Watching Meghan and Shane


Meghan's innocence always astounded me. Although I am old enough to be her father, and in factam close friends with her mother, I am a Facebook friend of hers and was always amazed atthe kinds of messages that the boys her age would leave for her. I mentioned it once casually at work,and she just shrugged it off saying boys will be boys. One of her Facebook friends, a guy named Shane who I only knew from his ridiculous profile picture (white kid,blond hair, blue eyes, in a hoodie giving the finger to the camera), left an interesting messageabout 'giving it to her harder next time'. Again, she laughed it off. I was excited when I got home from work and my wife told me we were headed to Meghan's mom's house (where she lived too) to have dinner and play board games, just for the chance to see Meghan, but was quickly disappointed when her mom said that Meg wasn't home, although her car was in the driveway. Her momwas already very drunk by the time my wife and I arrived and I immediately excused myself to theupstairs bathroom. I walked past Meg's room and was disappointed again to find it was dark and quiet. I slipped past her roomtoward the bathroom and heard a ruffling noise. I hadn't turned on the hall light for that off-chance that she was sleeping and I might get a peek. What actually happened was much more amazing. I stood motionless outside her door and heard a male voice whisper, "be quiet, your mom will. . . "
"Are you kidding she is so drunk. " she said back, rather loudly.

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   they both giggled. I didn't move, I barely breathed. While the blankets were ruffling, and both of them giggled, I slipped into the room and sat on the floor near the door. Neither of them heard me.
There was an empty wine bottle on the floor, along with socks and pants and a shirt. The moonlight shone in the window just enough, once my eyes adjusted, for me to see who I assumed to be Shane lying on his back andglorious Meghan, 5'10, lean, hot Meghan straddling his belly. Her long blond hair cascaded down her shoulders and her tiny tits pointed straight. Shane's hands were at her waist and he slowly slid them up to her tits. She giggled and sat up straight, throwing her head back. "So are you gonna fuck me tonight or what?" he asked quietly. I felt myself get rock hard. That was all it took, the idea of Meg fucking this boy was all it took. I slowly slid my hands down my pants as I listened to Meghan drunkenly giggle.
"Yeah i think so," she said and sat up a bit. They had kicked the covers off and i couldn't believe i hadn't been detected.

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   Shane held his giant cock straight up, and she edged herself backward. I could tell, even though she had sworn her virginity to me before, that she was not new at this. She slowly backed herself onto his cock as he pushed her down from the hips.
"Careful!" she almost yelled and sat back up.
"Sorry, sorry" he said. She giggled and started backward again. He had a firm grip on his large dick and started again to slide himself in. She bucked forward and this time, something came over him.
"Come on goddamnit!" he almost yelled and flipped her over. Her face smooshed into the pillow stifling her yell. He had one hand over the back of her head and the other on his cock as he slid it into her from behind. He grabbed her long hair into a ball and pushed it into the back of her head. She stopped yelling and now sounded like she was crying. As soon as his dick was well inside of her he spread her legs with his free hand and started to thrust in her. I was jerking off like crazy at this point, not believing what i was seeing, not even thinking of helping her.

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   He was fucking her pretty deep and bent down close and asked "are you going to stop crying or what?" and lifted her head by the hair. She gasped for air. "yes, yes, i will I'm sorry, yes" "thats right, yes" he said and banged her even harder. She lifted her ass a bit and he slid his hands under her belly down to her pussy rubbing and sliding. She moaned loudly with her ass in the air, face in the pillow facing me, her eyes squeezed shut. she was completely naked except for a pair of striped kneehigh socks which nearly put me over the edge. He grabbed her hands and pulled them back as he thrust into her, the bed creaking loudly in tune with their fucking. Her hands found their way down to her pussy and she rubbed and stroked, his hand found its way to her asshole and he slowly, very expertly, slid a finger in. She moaned loudly and started to shake. "Oh god, Shane" he grabbed her hips and grinded himself as hard as he could. Meg, young, hot Meg finally spasmed and moaned, breathing hard, eyes still squeezed shut. Shane fucked one more hard thrust and came inside of her. She gasped, he pulled her harder toward him. i could see the cum dripping out of her onto the bed. I came in my pants, it didn't take long.

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   I wasn't sure how I was going to get out of that room. As Shane was sliding himself out of her and wiping his dick on the sheets, Meg opened her eyes and said "you liked that, Dan?" and winked.
Shane didn't hear her say it, and she closed her eyes before I could even register if it was real or not. What happened the following week was the most amazing experience of my life.