First Julie - then Mike - our neighbours.


Topic: A new experience for Julie. I am 16 and about six months ago I was home alone and I went over to our neighbours place and had a swim in their pool, as they encourage us to use it, and we often have pool party with them. Nobody was home there either so I stripped off and swam in the nude which I enjoy. Afterwards I lay on the lounge beside the pool and the mood took me to masturbate and I used my fingers to arouse myself and have a long slow finger job. I have been masturbating for at least 5 years and have often used a toy to satisfy my craving for sex.
When I was 14 I had sex for the first time and lost my virginity. Since then I have not had sex with a boy. I have had quite a few sex experiences with a girl and we have experimented with kissing and masturbating together. I was well into my fingering pleasure and I was getting worked up and knew it would not be long before I brought myself to my orgasm. I started to really rub myself hard and slip a finger into my cunt to bring it on. I hit my high and had a very satisfying orgasm and because nobody was around I was a bit loud because of the pleasure my clit was giving me, it was really good climax.
What I didn’t realise was Julie our neighbour who is about 26 was at home and was up in her bedroom evidently doing some work at home. She had seen me swimming and had taken no notice, as they both swim nude if we are not there. What had attracted her was my loud orgasm and she had watched me cum from her window.
About 20 minutes later she came down and out to the pool and she was nude as well. I was sort of dozing after the swim the sun and my orgasm, I was really relaxed.

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  I didn’t see or hear her until she was standing next to me and I got a shock, and sat up quickly and tried to cover my pubic area.
Julie then said don’t worry Sue you don’t have to hide anything from me – I have been watching you for a while – you really know how to enjoy yourself. How long have you been masturbating.
I was sort of shocked and stammered – not long.
Julie said I started at 12 how about you. The way you were doing it makes me think you have been doing it for some time. Are you still a virgin.
I said wow those are very personal questions.
She said don’t worry I wont tell anybody – I just thought you might like to talk about sex, seeing you were pretty worked up  – Mike and I have often said the boys should be lining up to be friends with you, you are very attractive, and we have often wondered if any of them have got your pants off. I had my first sex at 14 – I thought I was in love and let him take my virginity and then I never saw him again. He nearly broke my heart.
I said I don’t know – what if you tell my mother.
She said I promise that wont happen – you and I could be really good friends, I know Mike likes you a lot too. She kidded to me a bit more and I soon relaxed, she seemed to be really nice and was interested in me.
Well, I said, a girl showed me how to masturbate when I was almost 12.

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   She was our baby sitter and I caught her masturbating one night when she was sitting for us. Somehow she talked me into undressing and letting her touch me and she let me touch her and play with her nipples. I don’t know why I let her but once she started touching me I liked it and didn’t stop her and she gave me my first orgasm. Then she showed me how to do it to her and from then on every time she sat for us the two of us would play with each other and she showed me how to kiss with your mouth open and using your tongue. I liked that and when ever she came over to sit we would undress and kiss and things just happened after that, and we had a lot of sex together. I liked it, and looked forward to her coming over. In the meantime I practiced masturbating and giving myself orgasms.
When I lost my virginity I was in love with one of the older boys at school who was in the football team and he took me to a few parties and all the girls were envious of me – he was a few years older than me but he took me everywhere with him and his crowd. I learned pretty fast that a lot of the boys had sex with their girlfriends but they were older than me and they kept referring to me as gaol bait to my boyfriend. It was because I was too young to have sex legally. One night he took me parking as we often did and I always let him touch me and he let me play with his penis. I soon learned how to masturbate him. I loved it when we were together doing all that stuff; it was like with Lena our babysitter, only better. Then one night things got a bit out of hand and he asked me if I would let him fuck me and I couldn’t say yes fast enough. It happened so quickly.

