Lift to Work


I walked through the revolving doors in to the mazonene. The sounds of voices and tapping shoes echoed around the marble hallway. I walked past the reception desk as I do on any normal Monday morning, but today was special as I headed for the lifts I knew I was heading for the floor 50. Today I was meeting the financial director and the rumours were of a new department opening for someone. The doors opened as I entered the enclosure I fell against the back wall and lent my let shoulder against the wall. More people piled in soon filling it to near capacity. As I stood waiting for the doors to close, I looked around at the non descript near strangers as thoughts of the wk end still whirled in their heads and worries of the days work ahead passed through their worried brows. At last the door started to close shutting out the clamor outside. " wait. . . . " a voice is heard . The door stops its movement and opens revealing a young lady tied back black hair and glasses holding a soft briefcase. Shes wearing a smart skirt and suit, white blouse, professional but sexy. As she moves in she looks up at me and smiles, then faces away.

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   I look down the back of her exposed neck, wasp of loose hair trail down over her shoulders. I take in the aroma of her perfume. . . . mmmmmmm. . then it hit me, the sudden realisation. I remember that sweat perfume and have seen those beautiful eyes before. " weeks ago at a friends party, lots had been drunk, the party was in full swing when id met a young lady in the garden next to the pond and shared a bottle of champagne together,we both had just finished long term relationships. I started to daydream remembering the passion of the night when my thoughts were dashed by the ping of the door as it opened on the second floor. Two more people entered. As the lift filled to near capacity I breathed in your smell and looked at your neck. I remembered how you had tasted and felt that night. You neck was so close I wanted to just lean down and feel the soft flesh on my lips once more.

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  I was unaware of the idle chat in the lft as people spoke of the wife, kids worries at home , I was again in my own world . Frustratingly close , this was not the time or place to ask if you were the lady id met and been so close to, The thought of making a terrible mistake, no it cant be, why should you be here, thousands of people work in this block. I started again to think of my day ahead , what was ahead. The lift shuddered, paused and then moved again bringing me back into the world, " typical Monday morning lift " I hear an invisible man say a wave of murmured laughter echoes. As it shudders I feel you fall back tripped by your case between your legs. I hold you by the arms. As you kneel to upright your case, you turn and look again up to me " oooh I am sorry" I look into your eyes, my heart jumps as I look into those deep eyes, They are the same eyes I am sure of it. My heart begins to race as you stand inches from me. The lift stops on the 8 th floor there is a swapping of bodies as the door close I feel your body push against me. My hands are to my side, My briefcase in my left hand. My right right hand falls to the side , again the lft shudders you fall against me gently this time, my hand felt the warm material of your cotton skirt. mmm I imagine you r tight bum so close to me. I start to imagine what you are wearing under those smart suit. I feel my cock hardening n my trousers as the smell of your perfume intoxicates me. you are so close.

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   I feel you push against me,is it my imagination, no surely not I feel your bum pushed against me, very slowly. my hands don't move I allow you to press against me. Surely you are aware of me as I feel you body against me. My heart races more I try to control my breathing. My hand is on your cheek , dare I , do I take a chance. I open my hand and turn so my palm face your right cheek of your tight bum I push forward gently holding your bum, looking for any signs of disproval. Nothing , I realise I am not just imagining things, ifeel my cock harden in my trousers . I feel bolder and start to move my hand slowly up and down making sure nobody can see but making sure you realise what I a doing is intentional. mmmm your bum is so tight , I wonder what you are wearing , must be a thong, I rub very slowly enjoying the feeling . Oh god I take a deep breath as I feel something push against my crotch. I feel your hand push against me. Your hand rubs up and down, feeling my cock , hard now inside my trousers and boxer shorts. This cant be happening. A dozen strangers are within inches and I a have this gorgeous woman slowly wanking me. I can't help but get harder.

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   I cough with embarrassment as I feel your fingers search for my fly and draw it down, Oh shit , my hand just holds your bum unable to move as you hand starts to push into my open flies forcing yourself into me, I cant move or even protest as I feel your hand grab my cock through the cotton of my boxers. you squeeze gently , you cow I think, I cant move just stand as you start to squeeze my now aching cock. the lfts judders again , floor 30 . The lift empties allowing room to move, will you stop, I wonder surely someone will see but as we stand in the corner everybody looks to the front still engrossed in their worlds. Your hand moves slowly unable to move quickly or much imprisoned in my trousers. I am very hard and try to control myself, I am getting very hot. I drop my briefcase to the floor and move my left hand up, deliberately lifting your skirt at the split and feel your left leg, the smooth skin is covered in sheer nylon as my hand moves up and over the hold up, I feel your warm flesh. mmmm for a sec your hand stop as you feel my warm hand on your upper outer thigh, I move around to the front, still no sign of material as I move around. mmmm your slim body allows me to move my hand around you. . . . . . .

