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Suddenly, I was the nervous one!I went in the bathroom, my heart pounding as I took a quick, but thorough, shower, still not believing what was about to happen. Then I put on my best cologne and a pair of sweatpants and a tank top and I went back into the living room where she was waiting for me. I walked in on quite a sight! There she was, watching one of my pornos, her leather skirt hunched up to her waist, her head thrown back, moaning, while she rubbed her pretty snatch! I walked over, got down on my knees, gave her a kiss. Her perfume smelled so good! She stuck her tongue in my mouth, twirling it around, sticking it down my throat so far I almost started to gag! She has the longest tongue, of any woman I have ever kissed! I learned a little later, that long tongue, is the instrument of an incredible talent that she possesses. I reached down and grabbed one of her lovely, firm tits with one hand and reached down to slide her lacy red panties aside and started rubbing a very wet pussy with the other. I broke the kiss, bringing my juicy fingers up first to my nose, so I could get a whiff of her mouth watering scent, then to my mouth, to get a preview of the taste of her sweet honey, she looked at me and smiled. Then I started to undo the buttons of her blouse, as she began to rub my cock through the sweat pants I had put on. God, I was in Heaven! I had her blouse off in no time, revealing her perfect, luscious globes, they looked even better up close! Her nipples were rock hard, they were the biggest nips I had ever seen! They were about as big around as the tip of my pinkie and stuck out a good half an inch! I bent down to nibble and suck on them, first one then the other. She moaned and said that she wanted to go to the bedroom, so we could be more comfortable. I agreed and gave her tits one more little suck and we made our way to the bedroom, her rubbing my cock, through my sweatpants, the whole way. Once we got to my bed, I pushed her down and pulled her skirt and panties off, then I buried my face in her sweet, wet, honeypot. I licked her hard little nub, as she writhed and moaned, begging me not to stop. She grabbed my hair, pushing my face harder into her crotch, I stuck my tongue up her sweet crack as far as I could, as she breathed harder and faster. She was moaning and thrashing her head around, as I slurped up her tangy juices, which were flowing out of her tight little cunt, faster than I could lap them up. She screamed that she was going to cum, as she pressed my face into her love pot so hard that I had trouble breathing, my nose mashed into her well groomed pubes, God she smelled good! Her body shuddered, as she screamed, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Don't stop! Don't stop!" Her pussy gushed fluid, almost drowning me, as I continued to lick her clit, mercilessly. Then she collapsed, with a huge sigh, letting go of my head, moaning and groaning, as her orgasm subsided.


   I licked up as much of her juice as I could, savoring her flavor and enjoying the moment. She laid there for a couple of minutes, catching her breath and I moved up to suck on those firm, gorgeous tits. She pushed me away, telling me that it was my turn. She got up off of the bed, knelt down, pulling my sweatpants down, my iron hard cock, flopping out, hitting her in the face. She smiled, "Wow, it's a lot bigger than I imagined! You wouldn't believe how many nights I've spent, playing with my pussy, just thinking about how much I want to suck on it!" She sighed, then added, "I've often wondered, how it would feel stuffed up my wet hole!" I nearly came right then, as I listened to her say these things to me. I had no idea that she felt this way, it was incredibly exciting to think that she masturbated, while thinking of me. She put her soft hand around my throbbing shaft, slowly stroking it, looking into my eyes, with a lascivious smile on her face. God, she was so unbelievably hot! Then she licked the small drop of pre-cum that had formed on my pee-hole, sending me into orbit, the pleasure hitting me like a jolt of electicity! My knees buckled, as she pushed me back on the bed, she got between my legs and took my engorged head between her sweet, pouty, red lips. I knew that I wasn't going to last long, the feeling of her soft hand, mixed with the sensation of her wet tongue, wrapping around my purple, swollen head, threatening to push me over the edge! She could tell that I was almost there, ready to explode, as she stopped licking the head, moving down to suck on my full nuts, one, then the other, rolling them around with her tongue. The huge orgasm that had been building up, staved off, for the moment. Then she licked up and down the shaft, holding my balls with her soft hands, sending waves of pleasure crashing over my body. I thought that I was going to bite right through my lip! She would take me right to the brink, then she would back off, just long enough to keep me from shooting my load. She did this over and over, until finally, she sucked my throbbing, tortured cock, into her mouth, taking it in, until her nose was against my pubes, sucking like mad! I told her that I was going to blow and she sucked harder, moaning as she swirled that incredible tongue around my shaft. I started shooting, cumming so hard, that I actually thought that I was going to have a heart attack! It was like my whole body was cumming, every muscle in my body convulsing, as my cock had spasm after intense spasm, her mouth draining me of every drop of semen and every ounce of energy I had. She swallowed and swallowed, but not quite keeping up with the firehose that my dick had become! A small amount of jizz had escaped, running down her chin, down on to my nuts and her hands, which she licked up, cleaning my freshly drained testicles.

