The Shower


Topic: The ShowerPatters around the house finishing up the daily chores. . . curvy body sweaty, dirty from the cleaning. Dark brown eyes look to the clock, only a few hours for her Master's return. Inhales a breath as she thinks of ways to please Him more on His return. . . a smile forms on her lush lips as she patters off to their bedroom. . . eyes sparkle as she thinks of Him and the pleasure He allows her body. . . Opens the door to the bedroom, the smell of Him still filling the air . .

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  . walking across the room with swaying hips, she stops at the dresser. . . a drawer opening as fingers dip down, searching thru her personal garments. . . Fingertips run over lacey sexy panties, garters, strokes over soft nylons as her tongue sweeps over her luscious lips. . . takes several garments into her tiny hands. Briskly nudges a hip closing the drawer as she spins to turn back to the bed. A gentle bend of her waist as she lays the sexy garments out. Eyes  dancing over them as she stands tall, steps back walking over to the closet. slender fingers begin there search, moving hanger after hanger.

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  . Eyes hungry to choose just the right outfit. . . Stops a moment as fingers caress over a soft delicious  midriff top. Bites her bottom lips sensually as she takes down the top. Again delicate fingers flip the hangers, on by one, eyes gleam and dance over each skirt. . . Curvy hips shifting as she draws a tiny skirt from a hanger, long  gorgeous  legs step in to the closet slightly farther. . . she bends her waist as her hand grabs the perfect matching heels before slipping back out. A gently wiggle of her supple ass as she moves to the king size bedSteps back slowly,  mysterious  dark eyes gleam brightly roaming over the sexy outfit. Hands move to the end of her tee-shirt, lifting it up over the firm round breasts, nipples perky and tight as she drops the shirt.

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   Fingers  caress down her tummy to the tight little denim shorts, slips the button undone, fingers slowly tug the zipper free as  she shifts hip to hip with a  slow  wiggle. shorts  slide down over her shapely hips, thighs and legs. Gently kicks them aside as her naked form moves into the bathroom. Leans into turning on the shower, making the water hot and very steamy. Moves to a shelf taking down a towel, places it on the rack just outside the tub. Tiny feet step into the shower, a delicious low moan escaping her as she slips under the water. The flow of hot  water  dances over her  curves, her  breasts, drops of water dripping from her nipples. Water wetting down over her long silky hair, reaches for the honeysuckle shampoo. Drizzles an ample amount into her  hands and lathers her hair, soapy bubbles dance down her  neck as she begins to rinse. . . beads  of soapy water  pool around her tight taut nipples. . The steamy water  plays  over her curves as she drizzles  bodywash over  the  firm round  globes. .

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  . hands  begin rubbing  and kneading the pillowy flesh. Nipples grow harder, more erect against her palms. . . breath deep as she feels the arousal within. Fingers gliding  down her  tummy cleansing her body as she rocks into her own touch. Drizzles vanilla scented bodywash over her  thighs, fingertips  rubbing, washing . . . gliding  along  the   sides and  backs of  each  thigh. . . nails  raking  the  inner  thighs as her hand brushes against her sex. .

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  . Palm turns in facing her hot little pussy. . . soapy fingers rubbing along  her  soft  mound. . . tracing  down her slit so slowly. . . washing the soft folds, fingers pushing in stroking soap over pink  hot  folds. . . massaging her clit gently. .

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  . Head dips back as moans escape her. . . left  hands   washing her ass and back, flesh so silky from the bodywash. . . her moans  deepen as she rocks into her fingers, clit swollen as need builds inside her. . Fingers reaching grabbing the  shampoo bottle. . . stroking it  softly as if it were her Master's cock. . .

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  soapy palms  leaving the  bottle  slick as she  leans  to the wall, left  leg up to the  side  of the tub. . . her thighs  spread  wide  as she rubs  the  bottom of the bottle  to her   folds. . . hips rocking down needingly Fingers   stretching her  pussy open. . . pushing the  bottle  against her tiny  tight fuckhole. . . gasping  breathes escaping. . Pushing the bottle more firm to her  hole, her  body shaking so  hungry for more.

