Mary Ann S.

Erotic Poetry

Mary Ann Solis
 I had a piece
  of mexican cherry pie
   when I had the niña on her knees
    an got a good girl sweet and shy
Mary Ann Solis
 I had a feast
  of young hispanic pussy
   I devoured her childhood
    like a beast
     and enjoyed some
      nice new nookie
Mary Ann Solis
 it took some grease
  to open her vagina
   a girl like that is work
    but she's worth
     all the tea in china
Mary Ann Solis
 her maidenhood ceased
  just before her quinciñera
   her flower was taken
    several weeks
     before her new white gown she'd wear
Mary Ann Solis
 learned about the birds and bees
  in a hands-on private lesson
   in spite of her strong church beliefs
    and without her father's blessing
Mary Ann Solis
 it was with ease
  she became a man's conquest
   the first to talk to her so sweet
    and to tingleize
     her A-cup chest
Mary Ann Solis
 she was so pleased
  to have a grown white man's attention
   her simple heart
    was led with ease
     from romance
      into wenching
Mary Ann Solis
 the girl released
  her moral inhibitions
   praise and persuasion
    were the keys
     to corrupt the little chirstian
Mary Ann Solis
 the sex police
  would love to know the story
   of how I had my taboo treat -
    a fresh brown child
     in her virgin glory
Mary Ann Solis
 this poem is brief
  of how I devirginized her
   but it's the truth
    I've told, at least
     and now
      I've immortalized her