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   I collapsed, not believing the sensations I had just felt, my muscles relaxing after being so tensed up. She licked what was left from her fingers, moaning, "It tastes soooo, sooooo, good!" WOW, that was absolutely, incredible!!! I have NEVER, EVER, had a blowjob that was that intense in my life! We laid there for awhile, catching our breath, enjoying the feeling of each others bodies touching each other. She rested her head on my chest, occationally, licking my nipples, as she traced little circles along my belly, with her long red fingernails, working her way down slowly, getting closer and closer to my still tingling penis. The closer she got, the more my cock started to regain it's aroused state. "This is even better than my fantasies. " she purred. By the time her hand reached my dick, it was once again hard enough to cut diamonds! She took it in her warm, soft hand and started to gently pump it up and down, slipping the skin on the shaft. Then she turned her head and started kissing me, sticking her tongue in my mouth. I could taste my own cum, as our tongues twirled together, which turned me on all the more. She got up on her knees, without ever breaking our passionate kiss, manuvered around, until she was staddling my cock. Her nipples grazed my chest, as she got into position. Oh man, did that feel good! She reached down, grabbing my hard member, guiding it into her wetness, as she lowered herself down. Soon, it was buried to the hilt, I couldn't believe how tight she was! If she weren't so juicy, I doubt it would have gone in! She sat there for a minute or so, with my throbbing cock engulfed by her warm body. She looked deep into my eyes and clenched and unclenched her cunt muscles a few times, clamping down on my boner, making me very glad that I invited her in to party with me! Then she slowly started to move her body up and down, sliding her velvety, tight, wet, vagina, massaging my manhood, rising up until just the head was still inside her, then she would drop back down, surrounding it completely with her sex. She gradually picked up the tempo, until she was riding my cock with total, sexual abandon.

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   I could hear the sounds of her juices, making slurping noises, in between her moans, as my cock plunged in and out of her. I reached up, grabbing her bouncing tits, kneading them, marveling at how perfect they were. I had wondered in the past, if she had implants, but now I knew that they were all natural. After a few minutes of this, she raised up and the head of my dick came out of her with a "pop. " She laid on her back and spread her sexy legs, telling me to fuck her hard. I was more than happy to oblige! I rolled over on her, aiming my spear toward her sloppy cunny hole, plunging it deep inside her, causing the both of us to moan in unison. I pulled it back out and slapped her clit a few times with it, then I rubbed it all around her fuck hole, enjoying the feeling of her pubic hair, scratching the underside of my shaft. She said, "Quit teasing me! Put it back in!" "I like teasing you! It makes it feel all the better when I put it back in!" I was right, when I did stick it back in, she squealed loudly, as I started to pound it in and out, making her tits bounce wildly. I fucked her like that for a bit, then told her to roll over, so I could stick it in from behind. She rolled over and before I stuck it in, I bent down to give her a couple of licks, just for fun! She moaned and told me to put it in and fuck her and after I slid the head of my throbbling dick up and down her wet crack a couple of times, that's just what I did! After we fucked in that position for a few minutes, then we stood up and started kissing, my cock nestled in her bush, her tits pressed against my chest. Then she pushed me down, into a pile of dirty cloths on the floor. Turning around, she climbed on top of me, impaling herself on my prong. She went nuts, riding me like a bull, her ass making loud wet slapping sounds, from our sex sweat, each time it made contact with my belly. I watched her perfect ass, hopping up and down, glistening with persperation, I couldn't resist the temptation to slap it. She screamed with pleasure, telling me to do it again and that she was going to cum.

