Surprising Christmas Present


I nodded and smiled. Of course, Martin was always on guard from any kind of committing ties that the female world seemed to be so hung up on. A parade of hot and not so hot chicks went through his bedroom on regular basis. I used to be his roommate until I could afford my own place in downtown Chicago and I could still remember late night ruckus that would wake me up a few times a week late at night. Moaning and sometimes screaming, banging of the headboard against the wall in the other room. My brother cursing and groaning, sometimes, I would swear that the slapping I heard was not just him fucking the chick but probably spanking her, too. At times, I would be jealous of his success with the ladies. He seemed to be a magnet to almost every pussy that happened to cross his path. Sometimes, he would leave the bedroom door open, and if I had to go to the bathroom at night, I could see him furiously pounding whatever latest victim he found and charmed into his bachelor loft. I guess the indiscriminative way of laying his hands on any woman that pleased his eye in the slightest, not caring what color or creed they were, added to his success. Blacks, Latinas, whites, oriental and any other kind there are out there, would receive the same attention from my brother. Although it was a sort of relief when I finally moved out, there were times when I missed the cheap thrill of listening to the crude sounds of fucking in the other room, while I was furiously jerking off in my own bed. ‘Sure, I understand,’ I said and he grinned at me. Good old Martin, who will probably not change for a long time to come. Both of us in the early 30s, I could not see it happening for him for a while yet. ‘Let’s see if we can have her come home with us,’ he said and nudged me in the ribs.

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   At first, I didn’t quite understand what he meant. When it dawned on me, I furiously shook my head no. We have never shared a woman before, I have actually never done a threesome in any kind of combination, and the idea of it alone made me feel uncomfortable. ‘Oh, come on, forget that prissy bitch for a moment and have a little good time. You guys are not together right now, anyway. ’The sting that his words laid upon me was sharper than I wanted it to be. I have just broken up with Alicia, my girlfriend of two years and was still getting over her, or at least pretending to be doing the best of it. We had parted our ways three months ago, due to her insistence of us getting engaged and setting a wedding date. I did love her intensely, more than I had ever loved anybody before her, but for some reason, I had difficulty picturing myself being tied down like that. All that despite the fact that I have never cheated on her. I suppose, there was more of my brother in me than I realized or wanted to admit to myself. I have already had a few drinks and was feeling a pleasant buzz, so when Martin got up and walked over to the bar to order another drink, standing next to Daria, whose face it up the minute she saw him approaching, I thought to myself that this might not be such a bad idea. I’ve heard some of my friends talk about threesomes with other guys involved. They would always brag about how good it was and hey, why not enjoy myself a bit. Martin stood at the bar for a few minutes, his hand resting on the small of Daria’s back.

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   They spoke in hushed tones, Martin leaning over her shoulder, Daria giggling stupidly. As the drinks were ready, he grabbed one in each hand and started towards me. At the same time, Daria slid off the bar stool and walked behind him, towards the table in the corner where I sat. I felt a knot in my stomach for a moment, but the alcohol did its bid and very quickly, I relaxed. I actually felt excited, as I have never been with a white chick. All my girlfriends were black, just like my brother and I, which always kept me in good graces with our mother. To do a little nasty with a white girl excited me beyond my expectations. Daria sat down at our table between Martin and I, told me that he remembered me from the office and how it was a shame that we have never spoken before. I couldn’t’ help but stare at the impressive breast size on her short body. She was overweight, with face that was flushed pink due to too many drinks that she had had that evening. She wore a lilac mini skirt that showed her meaty thighs, reaching almost up to her panties. If she was to bend over, I was certain the world could steal a generous glance at what was beneath it. She was slurring words slightly and her eyelids were droopy. She was definitely drunk to the point of doing some naughty shit. Every once in a while, some of our colleagues would pass our table on their way to the bathroom, sometimes stop and have a quick word and sometimes just wink at my brother or I.

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   It seemed to me, that Daria was more known in the office than one would want his girlfriend to be. But if I was only going to fuck her once, that fact did not bother me at all. Eleven o’clock came and most of the people left the bar. Only a few of us were left, a couple of very drunk broads that were clinging to the bar as if they would fall off the stools if they let go, a few guys who found chicks from the party upstairs and brought them down, no doubt counting on an extra Christmas present for themselves later on that evening. Most of them, I noted, were married. I would never have cheated on Alicia while we were still together, but like Martin so delicately pointed out, we were not together any longer, the world was moving on, and so should I. I didn’t dare tell him that I hadn’t had sex for three months, since I split up with my girl. I sort of feared the mocking tone of my brother’s, which I knew so well and would bet my life on him not sparing me with. I saw my brother’s hand slowly creep onto the girl’s thigh, pause there for a moment, squeezing the soft flesh, and then slipping up beneath the miniskirt, Daria squirming and giggling, pushing his hand away. It was obvious though, that the only reason she did this that there were still people from the office left and she had a little consciousness left not to make an open spectacle of herself. Finally, as the bartender loudly announced that this is the last call, my brother stood up, downed what was left of his drink and announced that we should probably go. Daria’s face dropped for a moment, confused and disappointed at the prospect of having to go home to whatever was or was not there. Martin bent down to her again and whispered in her ear. Her unattractive face lit up for a moment and then she stole a worried look at me. I tried to give her most charming of smiles, but she still seemed to be doubtful.

