Girlfriends Sister is So Hot


it was my girlfriends sisters 18th birthday and i decided as she was single and didnt have any other friends she could rely on to make plans i would take her and her and my girl for a nice meal and then maybe onto a club,  i checked with my girlfriend (katie)  and she confirmed with her sister (leanne)  that it was ok and it was so i exited of the oppotunity to take to good looking sisters out was gonna be fun!
let me tell u about them, katie is cute about 5ft2 size 12 36D chest with dark hair and green eyes,  we have been to spain and often gets mistaken for a natural spaniad as she has a dark complextion in fact when i 1st met her i asked her if she was from England to!  her sister leanne is diffenrent equally stunning but is paler probably size 8-10 with b cup chest about 5ft4 i would say
Anyway the night of our meal came around quick and when we were ready (after hours of watching them decide what to ware) we ordered a cab and set off.  We actually arrived for out meal half an hour earlier so decided to have a few drinks while we waited leanne looked really greatful as i bought her her 3rd double vodka and redbull and looked me in the eyes rested her arm on mine and said thank "you big bro" i gotta be honest i have thought about her in a sexual way before but until she looked at me like that i always just saw her as katies little sister.  My cock was hard as a rock after an hour of sitting across the table staring at leanne.  Expecially when she droped her napkin and bent down to pick it up,  she caught the table corner on way back up and it pulled her top down i clearly got sight of her nipple before she casually pulled her top up again and smiled at me.
we went to the bar side again after our meal for a load more drinks and then onto a club!  Katie saw a couple of old friends and was stood talking to them for a while in there but i didnt mind as i got to dance with leanne,   As we were dancing i was holding her hips and she was grinding her crotch on mine she must of felt my hard on thinking about it that may of been the reason she was doing it.  I looked at Katie and asked her to take over while i went to the toilet so she danced with her sister.
As i returned from the toilet(which was hard to pee with a hard on) i saw the most erotic thing i ever had there hands were all over each others back down to there bums the back of the head looking into each others eyes i could clearly tell kate was horny i have seen that look a million times but i waited at the side of the dancefloor to see if anything else happened.  Nothing did and they slowly walked back over to me  i saw they never had a drink and a felt it was my duty to get them a large one! 
They were both looking a bit worse for ware so i offered to get them a taxi which i promptly ordered,  The way home me and kate sat in back and leanne in front.  I needed to sit with her i had a boner so hard i needed her to do something about it.  kate leaned forward and unzipped me releasing my cock god it needed to be free but it wasnt for long no sooner was it out it was in her mouth which obviously felt tonnes better!  i rested my head back and enjoyed her lips working my cock and her free hand massaging my sack and stroking my ass.  Looking at the roof of the taxi i glanced down to make sure leanne or worse the taxi driver were not aware and i saw leanne with her pocket mirror out pretending to adjust her make up staring right at me with the biggest smile on her face no sooner did i see her than i felt my sack tighten and my spunk erupted in the back of katies throat,  i dont think leanne knew what was happening before i moaned and bit my lip to try and keep quiet but she move her mirror down and she saw her sister with a mouthful of my cock and spunk running down her chin she span round looking right at me with her mouth open looking shocked and then looking at her sister she spanked her ass and told her she was a naughty girl,  she was like.  The taxe driver was aware and laughed at leanne he told her that happened all the time! 
We all got back to mine and kates flat (appartment!) in the early hours and it looked like leanne was ready for bed as she just crashed out on the sofa me and kate went to bed as soon as i was in the room she jumped me sticking her tongue in my mouth i could still taste my cum on her as she pushed me back onto the bend and again proceeded to suck my cock,  i was moaning and groaning and i accidently moaned out leannes name
"its ok babe u can fantasize about fucking my little sister i know shes sexy,"  she said to me and i nearly shot in her mouth again before removing it from her mouth i wanted more
"i wanna do more than fantasize about her babe," i said
"well shes out there and looks unconsious to me," i nearly cum without touching myself then! 
We both went to the sofa as quietly as we could and surely enough she was there snorring on her back i looked at kate and motioned towards leannes tits to make sure this was definatly ok with her,  she nodded so i slowly lifted her little flimsy top up till it exposed all of her tits and looked at kate again
"go on u suck them while i suck u,"  mmmm i couldnt refuse as i bent over and sucked on her nipples while her sister sucked me i was in xtc again!  i pulled kate by the hair up to me and whispered
"u suck them," I watched again as she didnt argue just bent over and took her sisters nipple in her mouth i lifted her skirt up i wanted to taste her pussy but she was in the wrong position i couldnt get there withour waking her so i lifter kates skirt  and ripped her knickers off before forcing my cock up her nicely trimmed tight pussy.  i fucked kate for about 5 minutes before leanne moved in her sleep into a position i could get to her pussy,  but i was fucking a nice pussy so i told kate to finger her
"play with her clit babe,"  i said to her
"i cant im sure it will wake her up,"
"well taste it kate i wanna see u lick out your little sister,"
"so do i,  i have been dying to cum all night!" leanne said looking into her sister eyes and immediatly kate shook and screamed as her orgasm took her by surprise
realising she was awake all the time i took kates hair and pushed her down into leannes mound she took to it striaght away looking like she loved it as im sure she did.  leanne looked at me for the 1st time since we started and said
"hi big bro, hope u saved some from the taxi for me?"
"of course sis im gonna cum soon do u want this load?"
"no next one please cum inside my sister
I looked at kate again she looked up with leannes pussy juice all over her face i told leanne to lick it off so she sat up  and proceeded to lick kates face all over her mouth her cheeks he chin all over she was covered in it,  she then stood up and cam behind me i was in doggy posision and she laid on her back with her head under us i started to lick kates pussy then my cock as it came out she would occasionally move back down to suck on my balls then she stuck her tongue up my ass
"yeah do that im gonna cum!!!!"  i groaned as i realeased my cum up kates pussy as leannes tongue was up my ass best cum ever.
I removed my cock and leanne told kate to stay in that posision as she got in doggy behind her offering me her ass as she licked kates ass and the cum from her pussy too,  immediatly i plunged into leannes pussy before she stoped me and removed my cock she looked at me and frowned then replaced my cock at the entrance to her ass
"fuck me in my nasty ass please bro?"
i love nasty talk so i smiled and said
"thats what bros are for sis,"
i entered her ass and she screamed in pain
"aahhhhh yeah harder bro fucking shag me harder!!"
i started to pound into her hard as i could as she started to spank her sis
"yeah i love my sisters pussy!"
smack she spanks her again
"god sis i love bros cock up my ass its fucking soooo nice!"
she cocked her leg up as she was on all fours and i reached under and played with her clit,  Kate started to shake again and came all over her sisters mouth,  it was soon leannes turn and she started to buck and writhe about
"yeah god bro fuck me fuck me fuck my ass FUCK ME HARDER!!!! IM CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!"
now its my turn!
Katie comes over and starts to kiss me deep Leanne pulls off me and  kneels facing me
"i want your cum,"
sure i say as kate stops kissing me and goes round back and kneels herself down puts her tongue up my ass again while leanne puts my cock deep in her throat and gives me the best blowjob of my life coupled with katie giving me deep rimjob im there in seconds
i explode in leannes mouth with more venom than ever before!  she kisses kate before swallowing the lot then turns to me smiling as she comes over kissing me again and says
"if kate lets u do me again ill do anything to either of u anytime or anywhere u want,"
with that i was ready to go again! just hope Kate lets me 

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