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I don't know what exactly happened, but I'm sure was confused and I still am. I woke up in a room and I was sure after I realised it wasn't mine that it was a hospital, but then I turned on the lights. The room was rich with texture, the bed was a velvet type material, with very fine unblemished furniture, and a fancy old fashend iron lamp. It was very fancy, even the air in it felt of expensive atire. Then I noticed I was wearing no clothes cept for a robe. I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see if I was hurt remembering the accident that happened before. Everything seemed just fine, though I had to bend down a bit because of my hight, and infact I looked inriched myself, as if my skin absorbed some of my suroundings. I went out of my room and found a spiral staircase and went down and found the place filled with candles that fit the atmosphere of this wonderful clasic structer so perfectly. When I walked into a room that apeared to be a study I found the greatest most beautiful girl in the world sitting at a desk, She had an enchanting look, like a nymph, and looking at the curves of her body I swear I'm surprised I didn't go blind. Her hair was a very bright blond but had both darker blond and light red streaks running through her short hair that stoped about an inch or 2 from her shoulders. I normally hate short hair but on her I wouldn't have cared if she was bald. Those perfect D cups begged to be held and her skin tone was so perfect she put every girl I've ever amagined to shame. "Uh, hello. . . " I said shily.

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   We began to talk for a while and she was so awsome, she loved everything I did and seemed as though she was flirting with me constantly. Well I needed to get home cause I probly mist school so I was getting ready to head out and she told me she wanted me to stay with her tonight. Well Jasmin was so perfect to what I've dreamed about in a girl that nothing matured. She wore this light pink outfit of a small top and a short skirt that was like satan and huged those curves and her blue eyes stood out against it. She had a glow to her and her light pink lipstick sealed her beauty as perfect. She led me to her bedroom wich was ten times as fancy as mine but that didn't matter. I sat her against the bed and pulled of her skirt and her top to reveal a small pink thong and matching bra. I began to do things that I've always wanted to do for all the girls of my dreams but this was real and my heart began to beat faster. I started by lightly touching her feet and kissing around the ankles and rubbing her legs gently slowly up her inner thigh and I followed slowly behind with my mouth. I loved the feel of her body as I kissed it. She started to play with her breasts through her bra and I decided to help her. I pushed her back further on the bed and I undid her bra while I kissed her with a hard pashion and I rubbed my hands up her sides, along the sides of her breasts and then with my fignertips I rubbed the edge of my nails where her breast met with her upper abs. Then I began to suck on her colar bone. She then went for her pussy with her hand but I saw this and I knew what to do, I grabbed her hand and stopped her and said not yet, and she looked at me like a sad puppy. I reached down and pulled her pantys off and I began rubbing her inner thighs again as I started to kiss around the edges of her pussy lips and run just the tip of my tunge on the inside of the edges of that sweet, tight cunt.

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   I could feel my cock pushing agains the apron so I pulled it loose to reveal my eight inches. Though it wasn't pornstar materal in length it was about three inches wide. She looked at it and said she wanted it in her mouth so I layed on my back and pulled her atop of me and I started to work my tunge deep inside her tight pussy as she played and teased me like I did her. I was getting fed up with it so I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy down tightly to me and worked my tunge with speed across her clit, and I began to growl on her clit and I felt her moan with my cock still in her mouth. I rubbed my hand up her back and her big breasts pressed against my body harder and I used my other hand to push my finger in her pussy and I could hardly fit it in she was so tight, on doing that she reached her climax and fed me her necture and I climaxed as well. She looked at me and smiled and still looked perfect and with her light amount of sweat made her shine and look like an angel. She looked into my eyes and asked me to fuck her and I set her on her back nad I put the head of my dick to her tight pussy and slowly fed it in. She moaned loadly, but she pushed her thighs to meet my stick filling her. I started out and in slowly but I was soon picking up pace as I could see she was able to take it. I stoped for a second and put her leg over my should and began to continue pushing harder and faster I began to suck on her calf as I fucked her. She kept telling me to go faster and harder and I obayed, I rolled her over and did her doggy style as I pulled her harder to me by her waste. I could feel her reaching close to her climax when I rolled her over and pushed her against the wall as we both worked our body into several orgasms. . has a endless list of honeys and escort agencies in Mykonos!

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