Swingin' (ch.6)


I got to my knees, wrapped my arms around her legs till my hands found they’re resting place just above her clit on either side. I began licking her thighs each in turn, slowly inching my way towards her groin. I gazed her milky white flesh surrounding the deep red lips that folded over to protect her bald pussy and clit. The closer I got, the thicker her clit got as it swelled with blood in anticipation of being satisfied. As my tongue reached the hollow where her legs joined her groin, I noticed that her clit had actually rose to an erection at least an inch above the fold of flesh that surrounded it. I glistened with shiny dew as only aroused pussy skin can. This was going to be a real treat, I knew. A clit that big has to have a hell of a lot of pleasure nerve endings in it. I was going to get this woman wound tighter than she had ever been in her life. I spent five minutes running up and down each hallow until her desire started to make her move her clit towards the reach of my tongue. Then I would leave her groin and make a trail with my tongue to her tits, cupping the abundant mounds of flesh tight, forcing her nipples to jut high into the air. They were hard massive nipples, very firm and wide, but didn’t get as erect as my wife’s do, but the mass of flesh that comprised her mammies was near double that of my wife’s. They had to be at least a DD-cup size. I was really enjoying the squeezing and licking of them, but I couldn’t dally to long or her pussy might begin to relax. I licked my way past her pussy to her rectum. I spent 5 minutes licking her pussy then ass, pussy then ass, back and forth until she began trying to thrust my tongue into each hole each time I passed it.

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   As she did this I allowed my tongue to push deep into each hole matching each thrust of her pelvis, helping her build to the momentum that would place her on the verge. Now each time I switched holes I would increase the number of thrusts my tongue would journey into those crevices. Soon, my tongue was pumping each hole about 25 times. She was at the point were she was getting ready to cum at each hole, and I hadn’t yet touched her clit. Now she was ready for the real torture. I began long stroking up and down each side of her groin with hard pressure such that it would cause the skin to pull her clit from one side to the other – stimulating it without being touched. This was driving her mad. She was alternately gasping and moaning with each pass, and her body would spasm each time my tongue glided beside her clit. The spasm would reflexively drive her clit towards my tongue, but by then I was already past it and starting my next long stroke down the other side, which would cause the pelvis to spasm back the other direction. Her hips were now swaying side to side striving to get her clit the attention it so richly deserved. It creating a nice swaying rhythm, keeping time with the tune her moans were droning out. Now I moved my tongue from stroking up and down the outside of her pussy lips to stroking inside her pussy lips, now grazing each side of her clit with each pass. With each pass her belly would tighten, causing her tits to jiggle. The wetness was now a steady stream flowing from her puss down to her ass. With each pass I would gather it up with my tongue from her ass before it reached the bedspread.

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   Then quickly return back to her clit. She was talking to me now, prodding me forward. “Yes, oooh – yess. That feels so good. Don’t stop. Yes. ” Over and over she repeated it in soft cooing sounds. “How did you ever learn to do this? This is heaven – don’t stop – EVER!” You say that now, I thought. Before too long you will be begging me to stop. My cock was fully hard now listening to the sounds of this woman engrossed in the pleasure I was providing her. My face mashed in per pussy, thick with the musky smell of her sex, and my face glazed with her flowing juices. My wife was prodding her desire on as well. “Doesn’t that tongue feel wonderful? Does his tongue make that twat of yours twitch with lust? Don’t you want to cum in his mouth?” The scene being played out before her eyes was not without its effect on my wife either. By this time she had taken a seat on the end of the bed next to Dee with a firm grip on the dildo and was now stroking her crack with the end of it. The rubber cock now glistened with her juice and was slowly in ever increasing stokes entering further and further into her pussy.

