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I just got home from my landscaping job(Its my own business),and was feeling totally horny. My wife and kids were out of town for 3 days,so I knew I was either just going to jack off as much as possible,or look for something else. After a few beers,and smoking my favorite sex drug,I was getting really turned on,while watching a porno. I always love stroking my nice,7'5"inch cock,and love how it feels when I come. Now I'm 48,6'0"tall,180lbs,good looking,strong build,tight body,and besides my nice cock,I have a great,tight ass. I then thought of my nice,older neighbor,Mrs. James,who was also a client of mine. She's 66yrs old,5'6",145lbs,red hair,very attractive still,and has been widowed for 4 yrs now. She always gives me a hug and kiss,everytime I see her,and I always flirt with her too. She's got nice tits still,and a fine ass(My favorite!) I called her up,and made up an excuse about having to fix a sprinkler,and she said to come on over,she wasn't doing anything,just lying around the house. Now when she lies around,she's usually dressed in only shorts,a housecoat,and bra,cause I've seen her many times this way. My cock was starting to get hard,but after arriving at her house,and acting like I was fixing the sprinkler leak,she came out of her house,dressed in her housecoat,a white thong on,(Oh my!),and when she bent over to talk to me,I got a good look at those nice tits,YES!!,she wasn't wearing a bra! My cock was stirring in my shorts. She asked :"Can I get you anything?" If she only knew what I was thinking! I answered:"NO,I'm good,just seeing you is all I ever need,you know that!" As I stood up to give her a hug,my cock was about half hard,and when she squeezed me into her,to give me a little kiss, I made sure I grinded my cock into her a little,and kissed her fully,on the lips for about 10 seconds. She stood back and said:"Now that's the kind of welcome I like from you,your such a handsome guy!" I laughed and said:"Your always so nice to me,and if my wife only knew how I thought about you,I'd be in trouble!!,but she's out of town with the kids,for a few days,so I gues I'll just have to dream of you!!" She said:"Oh stop,your going to make me get excited!!,and you know I'm getting to old for that!" I responded:"You might be getting older,but you still are really attractive,and believe it or not,I've had you in some of my dreams lately,but I can't say what we did,it might not be proper,you know!" She said:"Tell me later,I'm going inside,just come on in when your done,so I can pay you,okay?" I said:"Alright,in about 10 minutes,can't wait!" As she walked away,I could see those nice butt cheeks swaying back and forth,which made my cock start to harden again. I put away my tools,went into a secluded spot in her yard,took a couple of long hits on my sex drug pipe(makes me so horny!!),and went into her house. I went into her kitchen,sat down,and could hear the shower running.

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   My thoughts were racing about how I'd just love to go in there,pull her out,force her down to eat her  hot pussy,then have her suck me some,then fuck her wanting pussy,then fuck the shit out of that ass of hers that I want so badly!! All of a sudden,my cock was sticking straight out in my shorts,rock hard due to the sex drug,and I heard her coming into the kitchen. I stood behind her counter,and when she walked in,oh my god! She was now dressed in a see thru teddy,white thong still,and a low cut bra,which showed the tops of her areolas. I'd thought I'd blow right then! She looked at me and said:" You okay?,sorry it took me so long,how much do I owe you?" Catching my breath,I said:"Oh. . . . . just $5 bucks is all. " My cock was straining to get out of my shorts. She answered:'Forget that!,your always doing extra stuff for me,so let me write you a check for $50,okay?" I said:"Whatever you want to do is fine,but its not neccesary. " As she stood there writing the check,she stuck that nice ass out,exposing it,and along with everything else,I couldn't take it anymore. I walked around the counter,and without her knowing,I dropped my shorts,and out came my throbbing cock! I walked up behind her,put my arms around her waist,and as I did that,I put my hard cock on that nice ass. I then kissed her on her neck,reached up and grabbed her tits,and said to her:"I just can't take it anymore Mrs. James. Your so fucking hot,and I want to have sex with you so.