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   He got on top of me before I realised it and he pushed his cock into me and it really hurt and I was bleeding and he just pushed and pushed his cock in me until he was ready to cum and then he pulled his cock out of me and wanked himself and cummed all over me. I was covered in cum. I hadn’t even thought about him cumming inside me it all happened so fast.
We were in a car park and he drove me around to a park where there was a tap and I had to wash all his cum off me with cold water, and my cunt was all bloody. It was horrible. After that he took me home and never asked me out again – but he told all his friends he got my virginity and was really proud of himself. Everybody who knew me was laughing at me behind my back I was certain. I hated him and I have not let a boy fuck me since.
Julie got down and held me and said I am sorry I asked you – you poor thing it must have been horrible. Then she pulled me up onto my feet and hugged me and the feeling of her body against mine and her breast right in front of my nose made me shudder – it was like I was back with Lena, then she took her breast and more or less put it into my mouth, there she said suckle on me like a baby and make it all feel better. Everything started to spin in my head – it was as if Lena and I were together again and I sucked and licked on her nipple like I did with Lena. Julie said oh dear, you do that beautifully, then Julies hands began to run up and down my back and made me feel really good and then she took my hand and put it on her cunt and said show me how you and Lena did it together. I was a bit taken back at everything happening so fast again – like the night I lost my virginity - but I didn’t want it to stop, I knew it was wrong but I liked it.
From then on the two of us really got into sex like I did with Lena and Julie had no problems doing it with me and the more she did the more she asked me if I liked it and all I could do was nod, I was in seventh heaven and I was enjoying every moment of what she was doing to me and what I was doing to her. The two of us were virtually shagging each other with our fingers and kissing and sucking each others nipples – it was awesome.

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   I got to the stage where I wanted to show her how good I was at masturbating another girl and really began to give her a workout.
Julie lay back and let me finger her and said I have never had another girl do this to me before – Mike has done it often but never a girl. It seems so good as you really know what a girl likes and you do it well, I cant wait for you to let me do the same for you and once more I have never done it to another girl either. I got one then two and three fingers into her cunt and I knew where her G spot was and rubbed it. Then I did what Lena did to me and put one finger just into her bum hole and wiggled it and she moaned so loudly, oh sweet gezus she said that is the first time I have had that – you are magnificent – it really feels fantastic. Oh if only Mike could see us now he would be over the moon.
I said Mike wouldn’t mind you doing this with me.
Julie said Mike and I have never done anything with anybody other than together since we have been married – he watches porn a bit and often says look at this wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could find somebody to do this with. I think I have found him a soul mate.
It just about then she began to hump her bum and I knew from my own experience she must begetting close to cumming so I worked my fingers into her cunt and bum and rubbed her clit and within a minute or two she came and her cunt filled with cunt juice and covered my hand and I continued to finger her clit until she said - no more – no more – that’s it. You have to stop. I slowly removed my fingers from her cunt and bum and she lay back gasping for breath and the sweat was running down between her breasts. I licked it up and it tasted great.
She had had a great orgasm – I knew from experience what good orgasms feel like particularly when somebody does it for you. I have never had an orgasm being fucked but I can imagine what it must feel like.

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    I looked down at her just laying there and for the first time I realised she had shaved a lot of her hair off her cunt, but there was enough to make a smaller triangle of it and it was cut short. It looked beautiful; I would have to do that myself soon. I had once shaved it all off but didn’t like the look of it and let it grow again.
Julie lay there for a few minutes and then said that was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I would never have believed I could have enjoyed that as much as I have with another woman. You have shown me a new way of life. You are going to have to teach me all you know about having sex with another woman – I would never have believed it could be so good. I am going to have to see what we can work out with the two of us and Mike – I don’t know how you feel about it but I think the three of us could really have some fun together.
I said what do you think Mike will feel if you tell him you and I had sex together.
Julie said now that is going to be interesting, maybe one night when the two of us are having some foreplay I will mention you and ask him what he would think about having sex with you and see how he feels. I think I know the answer now he wouldn’t hesitate and I will suggest I have you over one night and see how things work out. Would you be interested in having sex with him.
I said I really don’t know – I think I would, but how about you – how do you feel about it if I say yes I want to. Julie said at the moment I couldn’t help myself and I would agree to anything, it would be interesting thought to watch him with another woman. He often says he would like to do it to other women he sees on the net but looking and doing it is another thing.

