Traveling Gentleman Ch. 2


 Traveling Gentleman
Chapter 2 
I awoke the next morning with the urgent need to pee. Rolling over to get up I realized that Tammy was sleeping on my left and Claire on my right, I smiled and worked my way off the bed with out waking them. After relieving myself I glanced at the clock, it was a little before 8 and realizing that the water tank was almost empty from the girls showers the night before I grabbed a towel and my shaving kit and headed for the showers across the road. I started thinking that I hadn’t felt this good since my wife had gotten so ill that we couldn’t have sex any more. I felt a little guilty about fucking both Tammy and Claire for a moment then realized my wife would have approved because we had discussed this over a year ago before she died.
As I approached the showers I saw that the men’s side said it was closed for repairs and that I would have to use the women’s side. A sign on the wall next the door to said just change the sign so everyone would know what sex was inside, but the sign was missing. Assuming that someone had stole it, and it being so early no one would be about, I went in and started the water got in the shower. I was soaped up good when a head poked in my stall and a girls face got beet red and the girl who owned it stammered she was sorry and ducked back out real quick, but not before glancing at my dick. I laughed and told her to hold on a minute, I rinsed off grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist and stepped out of the stall. The girl again said how sorry she was and explained that they had been having problem with kids turning on the water and leaving it running for the fun of it. She assumed it was the same thing again and was just going to shut it off. I smiled and said it was ok that having such a pretty young thing see me naked didn’t bother me in the least. She smiled now asked if I owned the RV. I said yeah I was coming to the office as soon as I was done with my shower.
I asked her what her name was and she responded it was Tiffany she was 18 and that her parents owned the campground.

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   I noticed that she kept looking at my crouch area so I caught her eyes and smiled as I asked her if she would do me a favor and scrub my back for me. Now I should tell you Tiffany stands about 5’10”, short blonde hair, and a healthy pair of DD tits on her small frame.   Tiffany smiled nodded her head and started to undo the buttons on her shirt and slid it off revealing a lacy bra, I reached for the snap on her shorts and opened them pushing them off her hips and they fell to the floor, she put her hands on my shoulders and stepped out of them. She walked to the shower and turned the water back on, I followed and undid her bra while she adjusted the waters temp. She smiled and let it slip from her shoulders, throwing to one side then reaching back yanked the towel away from my rock hard cock. She reach down and began fondling my dick and balls. I placed my hands on her hips and pushed her panties down her thighs, then reaching around I cup her pussy in my hand, she sighed stepped out them and kicked them away before stepping into the shower. I stepped in behind her and reached around to cup both her fantastic tits massaging them and playing with her nipples. As she leaned back into me moaning about how good it felt I worked my cock up and down over her hot ass. She glanced at me over her shoulder and said she hadn’t had a hard cock in months and was horny as hell. I whispered in her ear that I would solve that as I turned her around picking her up and setting her down on my dick in one swift motion. Her breath caught as she sank on it till my balls were brushing her ass. Tiffany leaned forward placed her lips on mine, and sighed god you’re huge. I could feel her nipples harden pushing into my chest as she started to slide up and down on my rod and I pushed her up ageist the wall thrusting into her at the same time. We stood there fucking for about 10 minutes as I sucked on her nipples at the same time as she rode my cock to 2 orgasms.

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   Grunting I let her know that I was about to cum in case she wanted me to pull out but all she did was wrap her legs around me tighter saying cum deep inside me. I thrust harder slamming her into the wall hard as I spew wad after wad of cum deep inside her. She screamed as I shot my load into her, she started cumming all over my dick and balls till it ran down my legs and then down the drain. After she caught her breath Tiffany smiled and kissed me hard then asked if she could have a repeat performance later. I smiled at her and assured her that I was up for it if she was, we proceeded to rinse off and get dressed. See you at the office she smiled and left.
I finished dressing and walked back to the RV, both girls were still asleep so I made coffee and picked up the RV while it brewed. When it was ready I went over to the bed and slapped Claire and Tammy’s bare ass to wake them up. They both yelped and said what gives, I informed them that they couldn’t sleep all day. Claire said that after last night she could, Tammy chimed in me too. I laughed and told them that they both needed another shower and would have to use the ones across the road because of the water tank being so low. They smiled and said no problem is you coming? I told them that I had already taken mine sipping on my cup of coffee. Claire stuck her tongue out at me and gathered her things taking her coffee with her. Tammy started to get her stuff together but I grabbed her from behind bent her over the table and stuffed her full of cock in one hard thrust. Tammy moaned as I started to pump in and out of her tight little cunt.

