Chef's John's Restaurant


Chef John walked through his restaurant kitchen.   This was his world – he controlled every aspect of his kitchen.   He ruled with a swift hand, controlling his 60 plus staff with glares, sharp criticism and a tongue lashing.   If you messed up in his kitchen, you felt it – if you did well, you were praised in front of your peers.
Chef John was not the owner – he preferred to just run the kitchen.   The GM of the restaurant ran the front; however, there was no doubt that the GM worked for Chef John.   The Owner loved it – since he had hired John, the restaurant became one of the best in New York city, boosting sales and profitability consistently for the last two years.
Chef John was in his 30’s, worked an average of 65 hours a week, rarely taking a day off.   He preferred to be on hand, and had sous chefs who could run the kitchen, but felt that they didn’t do as good of a job as he did.
The servers and hostesses ran from the kitchen – Chef’s John’s presence was scary enough.   However, many of them were very happy that John was there – they made more money by being more busy – besides, there were a lot of restaurants here to work in, but many of them failing.
Chef John’s marriage had crumbled after only three years.   John had gotten married to one of his pastry cooks, but with the work schedule, he didn’t spend too much time at home.   One night he walked into their apartment and found his wife curled up in the arms of another man with his dick buried deep in her ass.   The divorce was quick and painless.
That was over 10 years ago.

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    Since then, most of his relationships were boring – he didn’t want to spend too much time getting to know anyone.
It was a Thursday night, busy with a wait about two hours long.   The kitchen was humming along and the servers were trying to keep up.   Chef John was standing in the expo line, throwing food back at the broiler cook who couldn’t nail any of his cooking temps.   John was surprised to feel a tug on his right shoulder.
He turned to be staring at a 5 foot, 110 pound girl, dark brown hair with blue eyes shining.   She was dressed in a tight black dress, the uniform colors of the hostess staff.   She looked 18 or 19.   She stretched up to whisper in John’s ear.   “Here, I’ll meet you in the meat locker in 20 minutes” she whispered.   She slipped something soft into John’s right hand and walked off.
John was surprised at the brazen attitude of this young chick.   By the looks of her back to him, she was a head turner and John noticed that many of the cook’s eyes were focused away from their current tasks to her beautiful backside as she walked out of the kitchen.   John looked down at his right hand.   White lace thong panties were wrapped up tight in his hand.

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    He almost dropped them, he was so surprised.
John’s kitchen actually had three walkin coolers.   The produce cooler and the dairy cooler were on the first floor and held most of the prepped products, but the meat walkin was on the second floor with the offices of the GM and his office.   He glanced at the clock.   9:15 – he had 20 minutes to decide what to do.
He stuffed the underwear into his pocket and went out to find the GM or her assistant.   “Sally” he blurted out.   Sally, the assistant GM, turned her head.   “I need you now,” John stated, pulling her arm away from the customer she was talking with.
“Sally, we have a problem,” then he paused, choosing his words carefully.   Finally, he said, “the servers aren’t presenting the specials correctly and the hostesses are not letting the guests know the features of the day. ”  “OK,” Sally replied.   “I’ll talk to them. ” 
“Not good enough; I want to take care of this now. ”  John walked Sally up to the front of the restaurant.

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    “Get all the hostesses together and make sure they understand what they are supposed to do. ”  Sally got the host staff together, and in 30 words or so, reminded them of their job of letting the guests know the features.   John was looking for his admirer.   She wasn’t in the group.
When Sally finished, he asked “is everyone here?”  Sally replied that Allisa wasn’t there – she was on her break.   “Allisa, OK. ”  John thought as he walked back to the kitchen.
9:25; ten minutes.   He put his hand in his pocket and played with the panties.   What to do?  If he left the expo now, the staff would know something was up.   He didn’t want to get a reputation for being soft.   He called one of his sous chefs over and told them that he was going to do inventory a little early tonight and then take off.   The sous chef was surprised, but not worried.   He was used to John’s changes in attitude.
John took the elevator upstairs.


