One Wild Night At The Club


This is my first attempt at a real story. I have never taken a writing course except for the basics in high school. Please make suggestions, comments and anything else you can think of. It would be greatly appreciated and helpful. Thank you very much and enjoy.  
Prelude: It is our six month anniversary. I arrive at your house to pick you up at your house at 6 PM.  I bring you a dozen tulips and a box of chocolate. For our planned date I take you to dinner and a movie. Once the movie is over you request that we drive to the hottest new club in town.  You are wearing a black skirt with a white t-shirt and a pair of four inch black high heels. I am wearing a pair of dark blue jeans accompanied by a brown leather belt and brown leather dress shoes. For a shirt I am wearing a green long sleeve button down knit casual shirt. I buy us a few drinks and we sit and talk a little before you grab me back the hand and lead me out onto the dance floor.  One Wild Night:We are dancing in the center of the dance floor surrounded by a crowd of people.   You and I are dancing face to face with your arms stretched up and behind my head and my hands resting on your waist.

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   While swaying in motion with the music I pull you closer to me so that our bodies are pressed tightly against each others, so close in fact that you can feel my chest heaving up and down as my breathing deepens.   As I pull you closer to me you shift your body so that you are straddling my leg and grinding slowly into it while running your fingers through my hair.  Very subtly you quickly reach back and grasp my hand and slide it from the middle of your back down to your firm back side. Now we are dancing so close that there is no space between us at all, our bodies moving as one to the beat of the music. You lean your head back and can feel my hot breath on your neck. Still shaking your body against mine you lay your head back down onto my shoulder, right next to my ear, letting a hushed moan escape your lips making sure that it is just loud enough for me to hear and no one else. I dare not move for fear of interrupting you. Steadily your movements start to become more purposeful. With you rotating your hips harder than ever into my leg I decide to stop moving for fear that I would just hinder you in your attempt to reach your goal.  Suddenly you dig your nails into the back of my scalp as at long last I feel your body spasm against mine. In an effort to keep from screaming you bite down on my shoulder as your orgasm pulsates throughout your entire body.  I embrace you there for a minute or two letting you catch your breath enough so that no one will notice that anything out of the ordinary has happened. Then, to help make sure that to not draw attention to why we are no longer moving, I turn you around letting you lean your body back against mine while I move in rhythm to the sounds of the song playing in the club. Leaning against me all you can do is clutch at my jeans with your hands and stand there gasping slightly for air.   After a few minutes pass you regain your composure enough to dance again.

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   As we are twisting to the beat this time, though, you notice something pressing into your back side. Slyly you reach your hand back and feel around for the source of pressure.   Slowly your fingers cross over the spot and you are shocked to find that it's my erect penis you are feeling against your back side.  Hastily you turn your neck slightly giving me the tiniest wink letting me know that you are thrilled with what you have discovered. You begin to dance once more, but not like before. Now the movements are all in your hips and waist. You are sliding your body side to side then dropping to the flooring and slowly rising back up my body while maintain at all times close contact with me. As you slide back up my body I extend my hands out in front of you and allow my hands to run over your breasts and stomach and rest them on your hips. Five minutes tick by with us just repeating the same thing continuously. You are really working hard, pressing your back side into my pelvis as hard as humanly possible without knocking me over. Unexpectedly I grab your hips and pull you hard back into me and hold you stationary against my body. Even through the jeans and skirt you can feel my penis pulsating with my release.  Waiting for me to loosen my grip on your waist you just stand there until you feel it is safe to start to shake some more. This time you take is easier giving me time to recover. Slowly I start to pick up the rhythm, dancing in unison with you again in the middle of the floor.

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   No one around us is aware that both of us have reached the peak in the past ten minute’s time with all of them standing around us.   Finally the moment you have been anticipating arrives and you feel the familiar bulge pressing against you from behind once more. Suddenly you turn and grab it with a glint in your eye. "Let’s get out of here", you say very quickly leaving me with a bewildered look on my face.  Eagerly grabbing me by the hand you lead me swiftly out the door of the club into the gathering darkness of the night.  You are walking quickly from the club towards the apparently vacant parking lot, almost running to the car with me marching quickly at your heels in an attempt to keep up. We reach the car but I notice that you have gone to the driver’s side door along with me. Just as I am about to ask what's going on, you spin around and bed over with your hind quarters pointed towards me. Standing there shocked, I watch breathlessly as you reach up and slide your panties down your legs and off over your heels, the whole time providing me with a complete view of your now bare back side sticking out in the chilly night air. I glance around to check that the parking lot is deserted before once more focusing all my attention on you.  You straighten up and turn to me pressing the soaking wet pink boyshort panties into my chest while muttering, "you did this to me". Kissing me full on the lips you tell me with an urgent tone in your voice, "Get in".   Obediently I open the door and sit down on the driver’s side seat.  As I reach back to close the door but you stop me and hang on to it shake your head.  You are standing there staring at me with a strange, almost hungry look in your eyes.