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   Positioned as we were I was able to get all 7. 5” in her as my balls slapped ageist her pussy lips. She groaned how great it felt and yelled push harder. I grabbed her swinging tits and used them as leverage to go even deeper and she started cumming screaming her release as I pumped what felt like a gallon of cum inside her greedy sucking pussy. I staggered back to sit down and catch my breath; my cock shining from her juices and my cum. Tammy smiled and commented that was one hell of a wake up call I gave.
As Tammy and Claire took showers I went up to the office to use the phone and pay for last night. A carbon copy of Tiffany only 20 years older stood behind the counter of the combination office /store. I said Hi my names David Smith and we came in late last night. The lady said welcome to Twin Peaks Campground I’m Beth and this is Tiffany who I believe you have already met smiling an all knowing look at me, as I stood there staring at her chest wondering if that was where the name came from for the place because she was supporting a pair of tits that had to be DD or better and I could see where Tiffany got hers; Beth said, yes there real. Coughing to cover my embarrassment at having been caught, I looked her in the eyes and asked what do I owe you and am there a phone I could use? Beth licked her lips and said why don’t we wait until you leave to settle up. I said ok, then she pointed to phone on the desk and said I could use it as long as it was local, and there was a pay phone just outside if I wanted to make a long distance call, with that she disappeared in the back room. I sat down called the sheriff’s office and got another female deputy who’s name was Karen. She said that Sheila had told her the problem and that she had already dispatched Jo from Kidman’s Garage to pick up the car. I thanked her for doing that and asked if I could have the number to the garage so I could ask him how long the repairs would take.

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   Karen laughed and said Jo’s a she not a he and gave me the number, about this time Beth came back in a very revealing tube top; I thanked Karen for the information and hung up the phone as I stared at the part of Beth’s tits protruding over the top of the material. Beth said Tiffany told me about your little adventure this morning, and was wondering if she could have some too. I cleared my throat and asked where her husband was, She smiled and said don’t worry he and all the towns men and boys 18 and older are in Iraq. The only ones still here are teenage boys and old men so if when you go town don’t be surprised if you get lots of offers for sex, all the women in town are horny just like Tiffany and me.
Now as for me, all I want is a quickie; and she stuck her huge tits in my face. Tiffany said jeez mom at least go in the living room not out front here. Beth stuck out her tongue and said this from a girl who fucks a stranger in a public shower stall. She smiled, took my hand and led my back into their private area. When we got to their living room she grabbed the bottom of the tube top and peeled it over her head allowing her tits to come free and dance around her chest. I reached up cupping them in the palms of my hands tweaking the nipples as I rubbed them. Beth moaned as I brought my lips to one nipple and sucked on it. Her hands in the mean time were working on getting the button to my shorts undone so she could feel my cock. As I sucked on her tits I used my teeth to nip at her nipples drawing huge groans of pleasure from her, I worked my way from one to the other taking my time to enjoy these sweet melons. After about 10 minutes Beth pushed me back and I sat on their couch, she then dropped to her knees and took my stiff cock into her warm mouth. Her lips slid over my cock and dropped down the shaft inch by inch slowly and teasingly.

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   She ran her tongue over every vein and ridge on my cock as she worked her way down, Her hands cupped my balls and she rolled them around as she slurped and slid her mouth up and down my cock. She bobbed her head faster and Beth immediately started swallowing as I erupted right then from the sheer pleasure of what was happening. I filled her mouth time and time again. Beth’s mouth overflowed as she struggled to swallow each shot the excess cum leaked from the sides of her mouth and dribbled down over her breasts. Beth reluctantly pulled away but as she did she gave me a wicked grin and rubbed the drips of cum into her tits and across her nipples. As I recovered she slid over my lap naked and started kissing me deeply. She then turned around and lowered her ass back towards my cock as it began to harden again. Beth could feel my stiff dick pressing into her backside as she gave me an impromptu lap dance. As she backed her ass towards me I grabbed my hard cock and aimed it directly at her pussy. At that moment Beth reached between her legs, looked back over her shoulder and spread her swollen pussy lips. She groaned as the head push past her fingers and into her hungry hole, she felt that shiver that came over her from having a mans cock inside her.
Beth waited just a moment and then dropped all the way down on my shaft impaling herself on my throbbing cock. I slipped my hands from where they were around her waist and he pulled her back against my chest as I rolled her erect nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Beth rode me like this for over 10 minutes, moaning how good it felt to have a real cock inside her again. I growled to her that I was about to cum.

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   As she started screaming she was cumming I shot my third load of the morning deep inside her highly sexed body bouncing on my lap, even as my seed let loose inside her body I was amazed at how good she felt. I held Beth in place on my lap while strength returned to her exhausted body. She sighed that she hadn’t felt this good in months, I told her that my stopping to help out Claire and Tammy was the best thing to happen to me in a long time. I asked her if once Tammy and Claire left did she thinks I could stick around for a while. I don’t want to feel tied down you understand but if I can help out I feel I might like this town for a while smiling at her.