Bringing WIlma Out of Her Depression


Bringing Wilma Out of Her Depression<!--[if story begins about 20 years ago. I worked at a manufacturing plant. One of the women who worked there was an older lady named Wilma. Wilma was about 50 or so at that time, and I was only about 27. She had a daughter that was a certified knockout. Amazingly beautiful. Her mother, Wilma, was just average, but not what you would call beautiful to most. But, strangely enough, I found her very attractive and desirable. When we would talk, it would be only to chat casually. She never had any idea that I was hot for her.
     Well, Wilma started having some health problems and was out of work for the longest time. I found out that she was going to have to have a hip replacement. Not being very close to her at that time, I passed her off and had given up on ever getting together with her.
      One day, I overheard some of the other ladies talking about her. It seems that she had had the hip replacement and was at home, but not doing very well. Linda said that she just sat in her mobile home all day and had not left it for weeks.

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   One of the ladies suggested that some of us ought to go down there, and bring her some food and just give her some company. I immediately volunteered to go along(in case there were any “man” jobs that needed done around her trailer)
     One day, we all went over to visit Wilma. I could not believe what we saw. As we entered her trailer, we noticed that it was all dark, with the shades pulled down. There was no light in the room at all.   It was very sad to see anyone live that way. We all came in and sat down. Then, poor Wilma started to cry. The depression that this dear sweet lady was going through was so terrible. She just broke down and cried like a baby. We all pitched in and began cleaning up her trailer. Some of them went to get her some groceries. I found out that her water pipes were leaking badly, so I tackled that job. It took a couple of days, but we basically got Wilma back on her feet, as far as her living conditions go. She thanked us all, hugged our necks, and said she would never forget what we did for her.

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   We all left feeling good about her, and ourselves.
      This may have been the end of the story except for one thing. The next day, Wilma calls me and tells me that her icemaker is broken, and would I mind trying to fix it. Being the Good Samaritan that I am, I drove over and worked on it for a couple of hours. I finally did get it fixed, and was preparing to go home, when she invited me to stay for supper. Having all but forgotten about my earlier lust for her, I declined at first. She acted a little down(I guess because no one ever came to visit her). I quickly changed my mind and told her I would be glad to stay for supper.
    Wilma fixed a very good meal and we had a good time talking about what had happened to her and how we all had helped her. I was just fixing to go, when the TV weather came on and said that a bad storm was brewing with a lot of wind and possible tornadoes, and that travel was dangerous. We had been so absorbed in conversation, that  we hadn’t even bothered to look out the window. And they were right. It was very dark and foreboding outside.   Wilma said that she was sorry she had kept me for so long.   Wilma suggested that I stay there for a while, and leave when the weather improves.

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  . By now, I was feeling that urge I felt several months earlier. I couldn’t believe this opportunity! I was in her trailer, alone, with her!  My cock began to swell. I tried to hide it from her, because I’m sure that fucking was the fartherest thing from Wilma’s mind.
   The weather just kept getting worse. Thunder and lightning,and  wind. I could tell that Wilma was scared. It got to be going on 1100 PM and it was still storming. Wilma asked me to stay the night because she was so scared. My cock had been semi-hard all evening. But, when she asked me to stay, that did it! My cock swelled to full erection. I had to place my hand over it to hide it.
    Wilma said that she was getting sleepy, so we readied for bed. I didn’t know what her idea of sleeping arrangements were, so I just let her take the lead. My heart fell when she told me that I could use the spare bedroom.

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   Like a gentleman, I resigned myself to spending the night in another room. Well, at least, I could jack off, cum, and pretend she was in bed with me. She said good night, and went off to her room. As I lay in my room, I began to think of what might have been. I was so down that I didn’t even feel like jacking off.
     Just then a huge clap of thunder sounded, and I heard Wilma cry out in the other room. It wasn’t long before she was standing at the door of my room. “Bill,” she said. “I'm scared. Would it be alright if I stayed in here tonight?” There went my cock! It hardened immediately again. I wanted to screw Wilma in the worst way. “Sure,” I said. She came over to the bed and slipped under the covers. We must have talked for about ten minutes or so. Then, feeling more secure, Wilma again said goodnight.

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   Well, it wasn’t long before another clap of thunder sounded. It startled her so much that she jumped. I asked her if she was all right. Then she said something that almost made me cum. She asked if she could move a little closer to me. I again said yes. She moved a little closer, almost touching. You see, what Wilma did not know was that I sleep naked. So, any closer for her, and she will feel my cock. It then that I made a decision. I was going to fuck Wilma that night. I may have to do it forcefully. But, Wilma was going to be fucked that night. I began to inch closer to her body. Inch by inch.

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   She does not even know I am doing it. I move so close that our faces are within inches of each other. Now, is the time. I must make my move now. My hand gently goes to her cheek. I gently brush her cheek with my fingertips. We look at each other in the dim light, and I kiss her gently on the lips. Not a long kiss. Just a couple of short kisses. To my surprise, she does not pull away. She returns my kisses with a small, nervous kiss of her own. So sweet and tender. My hand begins to wander a bit. I caress her ass cheeks. Tenderly squeezing them.

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   Then, my lips meet hers again. Only this time, I demand her tongue. She pushes her starved tongue into my waiting mouth, and I suck her hard. Then, she searches for my tongue and almost sucks it out of my mouth. I am on fire for Wilma. And she is for me. I undo her nightie and her titties fall out. Her titties are a little saggy, but still beautiful. I lick her nipples and begin to suck her titties. It is then that I let my hand explore down her leg to her wet pussy. Damn! It felt so good. So wet and sloppy. I kiss her titties and begin moving down her body until my mouth reaches her pussy lips. I completely cover her wet, dripping cunt with my mouth and suck her for all she is worth. I suck her pussy for a while.

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   It is then that she discovers that I am naked. Her trembling hand reaches for my rock-hard cock. She slowly jacks me off a bit. Then, in a surprise move, Wilma takes my cock to her lips and starts sucking me. Man, Wilma knew how to give a blow job! I almost came!
    Sensing that I was almost ready to explode into her mouth, Wilma withdraws my cock from her lips, rolls over on her back, spreads her legs, and invites me into her. I get between her waiting legs, my cock throbbing with desire, and slip inside her. We just lay there for a few minutes, with my cock imbedded in her pussy. I knew that she had probably not had a cock in her pussy for many years, so I was prepared to hear her scream in pain. But, she just whimpered a bit as my hips began to move. I wanted her so bad. My first thrust was a huge one, and it went all the way into her man-starved cunt. She shuddered a bit. Then, her hips began to move, also. She was beginning to meet my every thrust with one of her own. Soon, we were humping and fucking like crazy.

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   Her pussy felt so good! I could have fucked Wilma for hours, She was that comfortable to be inside of. Finally, we both came together in a torrent of lust and cum. I felt my cum slam into her juicy cunt and ooze out the sides.
     We lay there in each other’s arms for a while, gently kissing. She told me that until that night she was in a deep depression, and had even contemplated suicide. But, because of the attention I had shown her, she was a new person. We gazed into each other’s eyes, and kissed. And we both knew that this was something more than just a chance piece of pussy from an old woman. We both knew that we had found something special.
     That was 20 years ago. Wilma is now 71, and I am but 48. And we are married. Some may think I am crazy to marry a woman who is old enough to be my mother. But, I am in love with Wilma. And I always will be.


   Oh, by the way, a 71-year-old woman still knows how to use her pussy. We fuck every night. And sex for both of us has never been better!

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