Love at Lunch


I walk up to you, relieved and happy to see you after so long but uncertain of what to expect and definitely dying from the aching between my thighs. You grin at me mischievously and take me in your arms, kissing my forehead, “You look fabulous. ” “Are you kidding darling? I look like every other damn woman in a boring business suit! You’re the one who’s attracting all the attention, with good reason too! Look at that woman checking you out, she completely hates me for having you!” It’s completely true and even I have to resist groping a feel of your sexy ass as you take my arm in yours and head for the glass elevator at the end of the posh, carpeted lobby. “You talk too much. But you look good using your mouth and I have ideas for that!” I glare at you in jest and you throw it back at me. “And I am thinking of how hot you’re going to be when you peel that boring suit off slowly for me, glaring icily like that. That’s the look of love, baby. ” I smile at your cheeky imagination, rubbing my bare legs against yours. Being in glass elevators always makes me feel sluttier. Fortunately, we are alone and I can be. My fingers rush over your body like it’s the first time. I have waited so long for this and it feels like I am going to explode if I don’t have you soon. My fingers gently circle your crotch, teasing you, wanting you to want me just as much. By the feel of how hard you are getting, I know you do and it makes me love you even more. One hand grabbing my thigh at the side of yours, you slide your hand up my skirt, firmly feeling my skin. The way your hands feel on me is incredible.

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   It sets my entire body ablaze. Your free hand lifts my chin, bringing my lips up to yours, looking into my eyes for a second before locking your lips onto mine and drawing me into our most lustful kiss yet. You place your hands on my hips, running it up the outline of my body. You don’t stop even when the elevator does. You gently pull me out, our hands still groping at each other, each of us trying to steal kisses. I laugh at how cute you look, fumbling with the key-card, your focus a mess because I take your free hand and slide it under my blouse, giving you a feel of my breasts and hard nipples through my silk bra. You finally manage to open the door. Squeezing my breast gently, you pull your hands out from under my blouse, joking with me “I’ll have to make you pay for being such a tease, is that what you do with the guys in your office too?” I smile at you, “Yes, I’m working on the boss now. I sit on his lap all day at work. ” You pull me into the room, the door slamming shut behind us. I’m sandwiched between you and the door. For the first time in ages, I look into your eyes and understand again how I fell for you, hard. You study my face intently, and I wonder what you are thinking as you touch my jacket. You seem almost sad in this moment, and it makes me want to hold you, to keep you safe in my arms forever, to take away all the troubles you hide beneath your male facade. I take your hands in mine, helping you to push the jacket off my shoulders, letting it drop onto the floor.

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   I lead you to the huge white bed, my free hand undoing the buttons on my blouse. It slips off just before I lie on the soft bed. You’re on top, straddling me and looking down at me. Seeing this unexplained sadness in your eyes makes me hurt. I cup your face and stare into the eyes that make my life worth living, “Don’t worry, I’ll always be yours. ” I push your shirt up, my hands warm against your stomach and chest. You pull the t-shirt off over your head. You grab my hands, pulling them up and above me, never taking your eyes of mine. “Mila, if you leave, you leave with my reason to live. ” “Honey, I will never do that. Never. ” I couldn’t. Even just hearing you call my name makes me light-headed. The sound of your contented sigh makes the world so perfect but confusing at the same time. You slip my bra straps off my shoulders, freeing my proud breasts.

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   You know how crazy I get when you handle my breasts roughly but you deny me that, rubbing it gently and teasingly, kissing my bare skin. I can feel your erection pressing against my thigh. “God, darling, I need you. Now!”You laugh at my urgency in removing my skirt and I blush. You know how desperate for you I am and I couldn’t care less for playing coy with you any longer, even if it makes you think me a slut. You see that I’m wearing my favourite pair of black panties, the ones tied at the sides and smile in approval. You pin my hands back up above my head with a sudden force, kissing your way down my stomach, down to my panties. I can feel the heartbeat in my wrists throbbing against your hands. The force you are using almost hurts but I like knowing you have that strength. You let my hands go and take a firm grasp of my hips, using your teeth to undo the strings that hold my undies together. “Mmmmm, you are so fucking sexy when you do that. ” I watched as you uncover my trimmed pussy, feeling your warm, heavy breath as you pull the cloth away, leaving me completely naked. “I love you, angel”, you kiss my pussy softly, sliding back up to my face, using your knee to push my legs apart. I obey and spread open for you, bending my knees up at your side as we get completely lost in a kiss again. The material of your pants caresses my spread, naked pussy, your erection almost painfully bulging against it.

