid. “Just go through the living room and out the back door, the pool is to you left, tell Bon I’ll be there in a minute. If you could, come back and help me with the rest too. ” As Adam went, Cooper grinned knowing what he would find.
Bonnie heard the door open behind her but waited a moment to react. She jumped up covering her breasts with one hand and fore arm, and using the other to cover her pubic area.

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“OH, I didn’t know you had arrived!” She paused and visibly looked around “Where’s Cooper?”

Adam who, in gentlemanly fashion, had turned to look the other direction replied “He’s inside getting things together, he just asked me to bring this out for him. ”

“That was close,” She said uncovering herself and walking over to Adam “Don’t tell him I didn’t have my suit on. ” She stepped in front of him, taking the pitcher. She waited for him to begin to look back her way. “Seeing my “mother of two” body doesn’t disgust you does it?” She continued.

He began to make a very quick scan of her body, and stammered “No, of course not” as she began to invade his personal space.

“Have you thought about what I told you at the restaurant?” she whispered into his ear.
“All the time. ” He began backing toward the door.

“Cooper is expecting me right back. ”

As he laid a hand on the door she stopped him. “I have an idea. You wear those glasses to focus on your accounting work don’t you?”

“Yea. ”

“Tell Cooper that you need to leave your glasses inside were they don’t get broken while you swim. And be sure you tell him that you can’t see two feet away with out them.

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  That way he wont’ object to me taking off my suit because he’ll think you can’t see me. O. K. ?”

“But I see fine far off with out my glasses. ”

“That’s the point I’ll give you a show. And if he goes inside I’ll give you more than that”

When Adam returned inside Cooper, noticed he was a little pale and seemed nervous. He began stammering “Cooper, cccan I leave my glasses here in the kitchen so they don’t get broken. You know…. . ”
Cooper expecting this cut him off “Your far sighted aren’t you?I’ve got an idea, how about I tell Bon that you’re extremely near sighted and I’ll suggest she tan nude since you won’t be able to see her. ” Adam looked extremely flustered but managed only to say “All right. ” and carried out the hot dog tray.
After the lunch had been polished off and the dishes taken in Bonnie said “How about a swim guys?” She pulled off the cover-up she’d been wearing to reveal a red, white and blue bikini. Cooper dropped his sweats to reveal a matching swimsuit. Adam went inside to change into his trunks.

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  When he returned Bonnie was once again in the buff. As he walked toward the table where husband and wife sat she stopped him “Hold it, Cooper tells me you can’t see at a distance, but you can see clearly at two feet, so stay at least five feet away because I’m not wearing my swim suit. ”

“Your not?” He exclaimed in spectacularly bad acting.

Cooper thought to himself that he would have to work at not falling down laughing before they were done. Particularly when his trunks began looking like a pup tent as she walked toward the pool.

“If you guys don’t get in I’ll be offended. ” She said as she climbed down the ladder. Her nipples were hard before they touched the water. Knowing that she was naked in front of her husband and a man she had only met twice turned her on greatly.

“Go on in” Cooper told Adam as he lit the grill “I’ll be in a minute. ”He was glad his bikini swimsuit prevented his penis from poking out the way Adam’s was. Of course the funny thing to Cooper was that Adam really did have bad eyes. He was very farsighted; he could see Bonnie clearly but couldn’t see how obvious is own arousal was. Watching his friend watch his wife skinny dip was especially arousing because he would see Adam several times a week.

Bonnie waited for Cooper to busy himself with the grill.

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  She knew she had exactly one minute before he would turn around. Having donned her swim mask, she took a deep breath swam under water straight for Adam. With both hands she grabbed the waistband of his trunks and pulled hard. They came cleanly off his flat buns, but the enormous phallus kept the front from coming clear. It took a second effort to dislodge them to reveal the organ. She had only looked for a few seconds before surfacing and swimming away. It was truly amazing. It was the most amazing penis she had ever seen. It was at least nine inches long, maybe ten, and was as thick as a summer sausage. With its scimitar curve and bulbous tip it was positively threatening. She felt her labial lips tingle with anticipation of what was to come. The plan couldn’t miss now.

Her breaking the surface of the water was the signal for Cooper to turn around. As he did so, the shocked Adam dropped under to pull his pants back up. While he was under Bonnie gave him a thumbs-up because it was going great.



Soon Cooper and Adam were taking turns doing cannon balls from the diving board. Bonnie made sure to keep their guest interested by grabbing Adams crotch every time Cooper turned his back. Both she and her husband were pleased to notice the tent stayed up continually. Now it was time they moved to their next cruel trick.