    9:30. He wondered what she wanted.   He sat down at his desk and pulled out the underwear.   He sniffed them, held them up and could tell that they were recently worn.   His dick was getting hard and his thoughts were running away with him.
At 9:33 he got up from his desk.   He closed the door and walked to the meat walk-in.   The light was on and the lock opened (but this wasn’t unusual during business hours).   He opened the cooler and walked in.  
The cooler was straight back with boxes of beef on both sides.   The young hostess was sitting with her legs crossed on a few boxes in the back of the cooler.   She smiled and mouthed the words, “I knew you’d come,” as she stood up and moved closer to him.  
Her nipples were standing clearly out of her dress due to the cold.   She placed both of her hands on top of John’s pants, stoking his dick through his pants.   She leaned up and said, “I want to feel you – I want you to fuck me.

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  ”  She then unbuttoned his chef coat and opened it.  
John reached down and cupped her ass.   No underwear, surprise surprise.   She reached down his pants and loosed the draw string on his chef pants.   Then she slid both hands down his underwear to his dick and stroked it.  
John put both hands on her tits and squeezed.   No bra, just the dress fabric.   She moaned as he fondled her breasts.   Her hands were busy pulling on his manhood, leaking pre-cum from years of neglect.  
The girl pulled down the shoulder straps of her dress and showed John her tits.   Then she turned with her back to him and pulled up her dress to expose her naked ass and cunt.   She leaned against the boxes she had been sitting on and looked over her shoulder to John with the look in her eyes like “come on!”
John dropped his pants and underwear to his mid thigh.   His nine inch dick stood straight out as his hands found their way to each side of her ass.   He placed his dick at the entrance of her slit – the heat from both of their bodies was making both of them sweat, despite the cold cooler fan.   His dick plowed into her hot cunt.

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To his surprise he felt resistance about half way – ‘Oh shit, she’s a virgin!” ran through his mind. He paused for a split second, realizing what he was doing, but remembering that she wanted this escapade, he grabbed both sides of her ass and pulled, shattering her hymen and burying himself in her.   She screamed in pain and pleasure.
He was like a madman, plunging himself into her pussy and feeling the tight walls getting used to a man’s dick.   She was moaning and squirming under him.   “Oh, Chef, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” she screamed.
John felt himself getting ready to cum.   She was cumming also, and he plunged his dick in with a passion that he hadn’t felt in years.   John released himself inside the young gal, shooting what seemed like a ton of cum into her love box.   He held her ass for a minute as his body relaxed.   He then pulled out, a mixture of cum and blood dripping between his and her legs.
The young lady turned around, pushed down her dress and straightened her hair.   John tucked himself back into his underwear and pants.   John’s head was swimming and he was finding it hard to stand up.   He noticed that there was some mess on the floor and on the boxes that he was going to have to clean up quickly.

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The young gal reached up and kissed John passionately.   “Thank you, chef” she whispered.   Then she walked out of the cooler.
John returned to his office and grabbed towels to clean himself up and returned to the cooler to clean up.   As he was walking out of the meat cooler, the GM meet him at the elevator.   “Oh, Chef, there you are.   Come on, Larry is here and wants you to meet someone. ”
Larry, the owner, was seated in his normal booth with another gentleman.   “Oh, Chef, how are you.   Let me introduced you to someone.   John, this is Aaron, the new owner.   I’m selling him the restaurant and I told him how great you were. ”
Chef John was shocked but in true form, he smiled and shook hands with his new boss.   Aaron’s gaze when behind John to someone, “where have you been, dear?” Aaron said to someone behind him.  
“In the ladies room” replied the young voice.

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    Chef John turned over his shoulder to see a familiar set of tits staring at him in a familiar black dress.
“Chef John let me introduce you to my high school daughter, Amanda. ”
Amanda smiled at John as she politely shook his hand.  
“Chef John, Amanda wants to intern with you when she attends culinary school next year.   Can we arrange this?”  Aaron asked.
Amanda answered for her father.   “Oh, I don’t think Chef John will have any problems at all with letting me work with him, will he?” 
John just gulped.
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