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Topic: Too BigMy name is Monica. Im 16. I have long blonde hair, tan skin, an amazing and fit body, tight ass, and double D boobs. Yes I was the envy of most girls. Everyone at school thought of me as a slut because I gave a lot of head. I like sucking on dick. It made me feel powerful making a guy cum into my pretty little mouth over and over. But I had never had sex. Id never even masturbated. One day there was a new student. I was in the 10th grade and he was in 12th. His name was Eric. He looked like he was a male model. He has a perfect face, amazing body that was very buff and gorgeous eyes. I would always watch him wondering how big his cock was. Well one day after my volleyball practice I went into the locker rooms and started to take a shower.

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   Everyone was gone so I was completely naked. I rubbed my tits thinking of Eric and started to rub my clit. I moaned slightly. Then I hear a laugh. I looked over and Eric stood there grinning at me. "What are you doing miss monica?" he asked while walking closer to me"Umm. . . n-nothing" I didn't even know what to say. He walked over and turned the water off. I could feel his eyes all over my body. "So I hear your the girl who gives amazing head right?" I smiled and nodded. "Well I haven't had some in awhile. You think you could. .

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  . help me out?""I guess. . . . " I smiled and grabbed his hand. We walked over to a bench and I sat him down. I got down on my knees quicker than I thought. I began rubbing his crotch through his shorts. He started to brush my hair with his fingers. I then pulled his shorts completely off and pulled the boxers with them. There it was. The biggest dick id ever seen. It was at least 11 inches and so thick I couldn't grab it with just one hand. I began pumping his already hard cock in my hand.

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   I looked up at him. He has his eyes closed and he was biting his lip. I began to lick his balls first then moved my way up to the head of his cock. I took in as much as I could sucking and pumping. He suddenly pulled my hair and I felt his body tense. Then a stream of cum shot down my throat. I gasped because it was so much. He pulled me up and violently kissed me. Then he started rubbing my clit. I felt myself shiver. "I can't Eric. . . " he continued rubbing it making me wetter"Why not? You're a slut remember?" I felt him slide a finger into my pussy. I screamed it hurt so much.

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   "Damn you're tight""Im a virgin please. . . I don't wanna fuck""Too bad slut" he pushed me onto the bench so my butt was to him. He then pulled my ass up and started smacking it. I felt like crying but wanted his dick. I felt him move his cock near my pussy. He grabbed my waist and held on really tight. Then all of a sudden he slammed all of his 11 inch cock into my pussy. I felt myself scream in pain. He quickly started fucking me hard. My tits swung around as he thrust in and out. My pussy screamed in pain but it felt so good. "Please. .

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  . uhh. . . . stop. . . . this uh! Oh. . . uhhh. . .

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  . . . it. . . . ahh. . . . uh. . . huurts.

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   Ahh!" he slapped my ass and started ramming it in harder. My body ached as his cock thrust in even deeper. He pulled it out and I gasped in relief. Then he flipped me over, grabbed my legs put them over his shoulders and slammed his cock back into my pussy. I watched as his buff body rammed my tiny body. It was amazing. He was sweating so much. "Shit monica. . . . your pussy. . . is the tightest pussy my dick has ever had.

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  . . . fuck. . . . . . fuck your mine now slut. " I felt passion and pleasure. "Im your ahh. . . .

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  slut!" he slapped my tits and rammed his cock in deeper. "Say you want my cock bitch"" I ahh! Want. . . uhh! Your. . . ahh. . . ahhh!!! Cock! Oh! Oh god! Yes! Yess!!!" he then started pulling it all the way out and ramming it back in. I gasped and screamed in pain. "You like it bitch?! You like my cock?" "Uhhh huuu!" he was slamming his cock in so hard I didn't even know what I was saying. "Im cummin bitch. .

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  . " he started fucking me with quick violent thrusts. I screamed and gasped. My pussy came and I felt my head spin. "Harder! Yes. . . . harder eric! Oooh. . . . ooohhh! Ahhh!!! ERIC!!!! YES YES YESSSS! OH YEA I LOVE YOUR COCK! CUM IN ME BABY! CUM IN MY TIGHT PUSSY! YEA! YEA. . .


  . OOH! OOOOH! UH! UH! UH! YEAAAA! OHHHHHH SHIIIITTTT!" Suddenly he tensed up and shot so much cum in my pussy it ozed out. He pulled it out and smiled at me. "Thanks slut" he walked out leaving me fucked and in pain.

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