The studio - Chapter 1


Topic: Chapter 1Lets start this on the level - I own a movie studio, not Disney you understand but more on the level of Zero Tolerance Entertainment i. e. we make adult movies - R18 as they are classified here albeit guys and gals are free to have sex consentingly at the tender age of 16 in this country. And that tender age I take full advantage of! Recently Liz, my PA, announced she wished to become a movie star (a. k. a. a porn movie actress) full time. I'd been enjoying her lithe young body for a couple of years by this time and was a little reluctant to let her go but there was an unwritten company policy that anyone employed by the firm could be in a movie if they wanted to so I eventually said yes and told her to report to Studio 2 where she would meet a nice young stud. As she left I picked up the phone and told the director to expect her, he asked me what she was into - what could I say? Fucking, oral, anal, anything was all I could answer. "Girls?" he asked. "Oh yes, girls definitely!" I replied. It wouldn't be Liz's first time on camera, not that she actually knew about the first. I'd just set up the studio and was in need of a PA so I'd asked the local JobCenter to set me up with a list of likely candidates. They sent me umpteen CVs but I quickly weeded them down to six, two male and four female, all sixteen and recent school levers. The males were just an effort to make the process seem fair - they had no chance of the job I'm afraid to say! All six were told to appear at the same time and as they assembled I was able to appraise them on the security cameras. One girl in particular took my attention - Liz.

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   Having dealt with the boys and the other three girls none of whom had done terribly much for me, Liz was the last to be interviewed and she just sparkled. I told her bluntly "I expect my PA to be _very_ personal. ""What do you mean?" she replied. "Right now I'd like you to drop your knickers and let me fuck you. It'll be a regular part of your job if you're up for it. "She smiled, stood up and slipped off her dress leaving her standing in bra and panties wearing a broad grin before saying "Secretarial skills don't matter then?" She didn't know then that no less than 20 top-quality video cameras were monitoring the room nor that some 1000 punters were tuned into them watching the show on their computers at £10/minute, each able to control which camera they watched at any time via their remote control. I went to her and kissed her finding her mouth very willing against mine as I unfastened her silky bra letting it flutter to the floor as I began to caress her little petite tits - her pert little mounds together with her lack of stature (she was only around about 5' tall) were what had attracted me in the first place but as I caressed her mounds feeling each nipple in turn swell to hardness my cock swelled to rock hardness and in desperate need of a fuck. I told Liz this but she just said "I'm game if you are - just be gentle with me 'cos I've never had sex before. " as she peeled off her knickers revealing a lightly downed pussy. My turn to smile as I undressed displaying my massive, erect cock to the girl. She gasped and said something like "Think he'll fit?""You bet he will! But not before I've tasted you!" I directed her to lie down on the couch and then I gorged myself on her lovely little tits while Mister Bad Finger parted her labia and played on her clit causing her to cum. Liz, learning fast, had grasped my cock and was wanking him good-style but there was no way I was going to cum before he had had her virginity! First though I just had to taste her pussy - I have this thing about the taste of virgin pussy but I only get to taste any given girl once, my cock boring into her not long after I bring her to the boil with my mouth, savouring her virginity. And so it was with Liz, hitching one leg onto my shoulder, I took her, thrusting the entirety of my manhood into her - and believe me, I am not small in that department - but she was up for everything being one of the best lays I'd ever had to that date and she had no little competition for that title! Before long Liz was cuming in spades but I managed to hold off for a good while despite her cunny trying to milk the cum out of my balls bringing her off a second time before I had to give in. Going forward, Liz proved to be up for anything and everything! Cunt, arse, mouth, lesbian, toys. .