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    Aggressively you tell me to, "Pull it out".  Immediately I undo my belt and pants zipper and then pull my stiff penis through the slit in my boxers.  Ducking down you climb into the car on the drives side with me and straddle me. Displaying your flexibility you take your right leg and place it over my left shoulder and put the left foot and leg onto the passenger side seat. You position your body to your left so that I can maintain a clear view of the road. "Enter me now", you command. Not wanting to argue or blow my shot at something potentially spectacular I fully lift your body with my left arm only and position my penis underneath you while slowly lowering you down on top it. With a shudder from your body I slip inside of you. We stay like that for a moment with each of us getting you to the sensation. Then you direct me to take you back to my place. "Like this?” I ask, staring at you in disbelief.  While nodding your head yes I put the car in gear and start to back up out of our parking spot. As we pull out of the parking lot we bounce over a pot hole and you let out a moan of pleasure as I feel a jolt of ecstasy deep in my stomach. Already I can tell that I should make this drive home take as long as possible. Rolling along the street streams of headlights pass us light luminous insects eyes in the black night while I keep a close eye out for pot holes.

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   Each time I see one I eagerly speed up causing both of us to bounce and jerk with the movement of the car.  Very slowly we are making our way home. Taking side street after side street I try to prolong this as long as I can. As we are in the car you are no longer trying to hide your pleasure. Grabbing at my hair once again you are screaming with every bump, turn and shake of the car.  Nearing home you begin to grind into me.  I can tell that your moment is about to burst. While I am trying to plan it for just the right moment we pull onto my street and you are nearly there, breathing hard, unable to even moan you are gasping for air so badly. Suddenly I accelerate the car until we are going nearly 50 MPH.  I hit the speed bump in the middle of the street that lies two houses down from mine. The enormous bounce and resulting thrust into you instantly brings on the orgasm. Screaming and grinding fast onto me you convulse and contract around my penis. Struggling to control my own body we pull into the drive and I reach my breaking point too. Together in my parking spot we let our bodies come down from the high.  After what feels like a long time, but in actuality is barely five minutes you climb off me and into the passenger seat.

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   Before I have the opportunity to do or say anything you lean over and take my slowly softening penis into your mouth and proceed to hungrily suck every speck of cum off and out of my penis and lick my freshly shaven penis and testicles completely clean. Finishing, you sit up and wipe your lips while giving me the biggest smile. With a little laugh you ask if I think we should get out and go inside. Unable to manage any sound after all of this I simply nod and get out of the car, locking the door as we walk toward the garage.  I take your hand and mutely follow you through my garage, into the house, up my stairs and straight into my bed room where you flop down on the bed. Looking at me you ask, "got anything left?” Hardly believing what I am hearing I just nod my head with an expression of great anticipation still on my face. I request that you give me just a moment and I rush out of the bed room.  Returning a few minutes later with some Gatorade, I down it quickly while popping a caffeine pill for a little pick me up before recommencing the evening’s festivities. Stripping off my shirt and jeans I walk over to the bed. You sit up and pull down my boxers leaving me completely naked.  I return the favor by bending over and grabbing you by your waist and pick you up and stand you on the bed in front of me. Once there, I hurriedly remove all of your clothes, pick up your naked body again and lay you on the bed in front of me. Climbing onto the bed next to you we kiss and embrace a few times while letting our bare skin press against each others. After a few more deep kisses I abandon your lips and kiss my way down your body. First I start with your collar bone and then slide my way down and in-between your breasts before proceeding down again to your stomach and belly button and finally descending my way south of the boarder.

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    When I get down there I exhale deeply letting you feeling my hot breath on your still glistening vaginal lips but not actually touching them. Instead I keep moving down your body.  I kiss my way down your left leg followed by the inside of your thigh, knee and calf before finally reaching your ankle. I stay here for a few moments, feeling you squirm as I kiss and blow on your ankle. Not wanting to waste too much time I move on to the other ankle. As with the first leg I start to kiss you, only this time reversing my way back up your calf, knee and inside of your thigh until I once again reach your outer vagina. Once again, however, I don't actually engage the vagina but kiss around it instead. I start at the top followed by the sides and underneath it, tracing your pubic bone and area with kisses.  In hopes of driving you crazy I occasionally let my cheek lightly brush your outer lips. At this point you are moaning, "Please, please, please", and clutching at the sheets. At long last I relent.  Starting, I take my index finger on my right hand and run it top to bottom and bottom to top of your outer lips. This act alone soaks my finger in your juices. Parting your outer lips now with my index and middle finger I quickly lick you up and down making sure to get a taste for you. After a brief moment I pull my tongue out of you but instead of the tongue I slip the same two fingers into you and probe around to get a feel for all of you.