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  . . Fingers  forcing the   bottle slowly inside her tight walls, inch by delicious  inch. . . cries  filling the  room as they  echo. . . her  velvety cunt  stretching  around  the  bottle. . . back   arching as she  thrusts  down  fucking  slowly yet  so hot  and sexy. . fingers  fucking  the  bottle  deeper  thrusts  of her  hands  meeting  the pace  of her hips. .

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  .   Juices slurping  around  the  bottle as she  fucks  down  so  wickedly. . eyes  close, heart  racing. . . gasping. . . moaning, hot  whimpering  as her  body  dances  on the  bottle that fills her. . . Juices  dripping down  her thighs. . .

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  mixing  with soap and  water. . her  body shaking. . . hips  bucking. . . her right hand mauling her breasts. . . pinching nipples  hard, feeling  her cunt  clenching down harder. . . .


  Ooooooo gawdddddd. . Body  SHUDDERSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Cries and  screams  echoing as she  rides the bottle like a hot fucking slut toy. . . shaking. . . rubbing  at her  clit  faster. . . rocking the  bottle  deeper into her  quivering  pussy. . . Oooooooo  yesssssss  fuccccccccck  yessssssss  biting her  lip as she  whimpers  out  feeling  every inner  muscles  clamping  down.

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  . . she  fights, and struggles against  the urge  to  cum. biting   back the  pleasure  that only her Master can grant. . Eyes  glazed  over as she  rocks  and cries  out deeper. . . sexy sensual curves on  fire  as she  rocks  and  grinds. . . her mind   racing. . . gasping out  begging, pleading.

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  . . Master. . . Gawddddd pleaseeeeee. . . her need  raging  yet  no voice  heard to grant  her permission. . . she  withers as whimpering sobs  escape her lush lips. . . tongue  dances over  her wet moaning  lips.

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  . . biting  down on her  bottom lip as she  tightens  every inner  muscle. . . Slips the  bottles  out . . her  face  blushed  as her  mind races to the need and desire  for her One. . . she  rinses  the  bottle  squeezing  more  soap into her  hands. . . washing  her  slick wet  folds  and  rinsing herself completely. Steps out after turning off the water.

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  . . dries her  hair  lightly and wraps the towel to her body. walks  back into the bedroom and dries off. . . sits  at  her  vanity brushing her  hair. . . long  strands  dripping still. Begins apply a light base of makeup. . . adding eyeliner to define her  sexy eyes. .

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   a gently blush applied to her cheeks before painting her lips a bright  red. . . Uses the hair dryer to dry the  long  strands. . . leaving her  hair silky and straight. . . flowing  down her  back so  gently. . stands. . . moving to the  bed.

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  . she sits, fingers  lifting  a fishnet stocking. . she props her foot to the  edge of the  bed rolling the stocking up her Gliding it over her knees  and up her thigh. . . she adjusts the  stocking and stands. . . hands lower picking up a little lacey black garter, steps into it and  wiggles it  into place. . . attaching  the stockings carefully. . a quick gaze into the mirror feeling so sexy, she  turns  back to lift the skirt into her hands.

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  . . bends lowering  the  skit she steps into it. . . sliding it up her  legs  to her  hips. . the black stretchy fabric hugging to her curvesAdjusting she  picks up the midriff top. . . slips  it  over  her upper body. . the  top covers her  breasts  all but the  underside slightly. . .

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  the word slut  across the front  of the white top stating just who she is. . a light spray of  Master's favorite perfume before  walking out of the bedroom and  down stairs to wait for His return. . her juices  still moist along her  slit as she  feels  tiny drops  bead along silken thighs. . . flips back her  hair as she  kneels waiting His returnBreathing  still alittle heavy as her body  shakes  still with need. . . her  scent filling the  room knowing He will pick up on her arousal as He  enters. . . Hips shifting. .

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  . as she spreads her thighs open exposing Master's treasure. . . . hands  resting upon smooth thighs. . . her  collar displayed proudly as she  squirms  waiting her One. . .

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