Bonnie had gotten out of the water and laid on her Chase lounge. Before getting out she had very quietly said to Adam “Stay in the water and act like you don’t notice anything gong on”.

“Cooper, sweety, can you put oil on my back?” She called.

After he had rubbed the Coppertone on her back she rolled over and said “That felt good can you put it on my front. ”

“But we have company. ” Cooper artificially objected. She then spoke up“Adam, you can’t see more than a fuzzy blob over here can you?”

“That’s about it. ” he responded cautiously. Bonnie lowered her voice, but not so much that Adam couldn’t hear “Loose these” she said tugging at his swimsuit. He stood and she slid them down. Sitting up she began to stroke her husband’s organ.

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   Although she was extremely turned on, her actions were that of a porno actress, mainly seeking to turn on her audience. And she turned her head and smiled at her audience of one before wrapping her lips around this shaft she knew so well. Though it was pleasurable to give head, what was turning her on most was the knowledge of Adams lustful eyes on her.

Cooper meanwhile had much the same thought, except he was continuously trying to lessen his arousal to keep from cumming to soon. As his wife’s head bobbed up and down along his tingling phallus he looked to Adam who was vainly trying to look natural swimming in circles. To heighten the preposterousness of the situation he decided to talk shop.

“So Adam, have you found fixed that glitch in your software. . . . ” began a dull discussion of routine business as first his wife sucked him and then she stood up and held the back of the lounge as he entered her from behind. The shop talk worked for quite awhile holding back his orgasm but when Adam finally stopped swimming and simply stared at him fucking his wife he couldn’t hold it any longer and in three hard thrusts filled Bonnie to overflowing with his semen. She quietly lay back in her lounge and began masturbating.

Cooper stepped back into his suit and began laying hot dogs on the grill.

Bonnie was ready for an orgasm, now.

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  She made solid eye contact with Adam and rubbed her clit furiously. She blew him a kiss and mouthed “Fuck me” slowly and accentuated her point by spreading her legs wide and pushing three fingers of her free hand in as deep as they would go into her gooey cavity. Of course this didn’t feel great but doing it for him felt great. She imagined her fingers were that glorious shaft pushing into her body.

A thought interrupted her arousal, “He hasn’t moved in five minutes, he’s sure to figure out the game soon, only his testosterone has kept him in the dark this long, I better get him busy. ”

She sat up and said “Adam, why don’t you dry off & get ready for dinner”. As Adam climbed the ladder, Bonnie began to slip on her bikini, she was a little frustrated not having had an orgasm, but the day wasn’t over yet.

As the three sat around the poolside table and eating their hot dogs and chips the conversation was dull but sexual tension was high. Cooper had come, but his wife had not. She was having trouble thinking about anything but sex. Sex with Adam to be specific. When the Cooper mentioned Tina, his secretary, she decided it was time to talk about fucking and not financing.

“Did you and Tina ever fuck at the office?” She asked interrupting their conversation.

“What?” Adam obviously taken by surprise.
She spoke slowly and deliberately “Did you and Tina ever do the dirty thing at the office?”

Adam looked to Cooper for direction.

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   Cooper gave him an ambivalent look and shrugged his shoulders. Cooper responded in a subdued voice “Yea. . . . a couple of times?”

“Where?” she shot back.

“In my office most of the time. ”

“Where else?” the interrogation continued.

Adam clearly began to think, and began in a monotone voice “In the washroom, in his office” thumbing to Cooper “in the mail room. No that was Carrie. Maybe in the clerical storage room, that was both Jeanette’s and Cheryl’s favorite spot, yea we did do it there because Tina walked in on us. ”

“What happened?”

“Well, Tina just smiled and quietly shut the door.

Cheryl didn’t see her because she was sort of sitting in my lap with her back to the wall, but a few minutes later she came back, this time she came right in and shuts the door behind her. To leave out the kinky details, we all stayed in the supply room for quite a while. The next day Cheryl dumps me.

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  . . for Tina. ”

This was the first truly shocking thing Cooper had heard all day “Tina’s a lez?”

“Oh no, I can assure you she’s no lesbian, she likes being screwed way to much. I mean the way we got into the storage room, well the whole way our relationship developed was by her initiative. She would just pull me into a room, pull up her skirt and insist I fill her up. In fact three months after she and Tina became an item she came to my office and said she had to have me inside her. ”

Bonnie was now literally burning with desire. “She told me about a lot of it” she said. Looking to Cooper she said “Tina told me more than once that he is huge and a woman hasn’t lived until she has been fucked by Adam. ”

“She said that? Huge?” Cooper asked playing his part.

