Massive Molten Eruption

Erotic Poetry

Topic: Erupt 
she gulped and began to gesture in the most mischevious of ways,
she squatted and smiled, wild with the wetness of her sex,hrust
warm, weak and with-held with anticipation
    to her precipitation,
pulsing inside her plump violence,
velvet, virgin Venus, Vampire, blood cum
she grimaced with a smile,
succulent  sweat
,her  taste of Sour Peach,
she shreiked with a shudder that sent her sliding
deep into the veins of ecstasy 
dark in the day dream Dhalia,
her drying thighs beg for moisture,
thus the Dew,  
draped in droplets, drenched in dreams,
lotus Lavender, she fucked a sheep-herder in the shed!
Ankles above the head, the virgin bled!