Jack & Donna.......& Nicole, Chapters 3 & 4

Erotic Poetry

Jack & Donna……. and Nicole
Chapter 3
            Saturday, Jack went to Donna’s for dinner. It was a relief to find that Nicole was not home. Knowing what he did, he knew he would feel uncomfortable when he saw her.
“Where’s Nicole?”
Donna smiled. “She is going to a party and then spending the night at Lexi’s house. We have the night to ourselves. ”
 Jack smiled and kissed her. His imagination was filled with two images. A night alone with Donna and what Nicole would be doing at the party. Would she take that next step with Josh? The idea aroused him. Nicole might be getting a feel of Josh’s young cock. He looked forward to their next chat.
            Jack and Donna enjoyed a nice dinner and spent the evening watching a movie. They sat together on the couch holding one another, sharing some wine, both relaxed and enjoying the closeness. After the movie he kissed her and told her how much he wanted her.

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   She smiled coyly and said she needed a massage. “Give me a few minutes to get ready and join me in the bedroom. ”
            Jack walked into a candlelit bedroom. Soft music was playing and Donna was lying on her stomach on the bed. As Jack stripped off his clothes he first admired Donna’s nude body. The short dark hair, her soft neck and shoulders, the soft back leading down to her beautiful ass and legs. On the nightstand he noticed a bottle of massage oil and a tube of KY. What exactly did she have in mind? She continued to surprise him sexually with her openness and willingness to try anything. She was affectionate and passionate and certainly not boring.
            Jack was already semi-hard when he joined her on the bed. He straddled her and began to massage her neck and shoulders. His cock rested comfortably between the cheeks of her ass. He resisted the urge to rub himself and focused on Donna. After a few minutes he added some of the oil to his hands and continued the massage.
“You hands feel great.

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   I’m so relaxed. ” Jack worked his way down to the small of her back. Bypassing her ass he began on her legs. She spread them slightly to give his hands room and he was given a look at her pussy and ass. She had a dark, thick bush and a thin trail of hair continued to her puckered asshole. Absolutely breathtaking, he thought to himself.
            His hands then began massaging her ass. He loved the feel of her soft cheeks and the intimate look at her most private parts. He gently spread her cheeks and ran a finger over her rosebud. She moaned and squirmed a little as he massaged it. Sensing she liked the attention he was giving her, Jack leaned down and ran his tongue over the tight hole.
“Oh yes, I wanted you to do that. It feels wonderful. ” While he licked her, she moved her hand between her lags and rubbed her clit. The anal stimulation was obviously a big turn on for Donna and Jack found himself pushing his tongue in and out of her tight ass.

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After a few minutes, Donna stopped him and told him she wanted his cock. While she placed a pillow under her hips to prop her ass up, Jack got the KY and began to lubricate himself. When his cock was slippery with the KY, he then applied it to her ass, feeling the tightness as his finger pushed inside. He slowly fucked her ass with his finger and then moved to straddle her.
            The thought of taking her in the ass was very erotic. It had the feeling of being forbidden or a little bit taboo and was really more intimate than regular sex. She was offering her whole self to him. Jack rubbed his cock on her ass. “Are you ready for this?”
“Just take it slow at first. ” He felt the resistance as he started to press the swollen head of his cock against her. She sucked her breath in as he slowly started to enter. The tightness squeezed his cock as the head slipped past the opening and the sensation almost caused him to come immediately. He paused and slowly pushed the rest of the way in.
            She seemed to need a minute to adjust so he held himself inside. “Your ass is incredible.

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   So tight”
            “You feel so big. ”
            He looked down to see all of his hardness filling her beautiful tight ass. Slowly she started to move under him and he began to slowly fuck her. As she became more comfortable she encouraged him to move faster and he watched with fascination his cock moving in her ass. Jack felt her orgasm begin as her body shuddered and she cried out. This put him over the edge and he began to pump his load of semen into her butt. He kept fucking her until the waves of her orgasm subsided and they collapsed together on the bed.
            After they rested, they showered and returned to bed to cuddle. They talked for a long time and then Donna began to speak about Nicole. Jack felt a brief moment of panic.
Donna started, “I was reluctant to get involved with a man for a long time because of her. ”
“I understand. What’s different now?”
            “I don’t know. She’s older and in a better position to deal with this. ” She paused.

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   “And I never met anyone like you. ”
            “Thanks. How is she handling this?”
            “Pretty well. She really likes you. I think she’s happy for me. ”
            “I like her too. She’s a great girl. Smart, a good sense of humor, and she was lucky enough to get her Mom’s looks. ” Donna smiled and gave him a kiss.
            “Thank you. ” There was a moment of silence and then Donna continued, “She’s growing up fast. Crazy about boys, you know. She has a great little body. I worry about her sometimes. ”
            Jack thought about what he knew.