Adam’s eyes were growing, as was the obvious erection in his shorts. His face betrayed excitement and fear. Bonnie reached behind her and unhooked the top of her bikini “And Honey, I want to live. ”

She stood up and moved over to where Adam sat.

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  She placed her hands on his shoulders then ran them across his chest bringing her taught nipples in contact with Adam’s skin. Then she looked across the table to her husband and said, “I want to live here and now. Do you mind if I give Adam a try?”

Cooper could feel life coming back to his spent member and masked his excitement by glibly saying “I’ve always let you live your life in the past, why should I stop now?”

She blew a kiss to her spouse, with her left hand pulled the tie to her top and pushed her right hand into the waistband of Adam’s trunks. She simultaneously felt the coarsens of his thick pubic hair and the smoothens of the tennis ball sized penile head. A chill of anticipation ran from those fingertips to the extremities of her body. Her biking top fell in a bunch between her breasts and she pressed her hardened nipples into his back. With both hands free she slid her hands back up his body through the hair on his rather weak chest and urge him to his feet.

Cooper watched as she pulled the top bow from her top letting it fall to the ground as Adam now moved to face her. His topless wife wrapped her arms around Adam, pulled him tight and drove her tongue into his mouth. He couldn’t help but notice that his crotch was so large that it literally pushed their two bodies apart.

Bonnie meanwhile could feel that post pressing into her belly.

His kissing left much to be desired so it wasn’t hard to tear herself away and move down his body. She pressed her cheek to his chest and looked into Cooper’s eyes for approval. Instantly she saw her husband was as eager as she was. “No” she thought to herself, “There is no way he could be anywhere as eager as I am, but he certainly doesn’t mind.

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Cooper was thinking much the same thing, he could see his wife’s unbridled lust, and that made him aroused. She sat down in Adam’s chair with him standing directly in front of her. Cooper watched her hands outline the organ through the black nylon fabric. Then slowly pull the waistband out and down. An oversized penis, like one from an erotic Japanese painting, emerged. Cooper wondered how this guy could stand up with a thing like that in his pants. She slid the trunks to his knees before focusing on their contents.

Bonnie looked carefully for the first time at this marvelous organ of lust. Its surface was a uniform pink with out any purple vains showing. The base was slightly smaller than the shaft or head. Although she wanted to kiss it, she knew it was far to large to put into her mouth. She ran her hands along either side of the pillar. It was an experience different because of the scale of flesh to be explored. She could plainly feel the three inner shafts swollen stiff, covered by the taught layer of skin. The head was enough to fill her palm and she gripped it like a baseball.

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  “What will it feel like inside me?” she thought “Will it hurt, will it even fit?” For the first time she felt apprehension about this endeavor.

Cooper watched his wife kiss down the long shaft. A funny thought occurred to him. With a chuckle he said aloud, “That reminds me of Gomez Adams kissing the arm of Morticia when she speaks French. ”

His comment broke the incredible tension like a like a bullet shatters a window pane. For the first time since he arrived Adam began to relax. He actually smiled a little. Bonnie looked up and said “Say something French. ”
“We Monchere’” He actually said with some levity.

With a bad French accent Bonnie responded “Oh Adam, when you speak French it drives me Mad. ” and began rapidly kissing up and down the shaft.

A few minutes later Cooper watched Adam laying on the chase lounge as Bonnie retrieved the coconut oil. She had again removed her bottoms and literally giggling with delight began to cover the vertical staff with the aromatic oil. “No offense, but I think extra lube will make this more pleasant for both of us. ”

After weeks of waiting (for both Bonnie and Cooper) she finally straddled the prone figure and reached between her legs to guide the meaty manhood into her waiting tunnel.

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  She pushed the head to her lips. She felt them slide across the well oiled bulbous tip. She felt herself stretched wider and wider. She again began to wonder if she could handle something this large when, amazingly, she realized the head was all the way in. Then she began to push backward with her hips sinking the great oak into her body. It seemed to go in forever. She could feel her insides pressed out of shape. Finally she sat still. His pubic hair touching the hairless flat of her vulva. He was all the way in. She felt. . . full. And the fullness made her feel wonderfully womanly, sexy and exotic.

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  She felt like she could press on her stomach and feel his penis from the outside. Every so slowly, she began to lift herself up and down. The size of the organ touched all the sensitive spots at once. It was at once both uncomfortable and amazingly sexy. She closed her eyes and focused her attention on the feelings as she rode him steadily.

