Jennifer T.

Erotic Poetry

Jennifer Taylor
 it was good to nail her
  and add her new name to my list
   she saved herself
    I didn't have to fail her
     and kept her parents from being pissed
Jennifer Taylor
 is going off to Baylor
  without her precious hymen
   because she lost it to an educator
    when she sluffed on his assignment
Jennifer Taylor
 no face was paler
  than when she knew she was sunk
   and the only way she was going to bail
    herself out was to have to fuck
Jennifer Taylor
 was quite a wailer
  when she took her teacher's tool
   she screamed and cursed
    just like a sailor
     so she wouldn't have to do summer school
Jennifer Taylor
 she yelped and flailed her
  slender upper body
   as the man who held her hips impaled her
    in a pussy packing party
Jennifer Taylor
 did what it took to save her
  from missing walking the stage
   when the girl gave her first sexual favor
    to a man her father's age
Jennifer Taylor
 no bitch was braver
  than this desperate high school chick
   whose hopeless situation made her
    decide to take her teacher's dick
Jennifer Taylor
 what was going to shame her
  more than being her teacher's whore
   was having the final list not name her
    when the seniors all crossed the floor
Jennifer Taylor
 nothing would derail her
  from graduation with her class
   she was willing to go to hell or
    even bare her teenaged ass
Jennifer Taylor
 it was a no-brainer
  for the hopeless high school honey
   there was no way
    she wanted the school to retain her
     she would have paid
      with sex or money
Jennifer Taylor
 the conditions constrained her
  to consort in carnal sin
   with the only man
    who now could save her
     with one stroke of his pen 
Jennifer Taylor
 her choices chained her
  so she gave her treasure up
   to a veteran teacher
    who defamed her
     in a classic classroom fuck
Jennifer Taylor
 still yet I savor
  her delicious defloration
   not long before the smile I gave her
    and said "good luck" at graduation
Jennifer Taylor
 the "B" I gave her
  helped her redeem herself
   and the hymen for which I was glad to trade her
    is a trophy on my shelf
Jennifer Taylor
 I hope I didn't change her
  from being a good young christian
   but she had no choice and who would blame her
    for fullfilling her urgent mission ?
Jennifer Taylor
 fornication gained her
  the right to graduate
   and though her loss of virtue pained her
    there still was no debate
     that in the end it would be best
      and she would not regret it
       that she got on to her teacher's desk
        and earned her final credit

*Jennifer accepted her certificate of academic accreditation, in blue cap and gown, at the city's largest arena on Saturday May 27, 2005. 
  I have in my possession a priceless photo of a smiling Jennifer Leigh Taylor crossing the stage to receive the official diploma she'd worked so hard for.
  After the ceremonies were completed, she attended an all-night graduation party where by all accounts she celebrated in a manner very uncharacteristic of her church-going reputation, confirming the loss of her viginity several times with a number of her classmates, who I'm sure found it very exciting and satisfying to finally get a piece of her baptist pussy, even if it was on the last day of their high school career. 
 Apparently, her orgiastic wickedness at the senior party wasn't reported to the youth pastors at NW Baptist because, one week later, Jennifer left with her church youth group on a week-long mission to Mexico. She painted, put up curtains, played with the kids and was praised by all as an outstanding worker with a great attitude - and a model young christian.
 In August 2005, Jennifer enrolled at Baylor University - a place approved by her paranoid parents as a protected environment where she could easily maintain her moral standards and make good on her pre-teen pledge of abstinence to the altar so that her deacon daddy could give her away as an undefiled virgin bride.

And now for the best news of all:
This year I get to teach her indefatigably cheerful, smiley-faced, bright-eyed, metal-mouthed, even more incredibly slim-but-shapely-figured, bubble-butted sophomore sister, Meghan.
   Do you believe in Deja-vu?
Did I also tell you that, from what I can see, she's got the same small perfectly formed tits that her sister excited me with - as well as a similarly narrow, elegant young neck that, also, nicely supports a chained cross of silver that rests on the exposed ivory white skin of her upper chest.
So far, too-cute and perky Meghan is showing every sign of being at least as flaky and irresponsible about remembering her assignments as her less extroverted, prettier, older sister proved to be.     Excellent. 
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Jennifer Taylor
 had to avail herself
  of her only opportunity
   to erase the "F" she had on paper
    it cost her virginity
Jennifer Taylor
 earned a waiver
  for the project she didn't do
   when she performed a different kind of labor
    as her teacher's student screw
Jennifer Taylor
 avoided failure
  when the man devirginized her
   but she got the passing grade he mailed her
    and her folks were none the wiser