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  I feel your hands slide down to your zipper, purposely brushing against my pussy along the way. “Honey, touch my pussy, see how wet it is, how much it wants to have your thick cock in it now. ” You do and I squirm on your fingers, my body begging for an orgasm. Instead, you stop and pull me on top of you. “I want you to ride me, baby. I want you on top for a change. Fuck me like the slut you are, Mila. ” I look down at you. I have never been in this position before and I’m not sure at all. I am straddling you and you have your hands gently squeezing my breasts and clamping my nipples between your rough fingers. Biting my lower lip, I hold your hands for support, raising my hips above your erection and adding the pressure of my weight onto my breasts, making it hurt so good. I let your cock slide once across my wet pussy, my clit almost jumping at the feel of it, before positioning your swollen cock head, leaking pre-cum. I know this will hurt, but that makes me even more excited as I push myself down on to you. The wetness makes it a little easier for me to slide down onto your pole. Inch by inch till I’m halfway down the length, I’m almost dying to cum as I feel you throbbing against the walls of my pussy.

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   Through the moan, groans and grunts, I work my way down your cock, my pussy clamping around you. I finally manage to take the entire length. My breathing ragged as you jerk your hips against mine, “You look and feel so hot, I could cum in your tight fuck-hole right now. Ride me, Mila. Fuck me hard. ”I raise myself up from your cock again, my pussy refusing to let you go. I know this will hurt but I think you might like it so I grab your hands, forcing you to squeeze my tits even harder, I push my hips downwards forcefully, driving myself all the way down your cock. “Oh godddd! Aahhhh!” it hurt so good. All the pressure of work, all the world, everything just disappears and the only thing that matters in this moment is you, me and the need to cum. “Shit! That feels so fucking good!” I lean over you, my palms flat on the bed, your face in between, right below my breasts. You reach up, taking a nipple between your teeth roughly, sucking and biting on it, making me gasp. My body instinctively squeezes your cock. “Mmmmppphh… oww” My nipple stretches almost painfully, trying to escape your hot mouth each time I bounce up and down you. You switch to the other breast, inflicting the same pain and pleasure on it, my reflex forcing me to fuck you harder, milking your cock. “Cum for me, baby, cum for your slut!” I feel you grab my body, your fingers pressed into my flesh and your cock slammed back into me before I can drive myself back down, “fuck, Mila, oh yeah, fuck you, slut”.

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   The pressure you are exerting, your tenseness, your tone lets me know how close to the edge you are. I know how close I am to cumming too. My entire body arched and centred around your cock. “Yessss!!” You thrust hard against me one more time before your cock empties itself deep into my pussy with a vengeance. My orgasm hit me just seconds later. I feel like I’m in pure ecstasy, I don’t even know or care what I am screaming or both loud both of us are. The idea of your cum flowing with mine makes me love you more than you can imagine. It takes a while for the climax to pass and I am almost exhausted by the effort, my head on your chest, your arms around me. You are still inside me and I want to stay this way forever. You bring my face up to yours, lifting my chin, pulling me into another kiss. “Mila, you have to get going, it’s almost 2. ” My heart feels heavy to have to leave you and you notice my disappointment. “I can call in to take the rest of the day off… I’ll just come up with some story,” I offer. “Mila, I want you to go back to the office. Put on your clothes but leave your panties with me.


   And don’t clean up. ” I look at you, wide-eyed. “But…”“Shhh, I want you to think about this and be on the edge the whole day. I want to think about this too, knowing that you’re such a slut will make things perfect for when you come home for a bath tonight. I want to clean you up in the bath tonight. ” I smile, sliding off your cock, to obey you. You watch me get dressed, making an effort to look professional. Knowing I’m naked under my skirt arouses you visibly but you make an effort to hide it, as do I. I leave you with another lingering kiss, not knowing how I am going to make it through the rest of the day. 6 unbearable hours before I can be with you again to make good your promise. Electric Geisha 2003 ©.
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