She knew she would come quickly because she was almost to orgasm just riding this carousel pony; this amazing penis that was in her She put her hand to her clit and began to masturbate. As she masturbated she thought of all the other women who had had this same penis inside them, like she was part of an exclusive sexual club. She knew she would tell Tina, who would tell the others that she had experienced this wonder. She imagined she was surrounded by Tina, Tina, Carrie, Jeanette, Charily and all the other girls she had seen in the office all nude all watching and cheering her on.

Cooper sitting just feet away had watched as for the first time, he saw in person, his wife take another man’s cock in her. Though the computer now held literally hundreds of photos of Bonnie and Terrence in every sex position imaginable -it was so much more exciting to watch her and here her as she slowly rode Adam. When Bonnie looked at him at with a deep guttural voice said “Oh Cooper it is so good” he was thrilled - when a few minutes latter she once again looked at him said “You are the best husband for letting me have this . . Amazing experience. ”She was in cloud nine.

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Her orgasm flowed from deep in her vagina and swept over her body like the deep bass notes when one sits too close to the speakers at a concert. With the last wave she was not ready to stop, but to start.

In an almost out of body experience she heard her voice command Adam “Get on, fuck me hard and don’t come until I tell you to. ” Cooper also heard the voice and for the next forty-five minutes he watched Adam pound his wife with his battering ram. First in the chase lounge, bent over, into the pool with him standing in the shallow and she wrapping her legs around him as he pushed her buttocks up and down along his post, finally she was spread eagle facing the fence and he frisked her insides with his penis.

Cooper was mesmerized by the sight. He was focused on that big tool as it slipped in and out. His erection was so large it hurt. Cooper looked at his watch, it would soon be time to pick up the kids. “Sweetheart” he called out, “I hate to interrupt your fun but we got to pick up the kids in fifteen minutes. ”“OK” came her panting voice. She stood up; and led Adam to where Cooper sat, bent over to put her arms around Cooper’s neck and said; “Now Adam,you can come. ” then she began to kiss her husband.

Cooper could feel his wife’s body shudder with each stroke. He had already seen her buttocks and vulva were bright red from the beating they had been taking.


  He could feel the wind being knocked out of her lungs as the monstrous piston alternately filled and emptied her body. The sweat from her face dripped on his shoulder. He could feel the energy draining from her body. She whispered to him “Hold me up until he’s finished. ” so he braced his elbow on the arms of the chair to keep his wife’s body receiving the sex of another man. To Cooper it seemed forever before the long steady strokes became short and frantic, then stopping altogether.

Shortly afterward, after giving Adam several thank yous for coming by Cooper stood in front of the house and watched Adam’s car pull out of the drive. Bonnie was alone laying on her chase lounge. When he returned to the pool to tell her he was leaving to get the kids, Cooper could see the white fluid trickling out of her. She seem to be stretched so wide he was sure she wouldn’t even feel him if her fucked her. The beating she had taken had numbed her legs and entire vulva, but slowly feeling returned, and pain.

Her legs hurt, whole pubic area hurt and her ovaries hurt. Mostly her ovaries hurt. She reproached herself “I knew he was too long, I knew this would happen” but upon further consideration she decided the thrill was worth the pain. After all she had come three times while Adam had been inside of her, twice by his fucking alone.

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   Then she began to wonder how long it would take her vagina to return to her normal size, surely she and Cooper would reenact her exploits after the kids were asleep. She could see Cooper looking down at her unsure what to do.

“Kiss me” she said, but as he leaned to her face she pushed his head downward. “No, down there. Kiss me gently”
He moved around and lowered his face to her red vulva and began kissing lightly around the stretched membrane. He could smell the Adam’s semen and was strangely attracted to her oozing opening. Just hen the phone rang, she pushed his head back “And your late to get Lamar at soccer practice, we will have to do this latter. ” And she reached over to answer her cell, which was, as she suspected, their son.

It was thirty minutes before Bonnie had the energy to get off of the chase and slide into the warm soothing water. Cooper returned from picking up the kids, and while the children changed she told him that that had been the most amazing and unusual sexual experience of her life, but she understood why the girls at the office all wanted to use Adam but none wanted to have him. He was great as a sex toy but dreadful as a human or real lover. “Yea” she answered his predictable question “I’d like to have him again sometime, but not any time in the near future. ” Then as an afterthought “Did you taste him when you kissed me?”

That night, long after the kids were fast asleep, true to Bonnie’s expectation, her husband played the part of Adam and they relived the experience. They were both happy that she had returned to her normal size- mostly. And the fact she was still loose inside six hours later was a turn-on for both of them.

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