Embrace by the night

Erotic Poetry

In the summer of night,              
The night had embrace my soul
I had find myself saturating at the huge silvery full moon,
How it is Embrace by silvery light,
Watching the ways the royal blue could pass by the moon like a huge dark anger shadow,
 The stars sparkle like small diamonds,
The ways the cool breeze blowing against my body,
I was so captivated by the clear blue night,
Watching the full moon I felt like a werewolf,
Sexuality spells release from in me,
I kept watching the dark beauty of the night as if it had put a spell over me,
I felt the night had take over my soul,
My mind is willful with hunger lust,
Watching the night as if I had made love underneath stars,
By letting an opening breeze blowing threw my soul, and silvery moonlight shine
Feeling the cool night breeze, blowing threw my body, 
like man touching me so sexuality,
Oh, how did I had this hunger for lust,
The night had charm me, and touching me so sexually,
Enjoy hearing the singing of a night gale,
I been calling me by the night, embracing me,
Come with me, my love, and feel the night with me in the air,
Feel it charming me,
Fee it grave me,
And Feel us has been “Embrace by the night.”