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Well, my husband was leaving for work and we had made love but I still needed something. I told him I had a taste for "dark meat" and he kissed me and said to do it if I needed to. Well, I needed to so I put my EEE tities into a tube top hat was almost see through and a nice wrap around skirt and no panties and got into the car. It was just dark and so I went to I-85 and began flashing truckers. Lots of honks but no takers. I could not believe that no one wanted to play but that happens sometimes but not too often.
I drove over into South Carolina and stopped at a store and got a drink and used the rest room. I flirted with the man there but even he did not seem to need any relief but I still did in a big way. I was leaving when a BMW pulled in and two great looking black guys got out. "Hey guys, what's up?" I said in my nicest voice. "Not much lady, just getting more refreshments for the game. " "Oh, I see" I said and then put on my damsel in distress voice. "I am just so frustrated. " "Why?" One asked smiling and looking at the hard nipples not hidden very well. I reached up and pulled my tube top down and my tits fell out, "I need these sucked on really good. " "Shit layd, we gotthat taken care of.

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  " The other guy went inside and I sat in their car while the one that stayed began massaging and sucking my tits right there in front of the store. The guy came out with several 12 packs and he said to give me my keys and he moved my car around to the side. "The owner said it will be good there for he night. " I was moaning now and getting to an orgasm just from my tits being sucked on. I sprayed all over his hand and he said, "damn lady, you have one fucking orgasm. " I grabbed him and kissed him, "That is the first one, there are a lot more. "
We pulled into a house and I got out tits still exposed and we went in. "Brought some half time entertainment with us. " One said. "Fuck man, damn nice tits. " was the general statements being made. Cocks were already getting hard through pants. I dropped my skirt and patted my shaved pussy and pulled the tube top over my head and stood naked in the middle of the living room. "Anyone wanna help a lady get what she needs?" Wel, that began it all. The guys that brought me had me first, that was my rule.

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   One had a nice thick cock that I sat on and took the other in my mouth. They both took a while but filled me with cum and I swallowed al the cum I took from one. "Give me something to drink" I said and a beer was in my hand. I swallowed it down and asked for another. "I cum more when I get a little buzz" I said and took a third. I reached up and took another cock and laughed, "And now I need some cum to swallow. I love cum. " The men were all naked now and the game was forgotten. A cushion was on the floor now and I laid down and spread my legs. "Let's feed pussy too guys, she is hungry. " A man dropped to his knees and slipped a nice size cock into me and I grabbed one for my mouth. "Damn lady, you one horney woman. " MY hips were moving on their own and I felt another orgasm beginning, "Yeh, I am and you might need to call more men to help put out this fire. " I grabbed two cocks and sucked them one and then the other until they both shot a load of cum almost at the same time. Most went into my mouth but some on my face and chin.

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I looked and a guy was on his cell, "Yeh man, she is a total cum slut. Bring over whoever is there. " I was bouncing from the cock being rammed into my pussy and orgasms came in a blur. I would look up and another man was pounding his cock into me and I felt so hot that the fire was geting worse. Every time I would cum it would make me want to cum again. "Guys, can one cock get into my ass while another is in pussy and another my mouth?" I begged. "Shit yeh lady. " And a man lifted me and slipped his hard cock into my ass making me scream with pleasure. I was leand back and a cock was in my pussy and then another to my mouth. I grabbed all I could get and was in a frenzy now, one after another, or rather three after three. I was still in need and getting worse. "Fuck my tits someone, fuck my tits" I yelled and rough hands grabbed my tits and a cock was between them. "Oh damn yeh, fuck me, fuck me anyway you can, fuck me, fil me up with cum" I was yelling now. MOre men were there now and I began yelling for more cock. "Fuck e, no, no rape me, rape me.

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  " I heard myself and then it began. Two cocks were in my ass at a time now and two in my pussy. "Lets give the little white slut a rape to remember. " one said and they continued to fill me up. I saw a dog laying down from the corner of my eye and begged, "I wanna fuck the dog, give him to me. " "Shit layd, you got it. " I reached out and sucked his dog cock and he filled my thoat and another man filled me again. On and on it went all night.
I slept for a while then one guy picked me up, "Time to go lady, noon and gotta get. " I was not dressed and had cum all over and in me and was taken to my car and laid in the front seat, totally naked. Finally I woke up and a few men were looking at me and I had a cocok in my hand sucking it. "Damn lady 6 men and you are still hungry. " I finished him and drove home still naked and went to bed. Steve came home and took me to the shower and I grabbed him and sucked his cock and fell asleep again.
Next time I am hungry I will need lots of hot black cock again.

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   Cum to I-85 in North East Georgia and fuck me.

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