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   She rode me for a couple of minutes and a couple of slaps later, her body stiffened up and with a loud groan, a rush of her hot juice coated my nuts and legs. She fell back on top of me, gasping and breathing heavy. She laid there on top of me for a minute, I reached around and grabbed her tits, then she got up and turned around, so she was facing me. Dropping down on my cock again, she told me she wanted me to shoot a load up her pussy, while she watched the expressions on my face. She started to ride my dick once again, this time trying to coax the cream from my body. She told me not to worry, because she was on the pill, so I could go ahead and empty my nuts into her without fear. She hopped up and down like a woman possessed, sliding that tight pussy on my soon to shoot, very excited tool. It didn't take long and I exploded into her tight sloppy snatch, filling her with my hot white jizm. I felt like I was in paradise, even though I was actually laying on my dirty laundry. Once she knew I was done shooting, she stopped pumping and laid down on top of me, her hot sweaty jugs, pressed up against my chest, my happy, but withering cock, still embedded in her slippery cunt. She kissed me and told me that she's wanted to do that for a long time and it was way better than she imagined it would be. I agreed wholeheartedly!After laying like that for quite awhile, we got up from the floor and laid down on the bed, exhausted from our activities. We both fell asleep for some time and when I awoke, I found that she was sucking on my cock once again. She must have been at it for awhile, because it was rock hard, as she bobbed her head, twisting that talented toungue all around the head and shaft, bringing me pleasure I didn't even know existed just a few hours before. I stopped her from bringing me to climax, because I wanted to fuck that little hole of hers one more time, before I was completely spent.

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   I rolled her onto her back, putting her legs up on my shoulders, giving me total access to her steamy love nest. I plunged my rod into her, causing her to gasp with pleasure, I started to slip it in and out of her at a fast pace, which made obscene squishy noises, due to her extreme wetness. I pounded it into her for a few minutes, until I felt that familiar sensation of impending orgasm. She told me to pull it out, so I could fuck her tits. That sounded great to me! So I straddled her chest, she took my wet cock in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, her tongue swirling around, tasting the sex juice coating my hardness, then she pushed me back enough to get my dick between her ample breasts. She used both hands to squeeze them together, as I thrust my cock up and down, fucking her tits. Each time I slid it up, she licked the swollen head, as it poked up toward her face from between those warm, smooth, mounds of flesh. It only took a minute of this and I was shooting thick white sperm up into her face and mouth, groaning in complete ecstasy. She licked my cock clean and I scooped the jizz from her face and neck and she licked it off my fingers. At this point, we were both completely satisfied, after hours of the hottest sex I've ever had! She told me that it was the best she ever had as well. At this point, she told me that she had better leave, because she had to get up and go to work in a few hours and needed to go home and get cleaned up so she could get some sleep. I suggested that we take a shower together, so we could help each other get cleaned up. She told me that it sounded like fun, maybe too much fun! She said that she would take a raincheck, because we would most assuredly take too much time playing, if we did that and it would be much faster for her to just go home, because she lived just a couple of blocks away. I reluctantly agreed, but hated to see her leave. She got dressed, straightened her long, dark brown hair up a little, pausing to give me one more of those incredible kisses and said that she couldn't wait to get a repeat performance, I couldn't wait either!.

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   She told me she would call, when she could come over again, sometime in the next few days, then she was out the door. It was pretty late, so I jumped in the shower. I think I sweated more than I had at work, earlier that day! It was a whole lot more fun, getting sweaty with her than at work, that's for damn sure! After I finished with my shower and dried off, I headed for my bedroom. Right when I walked in the door, I could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy juice, as it hung heavily in the air, due to our hot, passionate, fuck session. What a wonderful reminder of the best time I had ever experienced! I have never felt more completely satisfied, than I did after that hot night. I couldn't believe how relaxed my whole body was, for days afterward. Man I felt so good! Kim and I have gotten together a few times a week, for a couple of years now and one thing I know for sure, that's one woman that LOVES SEX!!!! I swear, she would rather give me one of those, "world Class" blowjobs, than do anything else! She has got a truly amazing talent! There have been times, that I thought I would completely pass right out, during one of her fellatio sessions! She can make a blowjob last for two hours or more, getting me so close to cumming, then backing off, then getting me close and backing off, over and over again. Then when she finally lets me cum, it feels like my dick is being turned inside out, it's so intense! God it's UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I've never known a woman like her, one that would rather have sex, than eat (food, anyway), or sleep. If you liked my story, or even if you didn't, write to me at: Luvv2look@hotmail. com Thanks!.
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