Emma's dilemna part two


After what had happened the night before and her date with Rick and his insane sex games Emma was not sure of what she would do with James. She was not the kind of woman to have two lovers at once. She was not either the kind of woman to partake in kinky sex  games  with one man one evening and have sex with her black lover the next. She could not resist meeting James though. She got dressed in one outfit but when she looked in the mirror, it looked too conservative so she went to change. She knew they were not going to the same part of town as she had been the night before. She felt a bit guilty to have “cheated” on James the night before. The weather was bit colder than the previous night so she thought she would wear something that got attention but would not make her cold. She put on something she rarely would wear where she lived since it was not very cold: stockings. These black sheer stockings were attached to a black lace bustier by garters. She had on the assorted lace panties. That was very sophisticated but not trashy. She then put on a black thin sweater and a tan wide skirt. This skirt came down above the knee but was pleated and quite wide. She then put on the last touch : tall knee high black leather boots. These were very expensive slip on boots in soft leather with 4 inch stacked heels and no zipper.

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   They perfectly complemented the shape of her legs. She added a tight straight black leather jacket She looked at herself in the mirror and felt so attractive for one of her men. She blushed at that thought.
James picked her up in his car. He commented on how gorgeous she looked. He kept glancing at her legs with those boots followed by silk stockings and only interrupted by that skirt. As he drove his hand was rubbing her left thigh but she stopped him several time before he reached the top of the stocking. She wanted to keep that part of her outfit secret. She was aroused already by his attention and lustful glances.  She had to tell him to pay attention to the driving. They went to a nice restaurant and sat on the terrace. Men passing by on that Friday night looked at her legs without shame. Her boots were getting attention but now that she was sitting her skirt showed more of her lovely legs. She was worried that the wind might lift that light wide skirt up and show her stockings for everyone to see.
She had several glasses of wine and felt more bold than usual.

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   As they walked back to his car after dinner, She held on to his arm to provoke people. She noticed many stares on their couple of this big black man and his sexy lady. That got her quite aroused. She was thinking “if you people only knew how this man makes me scream…”. Once in his car James asked “now that we are in a more private location, will you let me touch you my darling”. She answered with a smile “I am not sure, I would like to keep you waiting more”. He groaned and held her by the neck to kiss her passionately. She returned his kiss as she felt so vulnerable in his arms. Completely at his mercy but she was trying to keep some control over the situation. His hands were grabbing her breasts, her hips. He unzipped his pants and told her: “I know you want this, you want to drive me crazy but can you handle it later?” She could hardly breathe as she saw that bulge. She wanted to grab it but kept control over herself.  “I dressed this way so you would want me and to show you I want you. I just want to keep some surprise for when we get to your place. I know it will drive you crazy.

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   I know it will hurt to wait as it hurts me when you take me. I want you be as addicted to me as I am getting to be to you”. He smiled and straightened himself up. He started the car and drove home with a big smile on his face. Once they were driving into his garage he looked at her and said “you are in for a treat then, I will show you how much you turn me on”. They walked inside his place holding hands. She dropped her jacket and purse on the counter. And they walked to the living room. He turned on some slow music and started dancing with her. His hands resumed their exploration and lifted the back of her skirt. He stopped and stepped back. “Oh my god, stockings? I have never had a woman as sophisticated as you, now I am getting addicted” She smiled, reached over and unzipped his pants. She pulled out his very long and thick cock in her hand and said blushing “prove it”.   He grabbed her in his arms and lifted her to sit her down on the counter. He hiked her skirt up and stared at her thighs with the garters coming down and making beautiful lines along her butt and thighs.

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   She took off her sweater and he saw her lacy bustier. He grabbed on to her tits and kissed them, pulling on them and roughly massaged them in his big hands. He leaned her backwards a bit and pulled her thong off with his teeth. He then began eating her pussy probing her with his thick fingers and even shoved a finger in her ass. She worried her ass would be sore from the previous night but it was actually still distended. He had two fingers in her pussy and one in her anus and moved back and forth finger fucking both holes at once. She was so wet that it made a slurping noise when he pulled out. She was grinding her pussy into his hand and holding her tits up to make them look bigger. He went straight to bite her nipples while continuing his assault whit his hand. She was moaning in delight and said with a soft voice. “I need to feel you inside me”. He grabbed her by the waist with his powerful hands lifted her up off the counter and slowly lowered her onto his cock. She put her arms around his neck and her head fell backwards as she screamed in pleasure “Oh it is soooo big. You stretch me so good ” She lifted herself up and down to try to get more of his member inside her and together their rhythm started picking up. She looked to her left and saw that they reflected in a large mirror.