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   ‘We’ll just go and have a quick drink at my place,’ said Martin. ‘And then, James can take you home,’ he nodded towards me, to which I quickly nodded back at her. ‘Okay, just a quick drink, then,’ she said and stood up. I could see the huge red spots on the back of her thighs where her flesh was pressed down on the seat and I could feel a stirring in my pants. As much as she wasn’t my type, she sure turned me on. I guess anything on two legs with a pussy would have done that for me after three months of dry period. The night was freezing cold and windy, and I wondered how she could take the cold with her legs clearly exposed to unrelenting winter bite, however, I had to admit to myself that I found it very arousing. Martin flagged down a cab and the three of us squeezed in the back, Daria between us. Despite the late hour, the traffic was awful, some due to the shoppers that were attempting to check off as much off their gift list as possible, some due to the fact that it was Friday night. Chicago is always busy with half drunk yuppies hurrying to their cubbyholes on Friday nights. We were stuck in the traffic for almost 20 minutes, and in that time, I have changed my mind about going up to Martin’s place more than once. His hand was now resting on Daria’s pink thigh, squeezing it lightly, chit chatting about the things from the office. I was amazed at how smooth of a talker he could be. He could charm the queen of England this way. As the cab was weaving through traffic, getting closer to Martin’s apartment building, my brother seemed to get bolder, now leaning against Daria, his free hand now joining the other one on the thigh, slowly slipping between Daria’s slightly spread legs, and I could see her skirt softly rising and lowering itself in the crotch, as if there was a heart beating underneath it.

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   Daria was giggling stupidly again, and I stole a few glances at the cabbie, who pretended as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on in the back of his car. Finally, we arrived and Martin bolted out of the cab, pulling Daria behind him. ‘You can take care of this, right?’ he popped his head back into the car. I nodded. ‘Don’t be an asshole, James. Come up with us,’ he hissed and my thought of maybe just continuing the ride to my house was instantly forgotten. I paid the cabbie and he gave me a knowing smile and a “Merry Christmas, Sir”. As I caught up with my brother, he was standing at the front door, holding it open for me. Daria was a few feet away, waiting on the elevator, paying a very concentrated attention to the little numbered lights above, lighting up the appropriate little circle as the elevator was slowly sliding down towards us. ‘Come on,’ Martin smiled at me, ‘we’ll have fun. ’ And we walked over towards Daria just as the elevator door opened, and she dutifully went in first, extending her hand to hold the door for us. As the elevator door closed behind us and Martin pushed button 17, he turned towards Daria and pressed her little body against the back wall. She must have been at least 4 inches shorter than either of us. He bent down and kissed her deeply, his right hand lifting up the skirt and sliding inside her panties, the other hand enveloping the breast under the opened coat. I felt a little embarrassed for the moment, and it was my turn to concentrate on the blinking lights above the door, as we were being lifted up the elevator shaft.

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   Daria kissed my brother back just as passionately as I imagined in the cab she would, moving her pelvis back and forth on his hand, moaning. We finally reached the 17th floor and stepped out of the elevator. Martin handed me his keys and I gratefully took them, almost bolting to his apartment door, while he lagged behind, kissing Daria, thrusting his hand between her legs, rubbing furiously. I just wanted to get inside the apartment as quickly as possible, without being noticed by curious neighbors. As we stepped inside his bachelor loft, he flicked on the lights and headed for the bathroom. ‘Make a round of drinks, James!’ he said and disappeared behind the bathroom door. I obediently walked over to the living room bar, opened the aluminum door and started fixing drinks. I didn’t bother to ask what anybody wanted. I knew Martin only drank Hennessy, and as far as Daria was concerned, she was too drunk already to care what she got. Daria sort of paced around the living room, pretending to attentively read the titles off the books on the shelf above the TV. I heard the sound of Martin pissing, toilet flushing and then the running water. A dozen thoughts raced through my mind. How are we going to do this? What if she doesn’t want to do us both? Would Martin lower himself to the level of an ignorant dickhead, forcing Daria to do what she might not really want to?‘Come here, baby!’ Martin yelled out of the bathroom before I managed to finish fixing the drinks. ‘Daria? Come here, baby!’ he yelled again and I looked at her. She looked almost embarrassed for a moment, blushing deep red and giving me a shy smile.

