Eleven inches, your kidding (part two)


Anne was gently stroking Anthony's huge cock, even though she had just measured it it was still hard to believe.  The gentle stroking also seemed to be having an effect, though not getting any longer it seemed to be thickening up as it became more engorged with blood. Anthony was spending time on Anne finding her erogenous zones, from past experiences I knew the sight of a large cock would start making her damp. Until now large had been nine inches long as that was it paled in to insignificance alongside this one. Anne was giving me little hints that said leave us alone for a while, this sometimes happened when a guy was a little uncomfortable around a husband, I fancy this time it was because she didn't want any distractions. I took the hint and took my refilled glass of beer out to the spa.
Stripped off I slipped into the heat of the spa, from were I was sitting I had a good view of what Anne and Anthony were doing. To be truthful the lounge was set up the way it was for this very reason as I get  really turned on by watching my wife with other guys. I watched as Anne slipped out of her clothes, just leaving on her black stockings and suspenders, she then helped Anthony out of his so that there was no restriction to their caresses. I could see Anne really intended taking her time, as I looked she knelt on a cushion in front of Anthony and started to gently lick his shaft slowly from his ball to his glans her fingers at the same time gently carressing his balls. Her hands looked quite tiny alongside his balls sac, I could imagine them full of his cum that with luck would soon drench the inside of my wifes cunt. After a while Anne turned her attention to the glans licking it like an ice cream cone a couple of times I saw her lips open to try and take it in her mouth but it was just too large so she returned to licking and little sucking kisses her tongue occasionally trying to penetrate the slit as his pre cum started to flow.
By now Anthony seemd to be getting ready for more than a little oral, it looked like he asked a question , Anne nodded and led him off in the direction of our bedroom. The bedroom could not be viewed from the spa unfortunately, I jumped out of the spa and quickly towelled myself dry before heading inside. I knew there was no rush that cock was not going to slide in my darling wife that easily. I refreshed my beer before moving towards the bedroom door, there was a comfortable chair outside the bedroom that had a perfect view of our bed, good planning of course.

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   From where I sat I could see that Anne was straddeling Anthony holding his shaft she was positioning it at the mouth of her vagina ready for the first contact. I could hear her telling him not to move until she said that she would do all the work. I could see her visibly making herself relax from past experiences with smaller cocks she knew if she wasn't relaxed this could hurt. It was also fortunate that she had a few years ago had a hysterectomy, otherwise there would be no chance of the full eleven inches going in. For a minute or so nothing seemed to happen, then the big purple head of his cock slipped out of view, with an accompanying low moan from Anne as her muscles were stretched beyond normal tollerances. She stayed there for a few moments controling her breathing, I could see the veins standing out on the shaft that was impaling her it seemed to thicken even more. Then she lowered her self a couple of inches stopping again to get used to the feeling, then lower again with another low moan her eyes closed with a mixture of effort and ecstacy. Still not half way, she raised herself slightly her juices lubricating the shaft, a sudden drop and a further three inches dissapeared from view. Anthony moved under her,'No,nu,no,no just stay still' she grunted.
I was riveted at the sight my own cock standing rigid its mere six inches bobbing as I watched, my turn would come later. Anne stayed still for another minute or so before again lowering herself this time in a slight rocking movement more and more of that awesome cock dissappeared from view until he was buried up to the hilt. For a while Anne stopped all movement I could see her face relax and a low almost purring sound came from her. Ever so slowly she raised herself away from Anthony until all but the glans was outside her with a moan she dropped impaling herself on his shaft. From then on she urged Anthony to join in and the two of them started to really get into it. They changed positions a couple of times his large cock assuring there was no chance of him sliding out.

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   From the way they were moving I could see this was not going to be a long drawn out session, Anne's internal muscles would be screaming later after this pounding. By now Anne seemed to be in one continuous orgasm the sounds she was making growing louder and louder, from outside it must sound like someone was being murdered. I quickly grabbed the stereo control and turned up the volume rtying to match my wifes screams.
Anthony's movements seemed to be getting more eratic not an even stroke now the long strokes changing to shorter harder ones. Suddenley he stiffened a groan coming from his lips then he was slowl grinding himself into Anne, I'm sure she must have thought she was sitting on a fountain becuse from where I was sitting I could see gobs of cum coming round his shaft as he moved. The two of them laid there satiated for a while before moving  as Anthony withdrew his cock a flood of cum followed it out of Anne's stretched cunt her muscles unable to close up after being that stretched didn't restrict the flow at all. Anne  slowly moved and opened her eyes she seemed to have an almost dazed expression in her eyes. Anthony appeared to be asleep at the  moment so I stepped into the bedroom, Anne looked up at me with a smile on her face.
'Bet you didn't think I could manage that did you, I'll do better next time' she said, 'Oh and by the way I could do with a drink'.
I smiled to myself as I went to the fridge, I could see this friendship lasting quite a while.

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