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   It didn’t take long before my wife was approaching the verge of her own climax. Both women were on the same plateau now looking to step over the same precipice in unison. I had two pussies in front of me now both wanting simultaneous satisfaction. “OK honey, here is your present. Two hot juicy pussies for you to eat to your hearts content. And we both want the most earth shattering orgasm of our lives. Are you man enough for the job?” my wife goaded. The time was right for me to get to some real clit action. “Baby, I could handle a whole platoon of pussies!” With that I moved to position each of my knees centered on a respective crotch. Each arm rested on the outside leg of each woman with the thumb and forefinger of each hand at the top of each cunt, spreading the labia of each vagina pulling the skin taunt in an upward/back direction forcing each clit to stand proud at attention. I began circling Dee’s clit with my tongue, touching it on all sides until her body started to jerk. She was close now pleading, “Don’t stop now! Make me cum!” Instead, my mouth left her at her moment of release to get my wife’s clit to the same point, but I hadn’t abandoned her entirely. With the position my fingers were in all I had to do was close my fingers, relaxing the tension spreading her cunt lips apart, and in so doing allow me to grasp her little pecker like clit and occasionally jack it off, roll it, or just place steady pinching pressure on it to keep her in a holding pattern. In this way I could keep her on the edge without my mouth, having little mini orgasmic spasms without getting a full explosion. My mouth was busy now on my wife’s love knob and she was spasmodic as well, Little jerks and thrusts of her pelvis washing through her body in increasing waves until it was becoming more rapid.

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   She was exclaiming her approach to release verbally as well saying, “I’m ready now. Take me over the top. I’m gonna cum. Let me cum in your mouth!”Then back to the first pussy. I heard my wife say, “You bastard! Quit torturing me you fucker!” No way I thought. My fingers jacked my wife’s clit up and down as my teeth nibbled on the other clit of the spread pussy laying next to her, and both women convulsed in unison. I felt like a maestro, playing a symphony of pussies to a moaning melody. The music was so arousing that it felt like my cock was going to break through the skin that confined it to a mere 7-inches to become 10. Who knows, maybe at times like that it does get even bigger, but I was not about to measure it now! The pre-cum was flowing profusely from the tip of my cock, and as I moved back and forth from one pussy to the next it was depositing it on both thighs running down my legs, and droplets were falling from my dick to form tracks on the carpet in the form of wet spots. I looked like someone had already cum there!I kept both women having mini orgasms in this manner for over a half-hour, and my head had been buried in Dee’s snatch for nearly 75 minutes now. They were both begging for release now, each had a hand on my head while their other hand was working their nipples. Each time my head would leave one pussy I would feel that hand struggle to keep it buried there while the other hand was attempting to get it to that pussy as fast as possible. They were both so hot that I could now spend no more than three or 4 seconds sucking there clit before they were starting the beginning convulsions of a full orgasm. Now it was time! I moved to Dee’s pussy, abandoning my wife for the moment to give full attention to the pussy before me. I wrapped my arms around both legs tightly.

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   I knew what was coming, I had had this bucking bronco ride many times before with my wife. I wasn’t sure that Dee knew what was coming, but she was soon to find out just how intense an orgasm could be after building so much tension for such a long time without release. Both hands pulled the skin tight away from her clit making it stand over an inch in the air. I completely engulfed the little cock with my mouth, grabbing the protruding member at the base with my teeth and began lightly biting and nibbling it at the base, while my tongue worked the tip of her clit in my mouth in fast flickers. “Oh Gawd – OH Gawd,” I heard her say. “Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit – SHHIITT !!! AAAAAAWWWWGGGGHHHHHHH,” she screamed. “FUCK – FUUUUUCK,” as her head shook wildly back and forth. Her back arched and her ass came high off the bed. I grabbed tight and ground my head deeper and harder into her pussy. Her stomach was heaving up and down, her tits flailing wildly on her chest as she shot face-drenching showers of cum into my mouth, across my face and spraying my chest. I tried to swallow as much as I could, but there was too much of the sweet liquid. The excess was flowing out of my mouth, down my chin and to my cock and the floor. By now her whole body was trembling, “Oh God, I can’t believe this. Stop it – STOP, I can’t take anymore>” I ignored her and ground deeper – nibbling, sucking, and biting her clit only to scour it again with my tongue. “OH SHIT – I don’t believe it.

