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“I really like that dress you are wearing tonight,” he commented as I sat on the desk next to where he was working. It was a short brown silk dress that I had gotten at the thrift store the day before that showed off my long legs and accentuated my auburn hair. “Thanks. ” I was getting nervous being that close to him. The outline of his growing cock in his pants showed he was thinking along the same lines as I was. I’ve always loved going down on a man (or woman for that matter) and I had to make a move if anything was ever going to happen. “I look better out of it though,” I purred as I began stroking his leg. His cock jumped at my touch and my heart sped up as I inched my way towards it. “You know I’m with Gena,” he said as he took my hand off his thigh. His smile and erection told me that he really wanted me to keep going. “I know you want me as much as I want you, so let’s stop kidding ourselves,” I said matter-of-factly and moved my hand directly to his cock. He was throbbing in my hand and I squeezed him gently to get my point across. I couldn’t believe I was being this forward but I let my lust for him take over. He didn’t stop me as I unzipped his trousers and took out his cock. It was average length but quite thick. Being as my pussy was very tight I couldn’t think of how I would get that inside me.

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   I hopped off the table and got on my knees on the cold tile floor. The room was small and cramped but there was enough room to maneuver. I licked the head softly and looked up at him coyly. He was breathing harder now and pushed my head back down. I stuffed his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked with fervor. I could taste his precum seeping out and I couldn’t get enough of the taste. Sean got a bit rougher with me, holding my head by the hair and forcing my mouth up and down on his cock. “Oh fuck! That feels so good!” Sean groaned. He took one hand off my head and reached down to fondle my breasts. My hard nipples poked out of the thin fabric and he pinched them hard. I gasped around his cock as he clasped my breasts. I’d never known that pain and pleasure could be as one like this and I pressed myself closer to him. I lavished attention to his cock. He started getting into it, raising his hips out of the chair he was sitting in to force his cock further in my mouth. I gagged a bit as the head poked down my throat.

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   He seemed to enjoy seeing me choke like that and pushed deeper. Every time he thrust into my mouth he would shove my head down and twist my nipple. Pain shot thru my body and I loved every minute of it. “Suck it harder,” he hissed. My cheeks contracted as I sucked his cock the hardest I could. I could tell he was about ready to cum and I couldn’t wait to feel him spray in my mouth. He told me to stop and I took my mouth off him quickly. I was disappointed at first until he told me to take off my dress. I unbuttoned it and let it slip to my knees. My breasts were encased in a frilly pink cotton bra that you could easily see my light nipples thru. He reached down and rubbed them. The force of his touch caused the shoulder straps to slide down. “I want to cum all over your tits. Stroke my cock,” he said as he scooted closer to me. He put his hands on my shoulders and gripped me tightly as I took his cock in my hands.

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   I could feel the blood pounding in it as I massaged him. I had the head pointed at my breasts and let it rub over the flesh poking over the bra. His hold on me was starting to hurt but I didn’t care. He bellowed as he shot thick gobs of cum on my breasts. It splattered on my bra and slithered between my breasts. He told me to rub it in. I took my hands off his softening cock and smoothed the hot cum in my skin and bra. My hands slipped easily over my skin and I relished the feel of his semen on me. He put his cock back in his pants and said I should get cleaned up before we left. I stumbled into the bathroom on rubbery legs to wipe up the cum that hadn't been rubbed in. I put myself together and we locked the gate on the store behind us as we left. I was praying that we didn’t have security cameras back there but decided not to worry about it anymore. I was still on a high from having just fulfilled one of my fantasies and didn’t have the time to worry about stuff like that. We didn’t talk much in the car except for Sean to say that while I was in the bathroom he had called Gena. She wasn’t home so he had tried her cell phone.

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   She said she was going to be at her brother’s house for the next few hours. My stomach knotted up in excitement. I wanted to get fucked tonight and I didn’t care how or where I would get it. This news made my plans easier to see coming to light. I sneaked a peek back at his cock and saw he was getting hard again. We arrived at his apartment about 30 minutes later and we didn’t say a word to each other as we climbed the stairs. The moment he shut the door behind us he grabbed me and spun me around so that I was slammed against the door. I was shocked at his intensity and fought in vain for a moment. I soon let myself go limp as he kissed me. He was all tongue and teeth, pressed deeply into me. He nibbled my lips and tongue as we kissed and I could feel my pussy getting wet. I rubbed my pussy against his leg between my thighs as he lifted me up slightly. I felt so weak and helpless. He took advantage of my feeble state and kept me lifted up with his hands on my ass. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he relentlessly bit and sucked on my neck.

