Stormy Night pt. 1


Topic: Stormy Night pt. 1This story happens between me and my wife about a week ago when our power went out for several hours. My wife is 29 years old, 5 9, 120 lbs with 32C breasts and a beautiful shaved pussy. I am 30, 6 0, 180 lbs with a 8 inch long, 4 inches in girth penis. It had been pouring rain for 2 days non stop. The roads were awful and people were trying to stay in as much as possible. It was around 7 pm right after dinner when I was in my office finishing up some work when all the lights went out. I took out my cell phone for light and walked to the living room to find my wife. When I got there she was looking around for some candles but couldn’t find any so she said she would check our room. On her way past me she stopped and gave me a deep kiss, which is rare for us unless we are having sex. So after our kiss she tells me to go into the kitchen for matches and then meet her in the bedroom. As I’m walking to the kitchen my mind wanders back to that kiss she gave me, “does she want more than just a kiss, why does she want to meet me in the bedroom? I know there are more candles in the kitchen. ” Just as my cock begins to stir I nearly trip over a chair so I put those thoughts out of my head and get the lighter.
When I got to the top step I could see a yellow, flickering glow coming from under our bedroom door. When I opened the door I saw at least 20 candles scattered around our room. After closing the door I look around for my wife but she isn’t in there.

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   Im just about to turn around and find her when her closet door opens and she walks out wearing a pink, almost transparent nightgown. She walks right up to me and puts her arms around my neck and begins to kiss me with a passion I have never felt before. Her tongue glides over my lips and begins trying to wrestle with my own. She pulls off my shirt and begins to run her hands over my abs and chest. I untie the knot holding her nightgown together and when I finally get it open I run my hands up her smooth stomach and over her 32C breasts. I take her nipples into my fingers and twist and pinch them until she begins to moan with pleasure. Next I move my mouth down and begin sucking on her nipples, alternating between sucking them and pinching them.
By now my cock is rock hard and nearly bursting out of my pants. My wife moves her hands down my pants and begins to rub my dick over my pants.   She unbuttons my belt and pulls my pants down. Once shes on her knees she pulls my boxers down and is nearly hit in the face by my dick. “”god baby I love seeing your hard dick fly pop out of your boxers” she says. Next she licks all around my shaft and then sticks it in her mouth. She begins to take more and more until she has about 7 inches in her mouth, which is about her max. “oh my god baby this feels so fucking good.

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   Keep going keep going im almost there” I say just before I let out a deep moan and unleash a huge load in the back of her throat.
After swallowing all of my cum she stands up and slips her nightgown over her shoulders and lets it fall to the ground. My dick instantly gets hard seeing her amazing body. She is an aerobics instructor and the local gym so she has a great body and amazing coworkers (but that’s a story for another time).
She walks over the bed and lays on her back, bending her knees and spreading her legs. I crawl over to her and begin to attack her soaking wet pussy with my tongue. First I lick along her slit just to clean up the juices on the outside. Then I take my fingers and part her lips and put my tongue in her as far as it will go. “ahh yess baby!!” she screams as I suck on her clit. After about 5 minutes of this she yells shes about to cum, so right when shes about to blow I stick 2 fingers into her soaking wet pussy, which sends her over the edge. “ahhh uhhhhh yesss babyyy” she yells as shes wracked with a whole body orgasm.
I lay down next to her and let her catch her breath. I lay there with my eyes closed, just savoring the taste of her cum in my mouth when I feel her hand wrap around my dick. I open my eyes and she’s climbing on top of me, lining her pussy up over my dick. When the tip of my dick is at her hole she stops and looks right into my eyes, then drops herself down my entire 8 inches.

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   “ahhhh” she screams as she takes me in her. She starts riding me up and down for about 5 minutes. She always starts with this because she knows how much I love seeing her big tits bounce around in front of me as she fucks me. Next I push her off and drag her to the end of the bed where I stand and take aim at her pussy with my dick. Again, with one big thrust I drive deep into her making her scream again.   I go at her pussy as fast as I can for 10 minutes straight before we look at each other and say “I’m going to cumm”. “more baby more!” she screams just before I stop and blow my entire load deep in her hot cunt. As my cum splashes on her vaginal walls its sends her overboard and her pussy clamps down on my dick milking my cum out as her whole body shakes with wave after wave of orgasms.
Just as my dick begins to shrink and I pull out of her the power comes back on. As she stands up we look at each other and start laughing. She turns and starts walking towards the shower. After she turns the water on she comes to the doorway, turns around and bends over the pick up her panties, giving me a perfect view of her still wet pussy. She stands up and winks at me before walking into the shower. I feel my cock start to get hard and think to myself “this is going to be an amazing night…”If I get good feedback and constructive criticism I will post part 2.

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