Sweet time at the office


“……. While you are laying o your chair , I walk in your room, smiling, you want to talk, but I keep smiling and do not reply. I walk around the table and behind your seat. You try to turn your chair, but I keep it firm and you cannot move. You try to stand up, but I put my hands on your shoulder and I keep you seated. I start caressing, very slowly slowly and gently, your hair, and caressing your head in a very tender way. You relax a bit and lay down back on your chair. I keep caressing your head but now I also start putting my hands on your neck. You like this as I feel your shivers. I keep passing my hands through your hairs, on your heads and on your neck. My hands are very warm, soft and they love touching you so gently. I hold all your hair on top of your head and suddenly I let them drop on top your head. Then I bent and I look at you, and I can hardly see your face through all your messy hair: you are extraordinary beatiful!! This turn me on. I take your hair up and let them drop again. You like this game and I love passing my fingers through your clean and soft hair. I start massaging your shoulder, to release the tension out of your body after a stressful working day.

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   I continue to caress your shoulder, but my right hand, slowly slowly, lowers until it reaches your breast, and I start massaging this part of your body, very gently, very slowly, with long ample circles. You cut your breath at my touch, and you put one of your hands on my hands. I like what is happening between us, and the silence between us, no necessary to spec, everything is said by our hands and our breaths. I now put my hand under your dress, my finger are in direct contact with your nipples. I feel them becoming harder and erect, and this has a great effect on my body: my blood runs faster, my mind is totally taken by the reactions of your nipples. I keep fingering them, playing with them. You shiver again while your breath is absent. All your body is completely tense now fully concentrated on the touch of my fingers. I insist on massaging them until they soften a bit and your body relaxes. You release a long breath which I take as a prise for the pleasure I am giving you. Now one of my hand is still on your nipple while with the other is caressing your neck, head and hair. I pass one of my finger on your lips, you slightly open them, but I keep going up and down your lips with my finger, always very softly and gently. You start now moaning your pleasure and your frustration as you cannot take my finger. My hand is on your eyes now, and you enjoy the wild sensation of being caressed at your nipple while a hand is pressed on your eyes. I love the sensation of your live nipple under my touch, your excitement is a great gift to me.

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   I pass my finger in front of your lips and I hold there: you open your mouth and gently your wet tongue touches the point of my finger. This is very sexy and I got aroused by your little touch. Your tongue now becomes more courageous and it starts playing with my finger, slowly circling around it with the rythm as my fingers are touching your nipple. I now prefer to put my biggest finger, the thumb, into your greedy mouth, and you immediately start sucking it, all your attention is now concentrated there. I found that still being behind you while sharing such an intimate action is extremely sexy and I can feel my manhood fully erect and in needs of attention. But the moment is so intimate, and full of delicious expectation that we do not want to push things forward, not now, we take all the time we need. You try to turn on your chair in order to touch my body but I keep you firmly in place with my two hands on your body. I bend over and I start whispering in your ear that I like you, that also this time you turned me on immediately and that I want to do more things to you. You keep sucking and moaning at the same time, now your attention is fully concentrated on my words, no more on your nipple. I softly blow air in your ear and from time to time I touch your ear with my tongue. This seams to send a current through your body as you moan louder and move abruptly. I whisper in your ear that you excited me a lot, that I love your nipples and the way they respond to my touches, that you are mine and that we are able to create something unique any time we are together. I am now squeezing harder your nipple between my finger, almost hurting you, but you do not care, you keep moaning, and sucking while  with your hands you caress my head and face. Suddenly I turn your chair, drop on my knees and I put my mouth on yours with a quick movement. I can see your surprise in your wide open eyes, but your surprise last one second, after which you eagerly respond to my kiss.

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