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   His cock was straining in his pants and he ground it powerfully into my pussy. The door rattled in its frame as he pounded into me. I felt flushed and so aroused. I’d never wanted someone so much and I needed to fuck him right then. “P-please…” I stammered. I tried to pry his face from my neck so I could talk to him to tell him to fuck me but he wouldn’t budge. To tell the truth I didn’t want him to stop. He looked up after a moment and asked me what I wanted. My eyes said it all and he lowered me back to the carpet. He took me by the hand and led me to the living room. He was already tugging at my dress before we reached the couch and it was halfway off me when we got there. I tossed it in the corner of the room as he was taking off his shirt and pants. I smelled his cum on me as I peeled off my moist bra. My nipples were still red from his pinching and the cool air on them sent shivers up my spine. My panties followed the bra in the pile of our clothes on the floor.

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  “God. You’re shaved. ” Sean’s eyes glazed over and he stroked his cock while staring at my pussy. I had taken to shaving it a year ago when a boyfriend asked me too. It always felt better when you didn’t have all that hair in the way when someone was licking you. I sat on the couch and spread my legs for him to get a better look. It was baby pink and glistening with my juices. He knelt in front of me and submerged his face in my pussy. I moaned as his hot breath flowed over me. I put my legs up on the coffee table behind him and arched my back as he used his teeth on my tender lips. I had only had my pussy eaten by one other guy before and he was young and inexperienced. This was a revelation for me. Sean expertly sucked and licked my clit, bringing me to the hardest orgasm I had ever had. In my passion, I ran my fingers thru his hair and held on tight as I bucked under his mouth. He took my hands off his head and held me by the wrists on the cushions of the couch.

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   I was pinned beneath him. I was vulnerable to him now and he could do anything he wanted. When he was sure I wouldn’t try to take control again, he released his grip on me. Snaking his hand to my pussy, he roughly shoved his fingers in my sopping wet hole. His fingers were long and smooth and it didn’t take him long to find my G-spot. Turning his head as he held my clit in his teeth, he fucked me hard with his hand. My tight pussy convulsed around his intruding fingers as I came again, soaking his face with my juices. He took his fingers out with a popping sound and put his hand to my mouth. He wet my lips with my cum and told me to clean his fingers. I had never tasted my cum before now and found it to be sweet with a slight tang. His tongue traveled down my slit and it darted in and out of my hole. I couldn’t help but bite down slightly on his fingers as he brought me to another orgasm. He bit my swollen clit in retribution and I released his fingers. He stood up and motioned for me to get up as well. He turned me around to the couch arm and told me to bend over it.

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   I leaned on the arm for support as I pushed my ass in the air. I moved to spread my legs but he slapped my ass. I was shocked at the slap but complied. The pain felt so delicious and I hoped he would do it again. He took his cock and pressed it against my pussy. He wet it with my juices and smeared them over my rosebud. I trembled, as I had never been fucked there before and I was so scared it would hurt. I could hear him chuckling to himself and I asked him what was so funny. “You are,” he said. “Are you afraid of my cock going up your ass?”I laughed and said, “Well, yeah. My pussy is tight enough. I can’t imagine how you’ll get that up there. ”“I’ll just have to loosen you up first,” he said. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He was having trouble getting it inside but the head eventually broke thru.

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   I cried out as it went in. He got harder as I cried and in one powerful stroke he was fully inside me. My head snapped back as he grabbed a handful of hair. I was full to capacity and every thrust of his cock sent a rush thru me. His free hand rested on my clit and he pulled at it while he rammed into me. My body rocked on the couch as he rubbed and fucked me. He would pull almost all the way out of me and slam back in. As I came, I yelled out in short bursts in time with every stroke. Each noise I made caused him to fuck me harder. He slicked his fingers with the juices running down my thigh and put them on my rosebud. Before I could tell him not to, he was inserting a finger into my rectum. My ass and pussy clamped down on him. I felt invaded yet strangely thrilled at his fingers inside me. I relaxed a bit as I started to really get into it. He decided he had been in my pussy long enough and without warning, he jabbed his cock in my ass.

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   He let go of my hair and held onto my hips as he fucked me. I felt spitted on his cock and tears ran down my face. It was like I was on fire and each rub of his cock both hurt and gave me such pleasure. His thrusts became so hard I could barely hold onto the couch. My breasts were crushed on the arm of the couch as he pushed deeper into me. I screamed in ecstasy as I came. I would have never believed that getting fucked in the ass so roughly would make me come like that. His cock was growing and pulsating inside me and he pulled out quickly. Streams of hot spunk cascaded over my back and on my ass. Sean groaned as he came and while he was still hard he put it back up my ass. His cock was searing hot with his cum as he stroked off a few times inside me, letting my ass milk him dry. He stayed inside me as he softened, smoothing his cum into my skin with his hands. He took himself out of me and helped me off the couch. I was so shaken from the orgasms and pain. He held his sticky hands to my face and kissed me.


  “You’re going to be my whore, aren’t you?” he said. It was more like a statement than a question. I knew then I could never refuse him. I smiled and kissed him again. We held each other close and dreamed of what lay ahead. *Thank you for taking the time to read this. I welcome your comments and suggestions. .

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