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  . You name it she was game and over the ensuing couple of years I'd had the pleasure of her body several times a day - dress code in the office was that she never wore trousers, nor knickers, nor bra - just a nice short dress. Oh, and I insisted that she kept her pussy shaven - she was only too happy to oblige often getting one of the other office girls to do it for her before I fucked them both after which they had enjoyed each other's body. Anyway, having turned 18 Liz had decided that she wanted to enjoy a career in the adult entertainment business properly in front of the camera. Having dispatched her to the studio I phoned the JobCenter once more and explained my needs (well some of them anyway!) and they said they would see what they could do. With that done I decided I'd better see what was going on in the studios. I was as horny as hell as right now. I'd normally be giving Liz a right good seeing too but relieve was soon to be found as I got to Studio 1. I popped into the off-camera area where I was greeted by the heavily pregnant (and naked) Angela, a coloured girl of whom I'd enjoyed the pleasure more than a few times in the past. "Hi Jamie! Fancy a fuck? Get me all lubed up ready for the shoot. "She didn't need to ask twice as I drew her to her feet and kissed her lips as I fondled her ripe breasts drawing a bead of milk from each before I dived in to suckle her, drinking my fill as I finger-fucked her pussy eventually driving my whole fist into the tightness of the youngster's cunt (despite the paperwork on file and despite her condition she was only about fifteen). She soon came and begged me to fuck her - I was only too willing to oblige and, dropping my trousers, took her where she stood bringing her off twice before I got her to bend over and, prying her buns apart, rammed my cock into her anus. It took me a good while to get my rocks off despite the tightness of Angie's rear passage but when the longed for feeling came and I shot off up her arse it was heaven on earth for me. Angie complemented me saying I was a "good ride" and doubting if any of the studs she was lined up with in the studios that day would be half as good. I asked her what her schedule was - apparently she was due to do six scenes - one totally leasy with another preggy teen which she had already done, four with different well-hung studs, one of whom was making out on camera with the other girl as we spoke and one four way session where she would end up entertaining two cocks, one in her cunt and one in her arse, at the same time while eating out the other girl - she said she was really looking forward to that! I would slot these into various compilations over the coming months (plus they would soon be available for viewing on-line at a premium) and, as these movies were highly profitable for the company, I would make sure Angie was well rewarded for her "acting skills" - lots of folk seem to get a kick out of watching preggy teens fuck and I know I love doing it!(Point of note for girls wishing to audition for my productions there are a few rules:1) You need to be young (teenage preferably)2) NO tattoos3) NO piercings (other than a single ear stud)4) Natural breasts5) No stretch marks6) Happy to have sex with both guys and girls you've probably never met beforeApart from the guy bit of 6 (I don't do homo movies) and 4 and 5 which don't really apply, the same goes for guys except you'll need a large dick (with staying power) as well!Again regarding point 6 you'll never be asked to do anything you are not happy with.

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   If you want a nice sweet one on one that's fine; if you want to take part in something resembling one of Plato's orgies that's fine too (plus anything in between!)So satisfied for the moment, I called in on Studio 2 where Liz was getting laid into by a young bloke who normally worked in the dispatch department. He was well hung and both he and Liz were obviously loving the raw sex they were enjoying as he fucked her to climax time and time again before jacking off sending his seed all over her chest and face as the shoot wound up. Liz caught sight of me standing by the camera, she turned to me and mouthed "Thanks" before licking the cum from her lips. I nearly lost it spontaneously! However Angie had taken the edge off of my appetite and I managed to make it back to my office (which happened to front my penthouse apartment at the top of the studios) intact. I'd only been in the office a short while and was reviewing the footage of Angie and her equally pregnant female lover when one of the office juniors knocked at the door. Without bothering to turn off the huge projection TV I called for her to come in. She gave me a sheave of CVs and stood transfixed by the images unfolding on the screen. I moved behind her and put a hand gently on her breast, massaging slowly but firmly. "Like watching girls make love? Like making love to a girl?" I asked. "I've never seen girls together. " she (Donna) managed to answer. "But, yeah, its kind of exciting. " she said turning to kiss me. As I explored her tonsils with my tongue and she mine I started to massage her chest harder, unbuttoning her blouse and easing up her bra so that I could work directly on her soft flesh. Her reactions just told me no one had ever done this to her before and my cock swelled to stiffness in my trousers nearly as quickly as her nipples hardened to my touch at the thought.