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  . . . . so bad!!,can I?" Turning around,my cock poking her stomach now,she said:"You just don't know how bad I want you too,and I'm already so horny,cause I was masturbating in the shower,thinking of you!!" With that,she looked at my raging hard on,kissed me,and said:"I want that in my mouth,okay?" I answered:"Yes!!Yes!! please do it!!" In seconds,she had my cock all the way in her mouth!! Sucking it like it was the only cock in the world,I was in heaven! She licked and sucked and stroked it with both hands,and she even began to rub my little asshole(I really love that!). Then she did the unbelievable. She started licking my asshole!! Oh my God!! It was great. My cock was as hard as I've ever seen it,and in a few more minutes,I knew I was going to blow. She sensed that,stood up,and said:"I could do that all day,I just love sucking your cock,and licking your asshole,but how about fucking my old pussy?? It really needs it baby. " I asked: "Don't you want me to return the favor,and eat it first? I really want too!" She said:"Next time. . . . . ,right now,just fuck the shit out of me!!"  Obeying her,She sat on her barstool,spread those fine legs,showing me her beautiful pussy,and it was dripping wet!! I eased my cock up to that love hole,she wrapped her legs around my waist,began kissing me ,and I went for it!.

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   I had to push so hard to get in,but in seconds,we were fucking like wild animals! We were both screaming out how good it felt,and she was riding my throbbing cock like I haven't had in years(sad,but true!). I was pulling her great,tight ass,up and down my cock,MAN! she's got a nice ass! She started screaming:"Fuck. . . . Fuck me. . . I'm coming . . . Make me come baby!!I pounded that sweet pussy harder. It was so fine. Then in one huge scream,she said:"Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!I'm coming. .

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  . . . . . . I'm coming. . . and pushed her pussy all the way on my cock,and exploded pussy juice everywhere!! She shook,and quivered,and then said:"That was so fucking good!!I've never been fucked like that before,your so good. " I pulled my still hard cock out,when she said:"Why are you still so hard baby. . . couldn't I make you come??' I answered:"Well sometimes I smoke a sex drug that keeps me hard,and if I might say so,I REALLY,REALLY ,want to fuck that great ass of yours!!" To my surprise,she asked:"Can I try it?and will it make me get horny too?" I said:"You bet! You'll love it,and with that,I gave her a hit of it. In seconds,she said:"Oh my goodness,that makes me feel so good and horny,while rubbing her pussy.

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   She then bent over on all fours,stuck out that great little ass,and said:"I've never had anal sex. . . . But now I want you to fuck my little butthole. . . . . Fuck it baby!! With one hit of the sex drug for me,I told her:"I've wanted to fuck your great ass,ever since I met you!" I eased up to that love hole,and slowly entered that anal heaven door!! She was like a visegrip on my cock. She was screaming in pleasure:"That feels so fucking good baby. . . . .

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  . fuck my little butthole. . . fuck my nice ass. . do you like sticking that big cock in it baby??" Hardly able to speak,I answered:"This is the best ass I've ever been in,and it belongs to you. . . . god,I love it!,as I continued pounding those tight little cheeks! Then,I knew I was going to shoot. I screamed:"Make me come Mrs. James. . .

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  . . make me squirt in your great butthole. . . . please make me come. "" She rocked that ass hard,on my cock,then buried it all the way down on my cock,while I held on to those nice ass cheeks. . ,then KABOOM!! I don't ever remember coming like this! My body shook,and as I slipped out of her,she turned around,and sucked my cock dry!!Wow!! I know I'm in heaven. After about 10 minutes,she said:"That was fantastic!! I want to fuck you all the time baby,and I'll do whatever you like!" Hearing that,I said:"Well,I'm all your for the next 3 days,then I PROMISE you,we'll fuck everyday anyway. . . your unbelievable! Needless to say,she no longer has to pay for her yard,and I get to do whatever I want with her. .

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  . . . Especially,fucking that great ass!!