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   “Is she dating?”
            “I’m not sure. She kind of hangs around with a group of kids. I try to talk to her but I don’t think she shares everything with me. I see all these stories about kids having sex at a young age. It’s different than when we were young. I think she likes a boy named Josh but I don’t know if I would call it dating. All she told me was that they had kissed. ”
            And that’s not all, Jack thought to himself. He imagined Nicole at the party half undressed jacking Josh’s hard cock. “Well, she is a cute girl. I’m sure lots of boys are interested in her. ”
            Donna laughed. “So, you got the hots for her too? Maybe I need to rethink this relationship we started. ”
            Jack laughed with her and pulled her close. “I think her Mom is about all I can handle right now.

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  ” As he kissed her and felt her body next to his he thought about Nicole and her next conversation with “Zack”.
Chapter 4
            It was Sunday night and Jack logged onto AOL as Zack. He knew he shouldn’t but he really wanted to see if she was on. Sure enough, there she was on his buddy list, “Nikki0523”. It didn’t take long before the IM popped up on his screen.
Nikki0523: Hi. I was hoping you would log on. :):)
Zack_ZZZ: Hey, How are you?
Nikki0523: I’m great.
Zack_ZZZ: So, how are things with you and Josh?
Nikki0523: You won’t believe what happened.
Zack_ZZZ: I want to know everything.
Nikki0523: Well, Sarah had a party last night. Just a few kids. We all sat around talking and listening to music for awhile and then some of us started dancing.
Zack_ZZZ: Sounds fun.
Nikki0523: It was.

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   Then Josh danced with me and kissed me at the end of the song. He is so sweet. He wanted to make out so we went into Lexi’s bedroom.
Zack_ZZZ: You were ok with that?
Nikki0523: I was nervous, but I wanted to be with him. We sat on the bed and kissed and then he started to feel me up like he did before.
Zack_ZZZ: Your breasts.
Nikki0523: Yeah, he undid my bra and touched me. My nipples were hard.
Zack_ZZZ: May I ask what your bra size is?
Nikki0523: Not too big. I’m only a 32A
Zack_ZZZ: I’m sure your breasts are lovely. 32A is perfect.
Nikki0523: (Blushing) Thanks. You’re so nice.
Zack_ZZZ: So what happened next?
Nikki0523: I could tell he was hard. So I put my hand on his pants and felt him.

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Zack_ZZZ: I’ll bet he liked that.
Nikki0523: I think he was nervous too. Neither of us really knew what to do.
Zack_ZZZ: Probably his first time too. What happened?
Nikki0523: After we had talked last week I really wanted to see his thing. And you told me how much guys liked to be touched. So I undid his pants.
Zack_ZZZ: Lucky guy.
Nikki0523: He took it out for me. It was standing straight up. I put my hand on it.
Zack_ZZZ: How could he not be excited by a sexy girl like you?
Nikki0523: Thanks. So, I rubbed it like you told me. Before I knew it he was shooting all over. It was amazing.

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   I had his stuff on my hand.
Zack_ZZZ: Good for you. You’re first hand job.
Nikki0523: I can’t believe I did it. I loved touching him.
Zack_ZZZ: Anything else happen?
Nikki0523: We went back to the party. I told my friend Lexi later. She couldn’t believe it.
Zack_ZZZ: How about your Mom?
Nikki0523: No way. I couldn’t tell her about that.
Zack_ZZZ: You and her live alone?
Nikki0523: Yep, just me and her
Zack_ZZZ: Where is Dad?
Nikki0523: He left a long time ago. But Mom is seeing a new guy, Jack.
Zack_ZZZ: How is he?
Nikki0523: I like him. He’s nice to me. He’s good looking and I know Mom really likes him.


Zack_ZZZ: That’s good for her
Nikki0523: I heard them have sex in her bedroom. They thought I had gone to sleep.
Zack_ZZZ: Were you spying?
Nikki0523: Kind of. I wanted to see them but the door was shut. So I listened.
Zack_ZZZ: What did you hear?
Nikki0523: Mom made the most noise. I never heard her like that. She was pretty wild.
Zack_ZZZ: Sounds fun. Did you like listening?
Nikki0523: It was cool. I just wish I could have seen what they were doing.
Zack_ZZZ: I really need to go. You take care.
Nikki0523: You too. I hope we can chat again.

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Zack_ZZZ: I’m sure we will. See ya.
Nikki0523: Bye
            Once again Jack felt the conflicting emotions. The fact that she was sharing her most intimate feelings and experiences with him was wonderful. But, he had deceived her from the start by pretending to be someone else and he was a middle aged man engaging in sexual conversations with a teenage girl. He could probably be locked up for this. He continued to justify it by figuring if she wasn’t confiding in him, it would be someone else, and who knew what kind of nut she would be chatting with. Again he knew that he wanted to continue talking with her. He wasn’t sure what to think of the idea of Nicole spying on himself and Donna. It was both exciting and a concern. What would Donna think?