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  "You've not been with the company long, have you Donna?" I asked and she confirmed it was her first week. I asked if she knew what the company was about. She said making movies so I asked her what kind and she confessed she didn't know. I indicated the screen and said "That sort - adult entertainment. " She gasped but in no way did she pull away from me as I continued to massage her chest and dip a hand down her trousers inside her knickers to find her clit. She just sort of melted against me as I felt her juices rising. She undid the snap on her jeans and pushed them down giving me freer access. I probed at her love hole with an enquiring finger quickly confirming my thought that she was a virgin as I felt the resistance of her hymen. "You've never had sex before have you?" I enquired. I full well knew the answer so the shake of her head was no surprise. "Want to?" A nod so I guided her to the couch and making free with her tits with both hands and my mouth I eased her knickers down before eating her out. A delicious, virgin pussy! Having brought her off, I stood up and undressed displaying my huge cock to her. "Ready for this?" I asked. Another nod, so raising her legs onto my shoulders I took her, pile-driving into her in one swift motion. She was as tight as hell but she was soon moving with me as we found the rhythm cuming time and again before I took relieve in her velvety cunny.

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   Not one to let an opportunity go to waste I hitched as buttocks higher and drilled into her smooth and oh so tight anus getting her off again before I flooded her rear with another dose of my cream. Not to be outdone Donna sucked my cock until I blew off all over her chest. I pressed the intercom button on my desk and said "Julie, can you come in please? I've a spill I need cleaned up. " Julie was in my office in jig-time and, taking one look at Donna, shed her dress leaving her naked and bent to Donna's sperm laden chest, tonguing the youngster's tits good-style. I sat back to watch the two girls in action, confident in the knowledge that all of this was being committed to disk for posterity - it had been an unexpected encounter so I hadn't had the chance to set up a live web-cast but the whole episode would make a major component of a future DVD which was sure to sell in hundreds, the girls would be well rewarded. Revelling in the thought of editing down the footage from the various cameras, I watched with my cock already re-hardening as Julie cleaned of Donna's chest and as the pair of them settled into a sixty-nine eating each other's pussy and exploring deeper with fingers as they brought each other off, Donna spurting my load into Julie's eager mouth. Julie rolled away saying "Come on boss - it's been too long since I've had that big cock of yours in my pussy. " It had only been yesterday since I'd last had that pleasure (in a threesome with Liz - Julie was well into girls but she was a great lay too) however I wasn't going to argue as I pressed my cock up her tight, shaven snatch. She was a natural lay, knowing exactly how to move to give me pleasure. Perhaps strangely, she had declined to take part in one of our more conventional "fuck films" but was quite happy to let the goings on in the office to be distributed to the industry. What did I care having taken her virginity in this very room and on camera some 18 months ago when she was on a work experience placement and not quite aged 15? After that week I gave her a Saturday job - not that the office was normally open on a Saturday but we had some bloody exciting sex sessions lasting most of the day and often with a least one more girl in on the action. She always resisted another male though - to this day I believe I'm the only guy ever to have had the pleasure of her sweet little pussy. She quit school the day she was sixteen and came to work full time for the company - despite her age (or the lack of it) she is one of our more talented directors producing really hot fuck films! I've still got footage of her/us salted away that I've not managed to edit into one of our releases but it is real hot stuff and will make its way to market some time soon. Right then I was adding to the backlog as I fucked her, forcing her into overload two, three, four times before I jetted off in her tightness. Shear bliss! Having sated myself, and having a meeting with the firm's bankers looming I dismissed the girls, kissing both of them deeply as I dressed.

