My high school crush becomes a nurse


I go to work for a few days after coming home, now it is Friday so I call the number on the paper.   Tiffany answers the phone and sounds happy to hear from me.   She tells me that she wants me to come over tonight for dinner and I except.  
At 7 o'clock I get to her house and ring the door bell.   She is wearing a very tight red blouse and a pair of tight jeans.   She asks me to come in and when I go in I smell something great.   I say, " what smells so good?"  "It's just lasagna" she replies.   I think to myself, 'My fave'.   We sit down to eat then we watch a movie.  
During the movie I wrap my arm around her and she moves closer to me.   I look at her to see how beautiful her long black hair is and she smells great.   I suddenly start to feel my cock harden.   She sees the bulge in my pants and says, "screw this movie , I want you right now".  
She pulls me to the bedroom and pulls my shirt off. She then removes my pants while I take off her blouse to to reveal her dark C cup breast.   I then take off her pants and she pushes me down to the bed.

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    She then comes on the bed and she wants to give me a blow job but I push her over on her back.   "You have done enough over these last two months, to for me to pleasure you. "  I get in between her legs to see a nicely shaved pussy except for a landing strip.   She also has very big pussy lips.   I start by licking then entire length of her pussy, which makes her moan out loud.   I then part her pussy lips with my fingers and stick my tongue in between them. I lick up and down between her lips and then I stick my tongue deep into her pussy.   I then make circles inside her with my tongue, I then start to dart my tongue in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit between my fingers.
She cant take anymore so she yells at me to come up there and fuck the hell out of her.   I move up to her and I get on top of her.   I slowly stick my dick into her hot pussy.   Oh my god she is so tight, I don't even know if I will fit.   She helps my by pushing her hips down into me and the head of my dick slides into her.   Now that the head is in I push a little harder and the rest of my cock slides right into her and she moans loudly.   I start to rock my hips harder and faster moving my cock in and out faster.

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    She then rolls us both over so that she is on top.   When she gets on top, she takes total control and rides me like a madwoman.   My dick is slamming into her like the pistons of a car and when my balls hit her ass it sounds like a machine fun going off.   I lift my head of the bed to take one of her tits into my mouth and suck and bite it.   I can tell she likes that because of the groan she makes when I do it so I do it to the other one.   She fucks the hell out of me for about twenty minutes, when I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock. She then yells, " Oh shit I'm Cummmminggg so fucking haaaarrddd. "  Which sends me into an orgasm myself.   I shoot loan after load of hot cum into her hot pussy. After our orgasm, she leans down to kiss me, our tongues playing with each other.   After the kiss she says to me, "I'm glad I found you again, I want to marry you so we never lose each other again. "  She rolls off of me and puts her head on my chest and we spend the night in each others arms.
This is how I finally got the love of my life and she became my wife.   Thank god for that accident, My nurse became my lover then my wife.

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