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   If you agree I will see what happens, but you and I are going to do this more often – I have never enjoyed myself as much for years. Now how about you, I really want to please you too and maybe you could show me how to do it with another woman.
I said this is weird; here I am 16 and showing a married woman how to have sex.
Julie said - now showing me what its like to have sex with another woman – having sex with a man is quite different – as I hope you will soon find out. Now come on and lay down and teach me how you like to be treated – teach me how Lena does it for you.
I lay back and I told her to do what she likes and I will see how I like that and maybe show her other things we can do.
She began to finger me and she did it rather well, we did a few things and I showed her how and where I like being touched and having my nipples played with and sucked. While I was laying there and letting her finger fuck me I mentioned her hair and how I would like to shape mine like hers. She said Mike does it for her and maybe he could start doing that to you and lets see where it leads – maybe that may even encourage him to want to have sex with you. In fact I am sure he will, providing I agree.
I said will you.
She said I have already made up MY mind – YES. You have done so much for me in such a short time – I would do anything for you and that includes watching my husband have sex with a beautiful young girl. I would rather he do it with somebody I know, and when I know about it, rather than one of his office sluts. By now I was getting close to cumming and told her to do it hard and fast and rub my clit and I opened my legs wide to give her better access and as I got almost to my climax she slipped her finger into my ass and that was the end for me.

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   I came in an almighty rush and with tremendous intensity and moaned and groaned and wriggled to get the maximum sensation on my clit that I could. I virtually forced her hand almost right into my cunt I pushed so hard. She stopped as I was cumming but I wanted it to go on a bit longer so I fingered my clit myself until I was completely spent.
  Julie said sorry did I finish it a bit soon.
I said don’t worry you did fine for the first time with me – we will both get better at it before long. She said you don’t need to improve with me – you were perfect.
I said thank you – I am sure we are going to have a lot more fun together – I am still not quite sure about Mike – but the more I think about it the more I am getting used to the idea. If we do – will he use a condom with me – I don’t want to get pregnant.
She laughed and said – you dont have to worry – he has had the nick – he cant produce babies any more – its called a vasectomy. Neither of us wants children and that way I don’t have to take the pill all the time. I said I have never heard of it – I will look it up on the net – and have some fun reading up on it. Does that mean he doesn’t cum at all.
No she said – he cums semen but the sperm is not in it. When you read up on it I will explain everything you don’t understand but I can assure you its 100% safe.
The two of us sat there together and talked about sex and how Julie and Mike met and began having sex and what they do when they do – I was fascinated when she said she has oral sex with him and she swallows his cum.

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   I wanted to know all about it. I didn’t tell her Lena and I had had oral sex a number of times and I enjoyed it. That was something I wanted her to raise with me – I wanted her to feel that she was going to show me something rather than me doing all the initiating. The more we talked the more I knew I was going to say yes to have sex with Mike – she made it sound really great – it would have to be better than my first experience.
For the next few days whenever Julie and I could we got together and explored to wonderful world of girl/girl sex and she very quickly learned how to make love to me in the way I like and I did a bit more with her. She never suggested oral sex to me – it looked like I may have to make the move myself. I looked at her cunt often and would have given anything to suck on her but she made no moves or suggestions so I let it be.
Julie told me she has mentioned how beautiful I am to Mike, and she was curious to know how many of my boyfriends have fucked you. I said to him once, if you had the chance would you fuck her. I think your age is a bit of a problem at the moment. He said if I were her age I would. Don’t worry - my guess is the two of you will be fucking within a few weeks. He has more or less said how good it would be to fuck you, but he hasn’t said he would if had the chance – I think he is scarred of what I might say if he said he would like to fuck me if he could – but I don’t think he knows I would agree. We have never had a three some before.
I said well I have made up my mind – any time he wants to fuck me I am prepared to do it with him, but you have to be there when it happens – I don’t want him to think its just a secret between him and me.

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   Maybe one night I could come over and we could ask him together. Now I have decided I want to do it as soon as possible.
Julie said – I promise – I will ask him before the weekend and on Saturday night we can have an orgy together. Now lets you and I get down to business – come on girl I want to show you something new. This will knock Mike’s socks off when he sees this.
I knew immediately we were going to do oral sex together –at last. I couldn’t wait.
That happened and I will tell that story next time. Mike Julie and I. What a night.