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   I told Donna she could have a part in a movie anytime she wanted and reiterated the offer to Julie. Donna seemed real keen but Julie only smiled and said she was happy with her lot as it was and reckoned none of the guys she worked with (as a director) were as well hung or as long-lasting as me so as long as I was fucking her regularly she didn't need to look elsewhere! She also said she was happy with her current film royalties too - whatever else I did, my girls were never exploited each getting a generous royalty from each and every copy of the movies in which they appeared or worked on sold. So the rest of the day was passed in the boring business of running what was by now a fairly large company. I arrived back in the office just before five. Donna was waiting for me saying "I really enjoyed this morning. I'd like to do a movie proper!""Let's see what we can work out. " I said as I ushered her into my office to consult the week's shooting schedule. "Right first fill out this form - and make sure it makes you out to be at least eighteen. I'll fix you a birth certificate later. " She grinned - she wasn't eighteen of course being, like most of my employees when they started with the company, a sixteen-year-old school leaver. "What's wrong with being sixteen?" as she peeled off her dress and ran her hand over her pert little boobs. "Absolutely nothing!" I declared, salivating at the thought of kissing both them and her fragrant twat once more. "But the film regulators insist that actors and actresses must be eighteen or more to be in an R18 film. " Not that all of them were - some of them were way beyond (or should that be below?) what they would allow and so only shipped to a very discrete and well vetted clientele who were only too willing to pay premium rates. I bent to kiss her, replacing her hand on her chest with my own.

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   "I like the way you touch my tits. " she informed me. "Your hands are so strong and powerful. I love the way you touch my pussy too - it's so exciting getting me all ready for your huge dick. " Taking the hint, I dropped one hand to her pussy and began to gently finger-fuck the youngster whose virginity I had taken only earlier that day. Having got her off I instructed her to undress me and suck my cock. This she did with alacrity - I was soon naked and with her lips wrapped round my bloated member going deeper and deeper on each rep until my all was encompassed in her mouth and throat, my balls lapping off her chin each time. Then she began to massage my ball sack as she bobbed soon making me lose my load as I jetted wave after wave of cum unto her. She just swallowed the lot and came up smiling. "I do OK?" she asked hesitantly. "OK? That was bloody well brilliant!" I declared truthfully. I was a bit spent so for a while we just cuddled while Donna asked me "How old does a girl need to be before you'll have sex with her?""Well the legal answer is sixteen, eighteen if it's in a movie, but really I don't have a limit. As long as the girl really wants to have sex any age is fine by me. Julie for example was only fourteen when we first fucked. ""You've had younger though?"Blushing I'm sure, I said "Yes.

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  ""What age?""Really want to know? There is no way I should be telling you this!""Go on - I want you to tell me and I won't share the secret with anyone. " Donna declared. "Well! Well lets just say younger and leave it at that!” was all I said and with that said I climbed on top of Donna and let have the full power of my cock once more driving her to several climaxes before I hitched her buns higher and took my satisfaction in her tight rear passage forcing her to orgasm one last time as I blew off in her. It was getting late so I asked Donna if she wanted to stay the night but she declined saying her folks expected her back. I said she could call them but it seemed they were quite strict with their little daughter so it was not to be. She dressed and I let her out after which I started leafing through the CVs she'd originally brought into my office much earlier in the day. This time I didn't bother with any niceties and just picked six sixteen year old girls, there were no photos but a surprising number of the CVs gave some quite personal details such as height and hair and eye colour which made the choosing a bit easier for me. I composed an e-mail to the JobCenter telling then that I wanted all six to report for interview the following afternoon. That done I spent the rest of the evening editing Angela's recently filmed footage - hot stuff if you like a young girl full with child! Must say I do and I got a warm glow thinking of our rather sweet fuck earlier in the day. I finished that job the next morning before inserting one 30 minute segment into a compilation with some 5 other shoots of roughly equal length before sending it off with cover 'artwork' to the duplication plant - the other five takes would be held over for other times or if folk were prepared to pay a sizable premium available instantly from the company website - a very secure site with numerous levels of security and encryption; no kiddy was going to hack this. That done I sought out Donna, directing her to my office when I found her by the photocopier. She was undressing almost before I closed the door behind us saying "I want to feel your lovely big cock in me again. My pussy has been feeling empty since yesterday!""Think we can do something about that!" I striped of my togs and guided her to the couch - the cameras were already running of course as I made free with her supple body. I wasn't in much of a mood for foreplay having gotten quite worked up during my earlier editing and so I just took Donna without preamble - not that she minded moving with me as one right from the start and cuming several times before I gave in and sprayed my seed into her tight cunt. I pulled out of her quite abruptly - I just wasn't in a caring mood but she just sat up and slipped her dress back on - since yesterday she, like Liz, didn't ware bra or pants in the office.