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   My left hand still free I reach around your leg and use it to part the top of your vaginal lips to allow my tongue to access. Finally after about a minute I hit a spot and your whole body shivers indicating that I have found your clitoris. At this point, starving to taste more of you, I begin to lick at your clitoris while stimulating you internally at the same time. Your hands clutching at my hair again you begin shrieking so loud that the neighbors next door wake up abruptly.  Undeterred by this I just continue to lick your clitoris with up and down, side to side strokes and flicking movements before spelling out the ABC's with my tongue against your clitoral skin. As you are still so worked up from your other two orgasms of the night this one doesn't take long at all to happen.  With one load moan a single, "yes”, escapes your lips and I know it’s time once more. Pulling my fingers from inside of you and abandoning the licking of you clitoris I burry my face in your outer lips wanting to make sure that I get every last drop. As you orgasm you buck your hips up into my face and unwittingly giving me even better access to the liquid now emitting from you. I stay there licking and sucking until your body stops shaking.  Suddenly I sit up. You look at me but all I do is grab your ankle and forcefully pull you to the edge of the bed. Once there I pick you up and stand you on your feat. Turning you around I grab you by your hips and firmly push you in the middle of the shoulders causing you to bend over at the waist. To prevent yourself from falling over you stick your hands out and catch yourself on the bed.

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   Meanwhile, behind you, I stick my foot between your feet and kick your legs out a little wider. Standing behind you and mounting you I take my throbbing penis and thrust into you from behind without hesitation. One little scream and then there is stillness in the room once more. I start slowly to give you time to relax your muscles.  Little by little my thrusting’s start to pick up speed.  As I start to increase speed you start to arch your back followed then by arcing your back side and synchronizing your body to the rhythms of my pumping. Every fourth or fifth thrust I give your back side a firm smack. Seeing as how I have already cum twice in less than two hours it takes me a more prolonged amount of time to reach release.  In the time that it takes me to reach my peak you manage to orgasm once and start on a second.  Bracing myself to orgasm once again I give you one hard slap on the back side.  Your scream echo’s loudly throughout the room with your fifth orgasm of the night. Dropping onto your stomach I follow suit and fall on top of you. We lay there panting with my slowly softening penis still inside of you and our bodies covered in sweat.  After withdrawing from inside you we crawl up to the pillows at the head of the bed we lay side by side for a couple of minutes just trying to get our bearings again. After what I estimate is enough time to recover for one last go I tell you to sit on my lap and you do so right away.

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   No sooner do I say this than you submit to my order. Taking my hands I spread your legs wide and reach my right hand down and round your right leg, bringing it back up between your legs. Not waiting for permission I take my index and middle fingers, curl them up towards the ceiling and stick them into you looking for that soft, spongy spot on the top wall of your vaginal cavity.  Your mouth slightly open you swallow hard in anticipation of what is coming, you breath, “Oh god yes”. Once I find it you let out a moan to let me know.  Instantly upon me find it your hand reaches down and starts to rub your own clitoris in a circular motion. You start off slow and soft, then fast and hard. With your clitoris and g-spot being stimulated at the same time doesn't take long for you to rapidly reach orgasm for the final time from the increased pleasure flowing through your senses. As I notice this I instruct you to pinch your nipple with your free hand. Following orders you do so at the exact same moment I do it to your other nipple. Shock waves are sent down your body. I can an enormous shudder flow through your body.  Suddenly you give out a long primal scream and abruptly spread your legs wider which forces my hand out of your vagina. Watching I see a large spray of juice come over flowing out of your body followed by another and yet another soaking the sheets. You are almost crying from the pleasure and strain emitting from your body due to your sixth orgasm of the night.


    20 minutes later.  Our heaving bodies still sitting on the bed you start to doze off from pure exhaustion. Instead of having us sleep on the wet sheets I slide out from under you and walk around to your side of the bed and scoop you up in my arms.  Carrying you I proceed out to the living room and lay down on the sofa with you on top of me.  Instinctively you stretch out on top of me with your chest against mine and both our bodies nude. Using my last ounce of strength I reach up on the back of the sofa and pull a blanket down on top of us and cover you with it. You don't notice a thing having already drifted off to sleep and shortly after I follow suit. Postlude:We both awake several hours later in the late morning with the sun shining through the windows on our still naked bodies.   You get up to use the shower while I cook the two of us breakfast.   We sit and eat and talking and laughing.   We have had the perfect start to our second 6 months as a couple that anyone could ever ask for in the past 24 hours. .

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