It's a Mystery


It's only been atwo nights since this happened, but they have been eye-openers. Over the years sex between my wife and I had gotten pretty stale, sauced up with some sexy lingerie, occasional hot talk and even a little story telling and fantasy sharing. Two nights ago it all changed. WE had a few drinks, thena few more. We exchanged some dirty email and some pictures gleaned from the internet, 'art vs. smut' sort of pics. I'll admit it, I was drunk, and the stuff I was sending to her no longer even came close to art, but was porn, pure and simple.
Then came the chatting online, even though we were in adjacent rooms. It was much more freeing. and had its own dimension of foreplay. I went a little farther than I had before then a lot farther and suggested she go get whored up, red lipstick, dark eyeshadow, the works , because I wanted a very nasty encounter. I thought that was where it would stop. She sent back to me to have another drink and then come upstairs in 15 minutes. I did and then went up, where I was met by my wife in a crotchless body stocking, 7" stripper shoes,scarlet lips, nipple chains and a strap-on dong. I was, as I said, pretty drunk , and when she told me 'On your knees. suck my cock.

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  . ' it struck me as a new form of play, then as I was starting to half-way lick the dong she grabbed the back of my head and rammed my mouth down on it.
I was shocked, but I also liked it. In a few minutes I was as hard as iron, thinking 'Ok, now we fuck. . . . ' And we did, but not in the way I expected. She told me to get up  and lean over the bed. You can guess. . . the dong in my ass and not gently. Pounding my ass, almost 8" at a stroke. 'This is for last week when you did this to me,' she said.

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   She rammed it home, 8, 10 , 20 strokes. I was totally unprepared to get fucked in the ass, and totally unprepared for my reaction to it. A raging hard on and a desire to return the favor to my wife. I got up, turned to her and said 'My turn. . . 'SHe ropped to her knees and soon enough I had a nice lipstick ring on my cock. 'Lick me cunt. . . . 'she cried out . Insted ai raised her to teh bed, rolled her over and had my face between her cheeks, my tongue in her ass,and minutes later my own 7" pounding her. When i was about to cum, I pulled out of her ass, rolled her over and stuck my cock in her mouth. Never did that before, But it seemed a natural course.

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   WE didn't say much more as swe went to bed that night.
Next day she was awfully quiet, finally asking how I felt about the previous night. I told her, told her i was surprised by how much I liked it but in the light of day it felt pretty dirty. She suggested a trip to an adult store where we bought a Feeldoe,went home and continued our discussion. Turns out she liked it to. . . . being over me, thrusting into my ass, and now with her new toy she could do it hands free. With the curtains drawn, in the afternoon and sober, we recreated teh scene from the night before, with some diaogue added in. . . . . .

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  . . 'Suck my cock. bitch' sticks in my mind as I was surprised to hear it coming from her. And equally surprised to fing myself enjoying it.
 That night we had the neighbors over for drinks. . . . looking at them in an entirely new way. But in teh home stretch just couldn't bring that topic up with them. But It was like a drug and a few minutes on line revealed an underbelly of swapping not far from our home, a club called Mystery. A good stiff drink, and $50 found us dressed in clubbing clothes and in the door of the Mystery. As my wife took off her coat I saw what she was wearing. .

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  basically the same outfit she had had on the night before when she fucked me, minus the strap-on but with some dangly jewelry at her cunt. In the club we went to a table over at the side to jsut watch and see how things worked there. As it turned out they worked just fine and in 10 minutes some guy was dancing with my wife, feling her up there in front of me, but iwasn't noticing as I was recieving a blowjob at the table from. . . . . . . my neighbor who had left our house an hour before. befroe the night was over, I had been fucked by her, by my wife , and had had my cock sucked by an incredible pruveyor of fellatio. . . a man in his 30's who just wanted to suck me and the feel my ass while he beat off. My wife had had similiar experiences, and when she got in the car s,elled strongly of cum, because she had fucked and sucked for about 4 hours, with at least 4 partners.

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It's a new life now. And while I would have never believed it a week ago, I fell into the story and it is true. So now we'll go to the club, in a short wile I'll find out how a real cock in my ass will feel, how a real cock in mouth will feel. Maybe I won't be able to actually get to that point, but I know I'll be seeing my wife in new light, and she will be getting all the fucking she wants from me and other men  AND women at the club.
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