Lost in lust

Erotic Poetry

Nighttime Crimes
I wake to the sound of sobbing
it is always me sobbing
I awake to pain bruises and blood sheets tangled and I close my eyes tight hope that it is a nightmare not my reality
but when I open my eyes there lays the body spent on my floor
and then they come the images and sounds that torture me
gripping me to where I cannot take a breath trapped in the scenes
the blood lust over took me last night hard as I try they come to my song
“Sweet taste I provide love, lust passion if you survive the night of lust
tempt you I must please fill my lust my love lust “
they always follow me follow my sweet smell
I let them touch the heat dripping from my creamy thighs
onto their awaiting tongues
I glide them to the rapture they never know could be
I ride till my blood boils sliding up and down
hands gripping in sheer lust blood lust this is my crime
crimes of sheer passion under them on top sweat beading
on my milky skin till they are drained wishing it would last but they never do
my punishment is to never be filled never satisfied only waking to them
broken bruised and drained taken by my lust