Just good friends


I'd known Kate for three months.   We'd hit it off right away and it was as though we had known each other for years.   She was everything a guy could ask for.   Big tits, long legs, pretty face, long brown curly hair and lips to die for.
We'd been to a Halloween party this particular night and she'd been dressed as a naughty school girl - I swear I spent most of my time in the bathroom trying to think of something boring to make my boner go away.   I was dressed as a cowboy with tight jeans so each time she was near me it was quite obvious if I got excited.   As normal kate was staying over at my apartment.   She would make up a bed in the living area and I would be in my bed.   I'd lie there and wait for her to fall asleep then creep into the living area to see if i could catch a glimps of her pussy or tits but I never did.   I'd go back to my room and jack off pretending what I'd do to her and shoot my load all over my hand.
Tonight wasn't any different.   I'd been drinking lots to cope with the fact that I had a hot chick in my house and I couldn't touch her.   I crept into the living area and tonight was my lucky night.   She'd thrown the sheet off her and I could see where her short PJs had riden up and I could clearly see her pussy.   I wanted to walk forward and put my finger in it and lick it but I didn't dare.   Instead i stood there stroking my dick until I was about to shoot then I ran to the bathroom.

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I got into bed and slept dreaming of kate sucking my dick.   I woke up the next morning, rubbed the sleep from my eyes and walked to the kitchen. Of course I was naked and I started to make coffee.   Then I heard a voice say, "good morning, I didn't expect you up yet!"
It was Kate, how the hell did I forget she was here!  She started to walk into the kitchen - "NO" I shouted.   she asked why and I told her I'd forgotten she was there and I had no clothes on.
She commented that my dick wasn't the first one she'd seen and she hoped to god it wasn't the last one she'd see so what was the problem?  What was the problem?  She had PJs on that were so short I could see everything, I was naked and had a huge boner - that was the problem!!!!!
I moved around the kitchen with my back to her and my hard dick facing the cupboards.   I was at the microwave up the corner when she asked me to step back so she could get in the cupboard.   It was an awkward moment and I said I couldn't.   Why not she asked. Because I said.   Because why she asked.
I thought shit she's going to see me soon enough so I stepped back and said, "because of this!"  She looked down and stared at my dick.   I'm not bragging but I'm pretty big down there - 9 inches and 6 inches around and it was standing to attention in her honor.
She looked me in the eye and said that she had no idea.   I apologised and said sorry.

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    She took a step forward and told me not to be sorry then she totally shocked me.
She got down on her knees and took my dick in her mouth.   She licked it as thought it was an icey melting, then she took as much of me in her mouth as she could and started to suck.   God I'd dreamt about this for so long was this really happening?  She moved her mouth and said, "just one question.   can you cum more than one time?  I want to suck you dry but I want this big dick in my pussy, I'm sooo wet, can you do it?"
Was she joking?  I could cum as many times as she wanted me too.   I said, "yes I can cum more than once," and she went to work on my dick again.   I could feel my balls start to tighten so I grabbed her head and pushed my dick further into her mouth and exploded.   She swallowed every drop.
She stood up and for the first time I kissed her while my hand went up her top and massaged her tits.   They filled me hands. I took her top off and sucked on her nipples then slipped her bottoms down her legs.   she slipped out of them and i dug my hand into her pussy while rubbing her clit with my thumb.   She started to grind against my hand and moan.   I thought that the kitchen wasn't the best place to be doing this but I tried to pull my hand away and she wouldn't let me.   I got down on my knees and dove into her pussy, licking her clit then her hole.

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    Her juices were flowing and I was lapping them up.   She started to moan really loudly and put my head into the vice of her thighs and she orgasmed for about 2 minutes.
I stood up and kissed her so that my juices and her juices mixed together in our mouths.
"I want you to fuck me now.   Make me wet and make me cum hard with that big dick of yours. I can't believe how big it is. "
I didn't need to be told twice.   i turned her around, bent her over the kitchen counter and positioned my cock at her pussy lips.   I rammed it into her and started to pound her hard.   I slipped my hands around to cup one tit with one hand and rub her clit with the other.   This was sooooo hot.   when I felt like I was going to shoot my load I grabbed her hips and almost withdrew then slammed it back into her.   she was telling me to shove that big dick into her wet pussy and making lots of noise.   this was sweet - I shot my load as she came hard.   She gripped my dick inside of her with her pussy muscles while I shot load after load into her.

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I pulled out of her, turned her around and kissed her hard on the lips.   She asked why we hadn't done that before.   Search me!!!!
We both showered seperately and were getting dressed in the bedroom.    I asked her if this meant we were together and she said what do you think?
I was just putting my dick into my jockey shorts.   As I said I'm quite big down there so I have to position my dick just right.   I was adjusting my dick and looked up to see Kate looking at me.   "You do that very well," she said, "I never knew you were so big. "  I smiled and started to rub my dick through the material so that it began to get hard.   You've seen it like this before underneath my jeans, I told her.   Whenever we'd been out I'd drop you off and get hard.   Sometimes I'd make it home to jack off, other times I'd have to slip my dick out and jack off on the way home!"
"That's funny," she said because every time you left me I'd go in the house, get out my vibrator and pretend you were fucking me.   But I didn't realise I should have had a bigger vibrator!!"
We laughed and she moved towards me.   My dick was straining against my shorts.   She opened the front and my dick sprang out.   "how are we ever going to get anywhere when you have this thing in your pants?" she said.

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I laughed, pushed her down on the bed and lifted her legs over my shoulders.   I put my dick into her waiting pussy and gently moved my hips backwards and forwards.   I was almost pulling out of her and then pushing it right back in.
It didn't take long for her to cum but I wasn't ready.   We moved positions and she sat on top of me.   she rode me like a mechanical bull until I bucked and shot my load into her.
That was two years ago and we still have to stop at the strangest of places to pleasure each other.   she likes to sleep with my dick in her hand - we don't get much sleep!!!! 
Maybe if you want to read more I can tell you where we'd got all sexed up, hot and steamy?