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  . my finger tips at last feel more silky material. . . . your knickers . . . . my finger tips touch your mound at the join, your legs are slightly apart but no where near enough for me to explore so I push my fingers against your flesh slowly so no one can see me under your skirt. you hand grips my cock harder as I push into you. I want to feel your sex. the lift stops again floor 38 , more people pile out, 6 people now, is it too obvious that we are stil close I wonder, you move away , but don't stop squeezing me. my hand drops unable to get to you,so I feel your bum under your skirt, just stroking you with the back of my hand, mmmmmm must be a thong with this much of your arse cheeks on display with the extra room you can move your hand more, you feel my hot hard cock through the cotton and slowly wank me , moving slowly up and down, pre cum stains my grey cotton . I am beginning to get very close and wonder how long I can keep this up.

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   The lift shudders again more violently , lights flicker , nearly floor forty, your hand moves from me leaving my flies open. I move my left hand away from your bum and pull them up quickly as worried glances are shared arounf the lift. At floor 44 the doors open and everyone leaves apart from us. As the doors shut I take the cace and turn you to face me. I look down on your hold you close and start to kiss you. My mouth covers your , I feel your lips part accepting my tongue as it delves into you and wrestles with your tongue. my hands drops below your skirt and lifts , quickly up as your hand falls to my flies the fall and as my hand grabs your bare arse cheeks, your fingers undo my button, my trousers fall to the floor to my ankles we kiss deeper unaware of anything you pull desperately at my boxers my hard cock upright and vertical catching on the boxers as you pull them down and over it. as you hand down grabs my aching cock, hot in your hand, pre cum making the end wet my . My hands pull a your elastic pulling them down over your bum and to the floor . My left hand grabs your right thigh and lifts you as your hand pushes my stiff cock horizontal. its so hard as you push it down. I pull you against me as at lat I feel your sex against my aching cock. I pull you against me as the folds of your flesh cover my head you try to get on tiptoe letting my cock feel your entrance to your pussy. I lft you higher so my straining cock pushes against you. Your breaths are a series of gasps as we kiss between pants.

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   My cock head pushed against your tight canal our combined juices soaking each other. The I feel the sudden release of tension as my cock delves into you, you gasp out and kiss me again as at last I enter you, my cock hard enters you easily , you so wet and hot I push into in one go,. going deep. my hands on your bum and legs lifts you as I start to pound into your soaking pussy. your hands under my arms supporting some of your weight as you rock against me in time with my pounding, desperate aching cock . I fuck you fast and furiously, I can here the sound of your sopping wet pussy as we fuck each other our pubis the only thing stopping me going harder and faster. As I fuck you, I buck against you bending my knees to aid the movements so I go deep, your head now on my shoulder resting abandoned to my pounding, your pussy sucking on my cock as it moves hot and full inside you. Your hot breath on my ears s I feel my orgasm rise and my balls ache. "oh oh I hear " your orgasm is building to as I pummel your sex. I can't go much long I feel my cock hardening more, the ridge of my helmet more pronounced as I push deep into you. " oh god oh god" , whimper as the orgasm starts to rip through my body. my legs nearly buckle but I stand taking you off the floor, impaling you on my hard cock as your orgasm rips through your pussy, accepting the cum as I spurt my hot cum deep inside you, your muscles clamping and sucking on my cock dry. my cock involuntarily spasms pushing up against your g-spot as the last of my spunk fills you. As the orgasm ebbs we come to our sense, our eyes open to see the number on the board increases from 48 to 49. "Shit, shit " you gasp.

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   I drop you to your feet my cock still inside you as we come to our senses. I grab my handkerchief and hold my aching cock, now subsiding and remove myself from you, I hold it in place as you pull your kickers up so not to let my cum run down your thigh. I quickly pull up my trousers as you settle yourself, checking your hair and makeup in the mirror. The door pins and glides open to reveal floor 50. As I pick up my briefcase, you walk away, your high heels click on the surface as you walk hurriedly away towards a small white door in the corner of the room. I walk out. The well-lit room has the usual plants and pictures hung on the walls. I walk past the white door to the reception desk an older lady, mid 40s looks up at me, "can I help you, sir" "yes, I hope so, I have an appointment with Mr. sturrage 8. 30" " ill just check sir " as she thumbs her diary. "If you'd like to wait their" pointing to a large blue sofa" he's expecting you. " I nod and look around for the gents. I open the white door , wash my hands and make sure I am suitably smart before returning to the reception. "hes ready for you now, I hear and impatient voice calls" I follow the lady past her desk and through a series of small rooms each 1 person and the usual filing cabinets and computers before coming to a big oak door"MR STURRAGE" is pronounced on a brass plate followed by a series of letters denoting his qualifications. She knocks gently and we enter, the door is closed behind me.

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   A warm smile and hand shake awaits me as I meet for the first time the financial director, after some small talk we get down to business and over a coffee he offers me a position of senior accountant taking in charge the new account with the MOD, I accept after arranging a good pay rise and a new office, We shake hands again and he presses his intercom buzzer. "Well Alan, welcome to the top floor, I hope you enjoy it here," I hear a gentle knock at the door and it opens, "oh yes, you will be needing more help so I have appointed someone new" I turn around to face the door, as it closes "meet Sandy" mmmmmm. . . .
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