How One Makes Love?

Erotic Poetry

Our body begins to shiver as we our overwhelmed with spine tingling chills shocking our very essence all the while the passion burning every inch of our being! Our bodies move as though we are locked in slow motion but our souls dance beyond the speed of time! Entranced in her essence and aroma I passionately caress her entire silk like skin! Her hands plow, griping my hair like a vice as my tongue soon begins to explore this enchanting angel! Massaging, tasting all of her, my ears tingles at her sounds of ecstasy! Then as I slowly ease our bodies together she begins to claw through my back as the ecstasy hits and rips through our body! With every slow thrust, the passion and pleasure tear through our senses! Our souls complete, our body as one and my very essence tingling inside her, So this is how one makes Love?