Memories Of You


She headed to the bar in the butlers pantry. Reaching to the shelf she pulled down a pitcher and stirrer. Her hand deftly opened the Sub Zero and retrieved several cubes of ice. The plinking against the glass, the splash of vodka and the rattle of the stirring were all music to her ears. A sly smile crept across her face as she strained her drink into the cobalt blue blown glass vessel he had given her. It made her pussy tingle as she remembered how he had presented it to her, and what it was filled with when he did. She remembered closing her eyes and the taste of him, as he fed her cum from the glass. It was not lost on her the reason he only gave her one. This was her ritual, but he wanted her to know of his approval, and in some remote way, be involved. Dropping the three olives into her chilled drink, she headed to the bathroom once more. She turned the water on to fill the oversized tub. The red glass bottle contained a special mix of oils her lover had bought for her on a trip to Morocco. She popped the cork and added a few drops to the water. Sitting in the warm swirling water was going to be like heaven tonight. She removed her clothes for the second time in an hour. Standing in front of the full-length mirror she regarded herself.

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   Not bad, she thought, for some one of 35. Her tits had a slight sag and there was a small pooch where her once youthful flat stomach was, but in all not a bad sight. She sighed and took a sip of her drink. The liquid warmed her throat all the way down. The tub had finished filling and she stepped into the warm water. She slid down and enjoyed the way the water caressed her skin. She set her drink in the ledge next to the ashtray. The cigar beckoned her. Picking it up, she ran it under her nose once more. She lightly licked the wrapper, moistening it for a nice even burn. The lighter burned into the tip of the cigar. The tip turned cherry red with her gentle sucking. She thought of him and the last time they were together. Her cunt lips grew hot with thoughts of sucking him and he sucking her. She reached back pushing the button that starts the jets.

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   The swirling water touched her like an old lover, reaching all the right places, and feeling so good. She sipped her drink and smoked her cigar. She lost her self in her decadence. She inhaled the aroma of the oil she had added to the water mixed with the pungent cigar. Her hand slid over her breasts. Cupping one then the other, she watched has her nipples grew hard. She pressed into one with her thumb and rubbed gently. She could feel the heat growing between her legs. Sipping her martini, she felt her excitement start to grow. She reveled in the warmth of her bath and the warmth of the alcohol oozing down her throat. The smell in the bathroom was heady and sexy. She placed her drink on the ledge and the cigar back in its ashtray. Her hands traced down her body as her lover’s hands would. She stopped to caress and stroke her hardened nipples. Gently tugging and pinching, her hands worked her tits.

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   Her cunt grew hotter. Her breath got deeper and faster as her excitement built. The throbbing of her clit could not be ignored much longer. She worked her tits a bit longer. Long enough to make them slightly tender to the touch and to throb a bit, with the warmth of the water caressing them. Sliding her hand down her body, she relished the touch against her skin and anticipated getting to her destination. Her hand reached the top of her neatly trimmed bush. She couldn’t help but grin again, thinking of how he lovingly trimmed it the last time they were together. The thought made her heart race and her clit throb. He had trimmed her up and then licked her to orgasm. It had been bliss. Her finger snaked its way between her hot lips. She found her target quickly. It pulsed against her touch. She gasped in pleasure.

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   Her lips were on fire. Desire burned with in her. She slid her fingers forward a bit more, and pushed them inside. She was hot and wet and full of desire. Her hand slid in and out effortlessly. She mindlessly played with her clit and she fucked herself with her fingers. She laid her head back against the ledge of the tub and closed her eyes. She lost herself in the paradise she had created. She worked the engorged lips of her pussy, and stroked her hardened clit with her thumb. With her free hand she pinched her nipples, and tugged at them more urgently than before. She felt the fever rising inside of her pussy. Her want grew. Her need grew. She needed release, but didn’t want to rush through. She slowed a little and wallowed in her pleasure.

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   She let the water wash over her and let her fingers slide lazily in and out of her heated cunt. . He crept back into her thoughts. She knew she only had to wait one more day to see him. She thought of his skin touching hers and the way his kisses engulfed her. The heat between her legs could not be ignored any longer. She began to rub her clit harder and her fingers pushed in and out of her more urgently. She felt the waves of heat radiating through her body. As she worked herself into a frenzy, her thoughts were of him and how much she wanted him. She wanted to feel him penetrate her, take her, and use her as he wished. She thought of his hard cock and rubbed and tugged and fucked harder. Her orgasm built deeply within her. She was teetering on the edge. She rubbed her clit a little harder, circling it and pushing her fingers inside as hard as she could. Her pleasure mounted, and suddenly her clit pulsed and exploded.

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   Her whole body tensed. She could feel her pussy spasming all over her fingers. She let out a low moan and let the orgasm peak through her body. As the waves calmed and her head stopped spinning, she relaxed. The water washing over her and her body completely released from the week’s stress. She finished her drink and stepped out of the tub. She wrapped herself in a plush white bath sheet and pulled the plug on the tub. She sat on the bench and watched as the water washed her stress and cum down the drain. She would sleep well tonight with dreams of him. .
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