Traveling Gentleman Ch. 1


Traveling Gentleman
Chapter 1
It was pouring down rain and just ahead of me I could see a set of flashers on the side of the road. I slowed my RV down to see if anyone needed help, and out of the car jumped 2 young women. Well seeing them I stopped and asked what was wrong, the redhead said that they were driving along and that the car just stalled and wouldn’t start again. I explained that I was no good with engines and asked if they needed a lift to the next town, which was about 5 miles ahead. They jumped at the chance and I opened the side door. As they climbed in I went to fetch some towels because they were both soaking wet. I introduced myself as David and they responded back their names were Tammy and Claire. Tammy is a beautiful young lady; she is 5’4” tall with long blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and a pouty mouth with a really nice figure. Claire on the other hand stands about 5’7”tall has long red hair, sexy green eyes and a pair of lips begging to be kissed, with a figure to die for. I handed them the towels and asked if they needed anything from their car before they dried off, Claire and Tammy both said they needed their purses and suitcases, and ran back to retrieve them. As they settled in I climbed back in the drivers seat and started for Humble the town just ahead.
As we pulled in I could see that this placed closed down with the sun. I pulled up in front of the police station and told the girls I would find out where the local gas station was. Ducking out and running though the rain I was shocked to see that the deputy on duty was a pretty young women. I explained the problem and asked for directions. Shelia informed me that we would have to wait until morning as the place was closed right now.

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   I thanked her and asked where the nearest motel was, she said that there wasn’t one in town but seeing the RV said they had a campground a few miles down the road. I rushed back to the RV and told the girls the bad news. Tammy looked at Claire and then asked if I could let them spend the night. I said sure. We drove to the campground and a sign on the door of the office said the office was closed and to just pick a site and settle up in the morning.
I picked a site close to a building that looked like public showers. Parked the RV and went out to hook up the water and power to the RV, thank god the rain had stopped for the minute. When I was done I told the girls that they were welcome to use the shower, and as soon as I said it Tammy yelled I’m first and jumped up and kissed me to say thanks. While she was cleaning up Claire and I talked about the RV and I explained that my wife had died of cancer last year and that since I was retired I just drove around the country seeing different places to forget her last few painful months. Tammy came back during the story and wanted to know how seeing as I was only in my 40’s I could afford to retire. I told them I won the lottery and invested it, and lived off the income.
While Claire went to clean up Tammy and I got to talk about my wife, and I started to tear up. She pulled me close and said it was ok to cry. As I cried on her shoulder she asked how long it had been since I last had sex. I looked into her eyes saw the lust and said over 2 years.

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   Tammy smiled and asked if I would like to make love to her, she took my hand and slid it under under her nightshirt to her right breast. As I massaged her tit and I looked her in the eyes she moaned, saying how good it felt. We sat like that for few more minutes until I pulled her nightshirt over her head and started to suck on her gorgeous 34 d size tits. Tammy moaned as I licked and sucked moving from one tit to the other. My cock was now hard as a rock and Tammy was rubbing it though my pants. I move down Tammy’s body kissing my way down on my way to her beautiful shaved pussy. She was propped up on one elbow while she held my head in place with her other hand. I slipped a finger into her slick pussy I had my head between her legs and was feasting away when I felt her hands on my head holding it urging me to tongue her harder. Tammy moaned again and began pushing her hips up toward my face, her orgasm getting closer I continuing to pump her pussy with my finger, I started sucking on her clit, she started moaning louder and pushing her pussy harder at my face as her orgasm over came her, I did my best to comply.
I then felt another set of hands undoing my belt and pants and I lifted my hips so they could be removed, and groaned as a set of hot lips wrapped themselves around my hard cock. Claire parted her lips and slid them down my rigid shaft, taking me as deeply into her mouth as she could manage. With a moan, she started sliding her lips up and down my tool while pumping the base with one hand and fondling my balls with the other, but not wanting to miss a second of her pretty face bobbing up and down on my organ, i pulled my head from between Tammy’s legs to see Claire sucking like crazy on my cock Claire moaned around my stiff shaft, sucking with renewed vigor. My orgasm was welling up quickly as her warm, wet mouth engulfed me over and over. I was pushing my hips up, wanting to penetrate her mouth as deeply as possible and she seemed to pick up the vibe sensing that I was on the verge of cumming. She continued to suck with amazing skill as my cock began to swell within her mouth.

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   I ran my fingers through her long red hair as she sucked my cock, feeling an orgasm beginning to approach. Finally, I had to let my head drop back onto the top of the couch as I forced my cock into her mouth as deeply as she could take it and began to spew. My orgasm was long and intense and she continued to suck me, swallowing every drop of cum.
We rested for about 20 minutes reclaiming our stretgh. I went to the frige and got a few beers and handed one to each of the girls. Claire smiled took hers but didn’t drink from from it setting it aside. She looked deep in my eyes smiled again and kissed me gently as she lifted up and straddled me, she was very wet, and rubbed my cock head up and down her pussy, then guided my dick into her sopping cunt with her hand. I entered her with one hard thrust, her soaked pussy taking me greedily. Arching her back a little she allowed me better penetration as I thrust home again and again, her tight pussy becoming wetter and wetter. I felt my cock bend inside of her each time she swayed back and forth. Because of the tightness of her soft pussy I began to move faster and faster taking my dick almost fully out then plunging it back into her suddenly her legs tightened around me as she had a very powerful orgasm pumping herself back and forth into me… This little girl was a fucking machine. Up slowly, down hard, up slowly down hard. I met each one of her downward thrust with thrust of my own. Banging together, Claire started to cum again. Her pussy soaked my cock, but I just kept shoving my cock into her, wanting for this to last forever.

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Holding her hips, I drove my throbbing meat into Claire's pussy in deep, long strokes in no time I was sinking my sword hilt deep into her steaming wet love tunnel as the I savagely fucked her. The force of my thrusts made her tits bounce increasing my lust even more. I thrust faster and deeper, jack hammering my cock into her like an animal in heat. Claire seemed like she was lost in another world. Her eyes and mouth were wide with a faraway look as her orgasm rolled through her like a tidal wave. She rode me wildly, sitting up straight for the deepest penetration. Soon Claire was rocking far backwards on my cock, and suddenly her pussy clenched me with incredibly tight hard spasms as she came loudly. She rode my hard-on wildly and soon I was screaming in ecstasy as I blew my hot load deep into this hot young woman.