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  "That was brilliant! Now about that movie - we never got round to working that out last night. " she declared. "We were too busy working something into that tight little pussy of yours, weren't we? Now lets see. . . " I said as I consulted the week's schedule. "We've got a call-off tomorrow. You'll like Dan, he's Danish, tall, blond, blue eyes, well hung and with good reports from everyone he's worked with. OK by you?""Yeah sounds fine! Where and when?""Tomorrow, Studio 2, NINE am - don't have the script to hand but as Julie's the director it may well involve another girl. OK?""Yeah!!"I smiled as I redressed and she slipped out of the office. By now my potential candidates for PA were assembling in the outer office as I surveyed them on camera. One in particular caught my eye - she was short, very slim with long blond hair and blue eyes. Oh and what seemed to be gorgeous little tits! She was definitely my number one contender. Most of the others were OK except for one who was far too busty for my tastes. I decided to deal with her first.

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   Her interview was fairly perfunctory, and I told her I wasn't going to offer her the job but I then let her down gently by explaining the nature of the company and our products telling her she could have a role in several up-coming productions if she didn't mind having sex with total strangers - both male and female. The studios could do with some bustier actresses - not everyone has my taste for little tits!"I've never done it before but I do like playing with my tits and pussy! Would you like to see them?""Only if you want to leave your virginity here. " was my blunt answer. She smiled, stood up and slid out of her dress before undoing her front fastening bra revealing her humungous knockers to me. Given her age, they were quite a pair - well honestly they were quite a pair anyway - she later told me she had to get her bras specially made so that may give you a better idea. She asked me to take off her panties which, of course, I did before applying my mouth to her quite hairy pussy, bring her to climax with my tongue. I undressed before guiding her to the couch and, setting my massive pecker at the entrance to her cunt, I took her. As per normal, the cameras were on as I enjoyed the pleasure of deflowering another sixteen-year-old virgin. She wasn't in the top league of the best lays I had had but she wasn't bad for a first timer, cuming freely and powerfully against my cock but I wasn't ready to cum even after savouring the delights of her arse and so came on top of her pressing my cock in the valley between her breasts, moulding her very ample flesh round my member and proceeded to enjoy a tit-fuck. She lifted her head to suck at my knob every time it emerged from between her mounds and before very long I blew off into her mouth. "That was fun!" she declared. "I'll take you up on the job offer! I'm going to want to do that lots!" I told her to go to the main office on the floor below and report to Julie who would sort out a shooting schedule for her. As she left I picked up the phone to fill Julie in on the picture, outlining a few thoughts about where our newbe actress might fit into the company plans. I finished up saying "She'll need to shave and she has no experience of girls - perhaps you could work both into her first scene?"Julie replied "Take it she's not a virgin then?"I laughed. "What to you think? Although she definitely was when she arrived on the premises! And make sure she lies about her age on the release form!"The next four interviews went without incident - none of the girls really did anything much for me with one of them pissing me off talking non-stop about her boyfriend but I did ask the second last if she'd be willing to come back for a second interview if required.