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   I’m Cumming AGAIN !!” Her back arched again, and I rode her like a wild stallion till the juices quit flowing from her slit, after which I moved down to her ass and cleaned every drop I could and fucked her ass with my tongue. I got to her pussy once more, and now she fought me. “NO, NO, NO – it’s too sensitive! I didn’t pay attention. I placed my mouth over her clit, but this time I didn’t stimulate it. I simply put pressure against it with my lower lip, and left it there as I felt her body orgasm slowly ebb through her system till her breathing started to become more regular. Now I started again, very slowly circling the clit with my tongue but careful not to touch it. I knew she needed some time to acclimate and lose a bit of the tenderness enveloping her clit. Once the muscles in her legs started to relax I went back to the clit. She immediately tried to push me away saying, “No – I can’t anymore, NO. ” but I had been there before and knew that ‘slow and steady’ was the rule that would build the excitement for one final exhausting climax. Within a moment her body told her mind that, Yes – there is one more left! And carnal knowledge took over once more. Very quickly she reach another full orgasm, and this time when it began to subside I did not remain as I knew it would truly take a total cool down period before she would ever contemplate anymore sex. Meanwhile, my wife had been entirely entranced by the display of pleasure she was observing as a spectator. But her hands hadn’t been idle. She had been plunging them into her pussy and rubbing her clit.

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   My mouth now relieved her hands from their labor, and I quickly repeated the spectacle on her that she had observed. Dee was now the observer seeing how a good pussy-whipping looked. However, after my wife had her second full orgasm, I didn’t stop there. As was customary with my wife, I knew that she needed a thick slice of cockmeat in her pussy to feel completely satisfied. While she was still in the throes of her second explosion I tossed her back onto the bed and quickly stabbed her wet gaping hole with my dick – impaling her with the full length as I speared that pussy over and over in rapid succession. My shaft glided in effortlessly and practically friction-free as the walls of her pussy were still squirting cum over my cock and balls. Deep full strokes, all the way in then all the way out. Then stab again and again and again. Each time I pulled all the way out her cum would spill like water over a dam onto the sheets. Then back in my cock would go to plug the dyke. Once this vaginal cum bath subsided, and I could feel some friction as I pummeled her pussy, I started to really fuck her in earnest. Short, fast jabs to stimulate her G-spot, followed alternately by long deep thrusts. She was between orgasms now and just letting me build to get my nut off. She took the opportunity to instruct Dee what she should do next. “Put on that strap-on cock and fuck my hubby’s ass like a stud,” she commanded.

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   “My hubby likes to get butt fucked by women. Hell, he has a videotape at home fucking himself with that strap-on!”Once on, Dee quickly rimmed my ass with her tongue while I slowed the thrusts into my wife. She then placed a liberal amount of lube on my asshole and the fake dong, and started working it into my ass. I quit pumping my prick into my wife to let Dee do the work. Each time she rammed to into my bowels she pelvis would drive my dick deep into my wife. “God, I never felt anything this good in my life,” I said. A woman is pumping a cock in my ass, with my cock in my wife – oh what a feeling. Heavenly! As Dee worked my rectum with her rubber dick, her large, meaty, dangling tits were gliding back and forth across my back. Now my wife said, “Jay, put that thing on the tripod then get over here and fuck your wife’s pussy. She needs to feel a cock inside her!” Damn, I thought to myself. I can’t wait to get home and watch this video. It must be one helluva sight!Jay’s thrusts were now driving us all on. We were all screaming at him, “Faster you cocksucker. Fuck her – Fuck her Faster. Harder – Ram that fucker in to the bone!” With each penetration of the rubber strap-on Dee plunged into my ass, it was rubbing my prostate, and making me want to cum.

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   In turn, my dick was spasmodically jumping in my wife’s pussy against her G-spot from the strap-on action my ass was receiving, and she was getting ready to cum. As my climax swept through me I heard Jay dumping his load into his wife. Right down the line, like a chain reaction were all cumming into one another – Awesome! Following that we all collapsed withered and spent into a heap. Once the passion had drained we all climbed into the hot tub, which totally relaxing one and all. Following that, we all feel into a deep restful sleep. The next morning we had breakfast together before parting company, insisting we would have to get together 3-4 times each year for a sexual fantasy adult fuck-fest again. As our new acquaintances made their departure, my wife and I played a few slot machines before returning to our room. Rarely with kids do we get a chance to have quality ‘adult’ play time to ourselves. We had made a point to rent the suite for two nights to have some time for ourselves together before getting back to being the boring and unimaginative parents our children imagined us to be. .