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When he came in, I shut and locked the door behind him, making sure to keep out any stray worshippers. Wasting no time, I leaned down and unbuttoned his pants, rubbing his crotch suggestively. As I breathed my hot, moist breath on the opening of his boxers, I noticed a bulge forming that wasn?t previously there. I slowly reached inside the opening and pulled out an eight inch cock. I put my small, moist lips on the top of his cock, and moved my tongue up and down the head, teasing him enough to get him breathing hard and heavy. Then I licked each vein of his rigid dick, making sure to cover every inch of his eight inch shaft. Since I?ve given heard since I was seven, I was skilled at this craft. Slowly but surely, I flicked my tongue around the head, and thrust all eight inches into the back of my throat. When I got to the root of his manhood, he let out a gasp and whispered, ?Oh shit?, so I moved my head back and forth across his shaft. He put his hands on the back of my head and started to face fuck me, picking me up and laying me roughly onto the multi-colored children?s table. Then he pulled his pants down and sat on my face, gorging my mouth with his massive dick. The sheer girth stretched my mouth as he thrusted in and out. It only felt like a minute, but it was really 20 before I felt it swell and erupt into my mouth?causing me to swallow every bit of his cum. He worked his way down to my lips and kissed me slowly, leaning to my ear and whispering ?It tastes good, doesn?t it??He reached his hand down into my pants and started to rub my manhood. Already being aroused after me pleasuring him, he unbuttoned my shirt and then my pants, kissing his way down to my dick, and took it into his mouth. He got 6 inches of my huge right into his throat, and worked up and down vigorously.

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   After almost fifteen minutes, I started to breathe heavily?moaning and whispering, ?don?t stop. ? As the heat in my groin expanded like a raging inferno, I felt it coming and gained release into his hot, waiting mouth. After that, he stood up and removed his pants, and I did the same. He laid down beside me on the table and held me lovingly in his arms, my full red lips against his as our tongues explored every the crevices of our mouths. This continued for about an hour, our hands beginning to explore each others bodies, feeling each muscle?no area remained un-chartered. He slowly moved his hands to my ass cheeks and began to knead them. He then forced himself onto me, spreading my legs roughly apart farther and farther, moving himself closer and closer towards me. As he leaned down and kissed me, I felt a finger penetrate my ass, causing a thrill of pain and excitement. We continued kissing before he stuck his other two fingers into his mouth, sucking them while removing his other hand, replacing them with the two moist fingers. Letting out a slight moan, he slowly but surely moved faster and faster, penetrating me deeply. He leaned up towards me, and I instinctively knew to lick his engorged member. Dripping wet from my own saliva, I stopped as he positioned himself between my opening, pushing his rock hard cock into my virgin hole. Missionary style, he was able to lean up to my ear and whisper ?it?s okay. ? I grabbed into his back and threw my legs around his waist, allowing him to go deeper inside me. The mixture of pain and pleasure was invigorating?and a huge turn-on.

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   He shoved himself down into me all the way, and I felt his teeth and lips in my necks as I let out a slight gasp. He pulled out as he worked his way with his mouth to my lips. The combination between the gasping for air, the moaning, the intense probing of tongues, and his shoving in and out of me was intense . Lost in a state of ecstasy, the time flew by at a fantastic rate. Eventually he whispered to me that he couldn?t hold out any longer, and I replied the same. I felt my insides twist as he hit the final stretch of thrusts, and I grabbed his shoulders and screamed ?Oh God? as he came inside my hole. It into sent me over the edge, and I gained final release as I shot my load onto my stomach. Collapsing on top of me, we sat there for about five minutes before our tongues began to probe each other?s mouths once again. With a final kiss, we got up and put our Sunday best back on after looking up at the clock and realizing that two hours had passed. I unlocked the door so we could return back to the sanctuary for the last two minutes of service, just in time for the final prayer and a whispered ?amen. ?.

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