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   She could see his monster sliding in and out of her pussy. She could see her legs in stockings shaking up and down and her boots swinging. She was trying to get more in than the 6 or 7 inches she had right now. Each time he lifted her up, it seemed his cock would not stop coming out of her and each time she slid down on it she could see her juices glistening. He became more and more mad with lust. He put her ass down on a big dining table. She could still see the scene in the mirror. She pushed him out of her and sat on the table facing the mirror. She said “look at me in the mirror”. She rubbed her pussy with one hand and rubbed his cock with the other one. “what to do you want to do to me?”  He looked at her for a few seconds. “I want to make a movie of tonight so we remember it forever. ” She was not sure about that but he opened a cabinet and set a camcorder on a tripod to record what was going on. She was cooling off now and told him she was not sure. “I will give you the tape, you are the star, the beautiful star” As he moved around he turned her so the mirror reflected her side.

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   He lifted her legs and slid his monster inside her. She shuddered, forgot the camera and let him start again. He gave long strokes and slowly put his 11 inches inside her. She was moaning but when he went faster and rougher, she screamed with every thrust. Her boots were on his shoulders as he pounded her and massaged her tits and pinched her nipples. She looked at the scene in the mirror. One of her garters had come loose from his rough handling of her thighs. Her breasts werre out of the bustier with the nipples perking up. She felt him push all the way in, slam against her cervix and stretch her insides to the breaking point and she came suddenly. He moved around the table and placed his cock near her mouth while she was shaking, holding on to her breasts as if they might fly off. She sucked on the tip of his cock and jerked it like a mad woman until he just face fucked her and came in her mouth with a series of loud grunts. “I am not done with you” he said as she cleaned her mouth with a towel. He flipped her over on the table until her boots' heels touched the floor and her nipples touched the cold table top. She looked in the mirror and saw how vulnerable she was. Her ass was pushed high because of her high heels, the stockings followed the line her boots started and pointed towards her pussy, the garters were framing her butt and her chest was way down on the table.

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   She was at his mercy. He spread her anus with his fingers and started working inside it. She said “no I can’t take you there, you are too big. ” He applied some gel on his prick and started inserting it but she screamed too loud in pain so he stopped. He instead brutally started fucking her pussy while grabbing her hips standing up from behind. He was getting more savage, furious at being rejected. She screamed “Yeah” with every pounding even though she was raw inside. She was holding onto each side of the table and looking in the mirror. Her cheek was pushed on the table and her breasts were crushed, moving in rythm with the thrusts. He mounted her brutally . She was going insane by now and felt like the tip of his cock was all the way in her gut. She could see in the mirror when he buried deep in her pussy for the last time before another orgasm washed over her. He pulled it out and quickly shoved the tip of his cock in her ass. She tensed up but she was so turned on (and without strength) that she did not push him away and he came inside her ass. He started pounding her pussy again and she felt the cum leak along her pussy to the table.

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   She umpphed with every thrust now. He whispered in her ear “I own you now, you are mine” and started fucking her rough again until she came with an orgasm so hard that she passed out on the table for a few seconds. He removed his cock out of her and jerked it until thick cum splattered all over her butt. She had to clean herself for a while and put her clothes back on. He drove her back to her place while rubbing her legs. She was getting aroused again even though her pussy was painful. She spread her legs wide with her boots on the dashboard while he played with her clit. He stopped in a dark parking lot, grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock in her mouth. She thought it would take a while but he was hard again in minutes from her blowjob. She could taste her own juices on his dick. He rubbed her clit more until she came and he soon after made her swallow his cum and told her to clean him up. When he dropped her off at her place she was walking as if drunk. Some more cum was dripping into her panties. She could not believe what that man could make her do and she wanted more.


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