   She was my 'fall-back' position in case my final interview of the day didn't go to plan. After a not inconsiderable wait on her part, Joanne was finally ushered into my office. She was dazzling and my cock was hardening just with the sight of her fully clad. An absolute stunner but somehow, despite her looks, it would be easy for her to pass herself of for maybe thirteen or fourteen. This only added to her appeal in my eye! Catching my breath, I started the interview by asking her how she liked to be addressed. We settled for Jo. I then told her a bit about the company explaining we made movies but not what sort of movies and that, if hired, she would be working _very_ closely with me. She seemed to sense what I meant as she stood up and moved across to the sofa. "Is this a casting couch?" she asked "I'd love to work _very_ closely with you. That's quite a bulge you have in your trousers, can I see it - I've never seen a stiffy before. " I crossed to her and kissed her deeply finding her mouth warm and willing against mine as she stroked my crouch. "You'd better let him out if you want to see him. " I teased but she was game undoing my belt and zipper in a flash, pushing my trousers and pants down before gently fingering my cock. "Its so big - I never knew cocks were so big! Can I kiss it?""You bet you can Honey. " was my honest, almost desperate reply.

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   You bet a million she could kiss him! Somehow I doubted the other girl would get a call for a second interview, I reckoned I'd found my new _personal_ assistant. She kissed and licked all the way up and down my shaft wetting him thoroughly with her saliva before I instructed her to take my knob into her mouth. She looked up at me with those baby blue eyes, formed an 'O' with her lips and then slipped over my cock. "That's it Jo - that feels so good. See if you can go a bit deeper - see how much of my cock you can take in your mouth. " The answer to that was all if it - right the way to the root! Soon this apparently innocent youngster was deep-throating me good style and before long was swallowing down the gallon of sperm my balls served up for her. She never spilled a drop. If her pussy and arse were half as good as her mouth the job was hers for as long as she wanted it!She pulled me out and laved the length of my still erect shaft with her tongue making sure she had had every drop of cum I could give her. "That was fun!" she declared. "'Suppose you want to see mine now? I shaved only this morning and I never wear any underwear - I like fresh air on my cunny!" In an instant she peeled her rather cute dress off over her head and stood in front of me in no more than a pair of sandals. Her body more then met my expectations! She was just perfectly proportioned, her breasts small but very firm looking - just right for kissing I reckoned - and her engorged clit testifying to the fact that sucking my cock had turned her on a great deal. She came to me and began to undo my shirt buttons. I moved to help her but she told me not to - it was her treat and she had dreamt of undressing a man before having sex for the _very_ first time for a very long time now! Who was I to argue? Soon I was naked and Jo stood back to look at my body. "Take it you work out? Nice body Jamie, I'm really going to like working _very_ closely with you!" She ran her hand over my chest - I didn't actually work out as in going to a gym but having sex with as many horny, young girls as I do sure keeps me fit! I reciprocated the action running my hands over her firm little mounds and feeling her nipples swell under my touch as I kissed her deeply once more. I eased her on to the couch and then began to kiss my way down her body, feasting for an age on her tits which were easily every bit the delight I had expecting them to be before moving lower, tracing my mouth over her taught tummy but avoiding her beautiful, perfectly shaven, cunny, for the moment kissing and licking her inner thighs making her squirm with passion before I set my mouth to her clit.

