Vicky's Visit...Caught...1.


I sleepily awoke to a warm  tingleing sensation on my dick. Dawn was breaking, and as my eyes slowly adjusted to the light, I found the source of this stimulation. Vicky was slowly giving me some superlative head. Her soft small hands grasped the base of my cock as she tenderly licked up and down the shaft and alternately rubbed her satiny cheek with the swollen glans, sending sparks thru my cock and crotch. She used her finger to rub the pre-cum slowly around the head. He opened her mouth and slowly engulfed my member teasing the length with her tongue and gently rakeing her teeth on my glans on the upstoke, while gently sucking it.
Good Morning she cooed as she kissed my cock tenderly. Take me, Phil. . . She moaned I can't wait any longer, my cunt is on fire and ready for you to make me a woman! Wordlessly, I pulled her up to me as we shared a deep firey tongue kiss. I rolled her beneath me and sat back on my knees. I was out of control now, but I was going to make her first time memorable. she was my Wife's sister but she had tantelized me to the point of no return. She pulled up her knees and reached down to spread her pussy lips. Her almost hairless mound was swollen and glistening with her lubrication which seeped down her butt cheeks.

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   Her petal like inner lips splayed open just enough to see the small tight entrance to her heated vagina.
I covered her sweet teen pussy with my mouth. sucking and nippleing all the while. rolling my tongue around to get the full sweetness of her juices. "MMMMMMM. . . . OH, Yes, tongue fuck me darling! she hissed. . . . Thats it! thats it! I clamped down with my lips on her throbbing clit and gently licked and sucked it. . .

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  . "IIIMMM GONNAAA CUM!! she yelled. Her hips came up off the bed and I had to reach under and firmy clutch her ass cheeks to keep my lips on her pussy. She firmly grasped the back of my head as she arched her back and groaned "Oh, MYYYYYGODDDDDYESSSSS!!!,AHHHHHHHHH! I kept a gentle pressure on her cunt slowly licking as she came down from her intense orgasm. Her firm breasts with pink diamond-like nipples riseing up and down as she caught her breath.
I've never had a tongue lashing like that, she said. It takes an older man to get the job done. Now I moved in to take her. Grasping the shaft of my cock, which was now harder than a shash iron. My Glans skin was so tight I thought it would split open as I frimly pressed to her cunt slit. I gasped at the heat of her arousal and the slick velvety sensation of her lubricious cunt juice. Vicky raised her head to watch as I slowly split her pussy lips and rubbed the head up and down, watching as her pouting pussy lips rolled and bulged into almost a circle as I coated my cock head with her love oil. I began to breath faster now as my arousal increased. "Do it, Phil Do it! Oh, I want your hard cock in me now. .

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  . she begged. With that I nestled the head at her opening and gently pushed. Man she was tight! I increased the pressure and felt her vaginal spinchter slowly open. "Are you O. K. Baby? I asked. "Oh God yes," She replied. "Keep going honey" she hissed. I gave a small push and the head popped in. Her vaginal opening clamped down like a tight "O" ring just behind the head of my dick.
I was in white hot heaven, and fighting hard not to cum too soon. Pushing forward little by little her hot velvety cunt walls rippeled around my cock as I reached her Hymen. "This will sting a little honey, but won't for long. " I whispered.

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   I was going to be gentle, but Vicky surprised me by wrapping her legs around my hips and thrusting up suddenly. UNNHHHHHHHH!!!! she moaned into my neck as my cock punctured her barrier. She rested a moment and then amazed me again as she used her legs and hips and rocked her pelvis until my cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy. "Oh, I'm so full, she moaned. "I'm ready to be screwed like a woman should be Phil, she said. OHHH,Fuck me Baby! I began small thrusting movements and she moaned out her arousal as I did. Gradually, her pussy adjusted to my length and girth and it became easier to do so.
Her young teenage cunt sucked my cock like a mouth on my storkes and I reveled in hot tight satiny depths on each in-thrust. Her cunt juice was soaking my scrotum as we began to pick up the pace. I supported myself a little on my elbows and knees so as not to pin her too tightly. she began to meet my thrusts and twirl her hips screwing her cunt around my shaft in a rotateing movement, sending shivers of delight up my cock shaft and spine which exploded like sky rockets in my head. She was showing the makeings of one fine piece of ass like her older sister. Oh, Phil! Oh, Phil," I'm feeling it coming! She began a long gutteral moan down deep in her throat which began to increase in pitch. She began to thrust and screw around my cock faster. She began to rake her nails along and into my back.

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   We kissed deeply tongues entertwineing, then she began sucking on my neck. Finally she broke away for breath Oh, ShiTTTTTTTT, AHHHHHHLORDDDDDDDD I'm comeingggggggg. . . . Cock me, cock me. . . You big dicked stud. . . . . UNHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! YESSSS!!!!! she wailed.
She gave one last hard pelvic thrust that buried my cock to the hair line and bumping the head against her cervix.

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   I had hit bottom, and that was it. . . I threw back my head and loudly groaned out my pleasure as I came so hard it threw a slight cramp in the base of my cock.   I Filled her full of semen and she sighed and slightly moved her hips from side to side as My spasms decreased. My cock slowly softened and dropped from her cunt as we lay on our sides kissing and caressing in our after glow. Then we heard a different voice with panting breathing and a slow moan of Oh, God! that was so Erotic!! Oh, Look, Phil!. . . . . it's Sharon! Vicky said smileing. . .


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