Lady of lust

Erotic Poetry

I am a lady that love catches the men’s eyes as I’d enter the room,
Made me feels the heat between my legs,
I am a Lady to fulfill your every sexuality desire,
I love to a wears sexy teddy that glitter up your eyes,
I love to hear the naughty words what out comes of your mind,
To made me divine right in the bed with you,
Underneath my red silk sheen of my bed,
Our making love will burns like the bunch of burning candles that surround us,
I will ride you like an air pump, pumping me inside of me,
While you rubbing every inch of my body,
Wrapping my lust legs around your hip,
My heated thighs will keep you warm during the cold winter of the night,
I love feels the silk sheen touching my nuking silk skin,
When it stick with me like satin,
 I not just an ordinary lady that passes on the street,
There is no woman could not hold the torch to me,
Because I am the only one that I can satisfy your sexuality needs,
I am enjoy saturate at my petal pink between my thigh by mirror,
That I had held the power of sexualities that all the men hunger for,
There are some people mistook as been a slut,
But, truly, I am the “Lady of lust,”