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   She came instantly, just as I knew she would and I lapped up all her sweet juices. There is _nothing_ like virgin pussy juice. No-way however was Jo going to be allowed to give me two doses. Positioning her carefully for the cameras, I rubbed my bloated knob up and down her slit moistening him for the task ahead. She moaned as she felt him there and then thrust her pelvis up at me in a clear indication as to what I was to do. I didn't hesitate and took her virginity in an instant. She was so tight it almost unblievable - I don't think little Megan nor her young daughter had been any tighter on our first encounters. This was pure pleasure as I fucked Jo to her first vaginally induced orgasms - not one, not two but no less than five before I just had to give into the contractions that were massaging my cock and bathe her insides with my goo. It was a massive cum for me but, as ever, I was not done yet however and got Jo up doggy style and, without waiting for her object, I parted her buns and drove my cock into her hot arse. Ah, yes, the job was definitely hers - she could name her price - no way was I doing to pass up on sex this good. I'd even have married her and given up on other girls if she wanted. Turned out she didn't and, moving on, she loved to see me fuck other girls - the younger the better in her book (and mine!) and to make out with as many girls as she could lay her hands on - she did quite a few lessy movies for the studio but, like Julie, always declined to go on camera with another guy. I however had plenty of footage of the pair of us fucking which I worked into releases over a good number of years - well you don't always want to see the same couple screwing for a whole movie do you? Right now however I was enjoying the tightness of her rear for the first time. Belief me, enjoy is the word as I made the most of Jo's rectum, pushing her to orgasm a couple of more times before my cannon let loose and coated her colon with more of my cream. We came apart both gasping for air.

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  "Job's yours if you want it. " I told Jo. "But let's be plain - most of your duties will be performed on your back - kinda like today?""Fine by me Boss - and I'm sure you've got lots of different positions to teach me so I won't always be on my back!"I smiled as she wandered through to the bathroom, naked, to clean up. I followed her through to find her sitting down and letting go. She wiped herself off and stood up. Once again, her shear beauty struck me. I told her how perfect her tits were and that I doubted I'd ever been in a tighter pussy. She smiled and informed me that her body was mine to do what ever I pleased with - she had never had a better experience that this afternoon but she'd like to try sex with a girl sometime soon, preferably a virgin whom she could watch me deflower after the pair of them had made out together. I laughed and said that that shouldn't be a problem - virgins crossed my path on a regular basis. I asked her if there was any particular age she would like the girl to be. She looked at me for a while, wondering I think if she dare tell me her thoughts. "About ten or eleven. " came the eventual reply. "With nice little tits and a naturally bare puss - its what I've always fantasised about when I'm in bed masturbating - I'll be able to do that far better now, now that you've fucked me and I'm not intact. "I laughed partly to cover my surprise and said I'd see what I could do before going to the cupboard and getting out a box which I handed to Jo saying "That should get your fantasies going better - just don't wear yourself out and make sure you report for work at 9am tomorrow.

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   Gear like you were wearing today will be just perfect work wear. ""Well I can't come to work naked can I?" she said as she took the box and opened it. Her eyes glistened as they lighted on the large, studded vibrator within. "Wow! That'll be fun. " she said and then "Double Wow!" as she found the switch in the base which caused the whole contraption to vibrate and the rotary action to start. "Put it in me please?"I took the girl pleaser, switched it off and then pressed it fully up Jo's cunt before switching it back on - full up from the start as I pounded it in and out of my new PA until she had to beg for mercy - she just couldn't stand being rolled into an orgasmic ball any more. Smiling I hauled her to her feet and handed her the toy back saying "Don't let your Mum find it. " Jo looked at me puzzled. "She might nick it!" I laughed. "No chance - this is all mine!" she affirmed as she pulled her dress back on. I sent her on her way reiterating the instructions to report back for work by 9am the next day. "Can't wait Boss! Love your cock!"With all the film of Jo on disk I had a fairly hard night editing it down to the standard thirty minute shoot. In fact it was so good I eventually resolved to make at least two if not three shoots from what I had to be released over the next few months (and instantly over the web server). Her salary had not actually been discussed but she would be well rewarded for her efforts (albeit unknown) in front of the cameras - especially as she looked so young, those type of shoots always selling for a premium which I always mostly pass onto the girl in question; she would gave gotten even more if I'd had the time to set up a live web-cast but Liz had taken me a bit by surprise and everything happened a bit suddenly after that. I hit the hay that night vaguely wondering about what to do about Jo's girl fantasy.

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   I fell asleep pondering the matter dreaming happily Jo, my latest conquest and the ‘problem’. To be continued. . . ---------------Feedback welcome. theblackdouglas@ymail. com.

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