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   Then, she walked over to the bathroom where Martin was. I could hear whispering, loud smacking sounds of kissing and a distinct rip of a zipper. I could hear movement, but decided to ignore it and sat down on the couch with my drink. I flicked on the TV, flipping through the movie channels. At the same time, I wondered if Martin would finish her off in the bathroom first and then let me have a turn. This was turning out to be very embarrassing. ‘Where is my drink, bro?’ I heard him yell all of a sudden and I closed my eyes for a moment. Okay, here we go! I thought and grabbed a crystal glass, making my way to the bathroom, certain of what I would encounter there. As I came around the corner, I saw Martin leaning his ass against the sink, his pants and boxers pushed down to his ankle. Daria was kneeling on the little red bathroom rug, still dressed in the miniskirt, but her top was now off, and her majestic breasts were cupped inside a black lacy bra, waving back and forth as she was delicately sucking my brother’s dick, or rather just the head of it. Martin grinned at me like a Cheshire cat and reached for his drink. ‘Come here,’ he said and I stepped inside the bathroom, not really knowing what to do. He motioned towards my crotch, pressing his thumb and forefinger together, quietly telling me to unzip my pants. I did as he told me, dropping them together with my boxers to my ankles. I dick was almost completely erect, I was that turned on by seeing Daria nibbling on my brother.

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   For a moment, I tried to forget that it was my brother standing in front of me. ‘Look at what James has for you,’ Martin said and Daria let go of him for a moment, turning around and taking a look at my dick. She smiled broadly and looked up at me. She reached back with her hand and grabbed my now completely hard shaft, turning back to my brother and taking him in her mouth again. She continued to perform what she thought of as a blowjob, I suppose, and at the same time jerking me off. However, on her own, she only managed to slip a couple of inches of Martin’s dark dick inside her mouth. Martin finished his drink in one gulp and put the glass behind him in the sink. Then he took her head in his hands and pulled her face deeper onto his dick. ‘That’s so good,’ he said pulling her closer to him. ‘Oh yeah, so good. ’ She tried the best she could I think, but it looked to me as if she tried to pull herself off him. ‘You gotta try and take it all in. ’ She squeezed my dick harder, probably not even knowing it, but it felt good. ‘Just once, take it all,’ he said, pulling her head towards him. ‘Swallow it,’ putting his hands on the back of her head and pushing it towards him.

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   She gagged and I could see the tears welling up in her eyes from the effort. He managed to push about half of his 7 or 8 inches. ‘That’s good, oh FUCK is that good!’ he yelled and she continued to try and take in more of it. ‘Swallow it, that’s right,’ she gagged and her lips formed a big O every time he pushed her closer to him, gurgling sounds coming out of her throat making me hotter by the second. He started rocking her back and forth on his dick, each time pushing a little more of it inside her mouth. Her face became pink and then red, I could see her neck reddening as well. She tried really hard, I have to give her that. Finally, he pulled her very hard towards him and his entire dick was buried inside of her, she gagged and made ‘mmmmm’ sounds and for a moment I was afraid that when he pulls out she was going to puke. He kept his entire dick inside her mouth, while she was gagging onto it, and I could see with the gagging, the snot flew out of her nose. He let her go, her head bobbed off him and she took a deep breath, all the while squeezing my dick to the point that I thought it was going to start hurting at any given moment. He smiled down at her and she smiled back, tears now rolling down her face, but I figured they weren’t the crying sorts. She wiped her nose with the back of her hand. ‘Good girl,’ he said and patted her on the head like a dog. ‘One more time,’ he said and ever so obediently, she repeated the whole thing, this time she immediately thrust half of him inside her mouth and with a little help from my attentive brother and his pushing her head back and front, she managed to take all of him within four or five thrusts. ‘Swallow it, yeah, swallow it!’ Once he was all inside of her, he kept her head there, ‘Oh yeah, that’s right, that’s soooo good.

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  ’ I could see that she started panicking, letting go of my dick and placing her hands on Martin’s thighs, trying to push him out of her. He kept her there for a few seconds, while she gagged onto his dick and into this pubic hair. He finally let her go and her head again bobbed back. As if on cue, they looked at each other and smiled. ‘Now James,’ he said and she obediently turned on her knees towards me, grabbing my dick and popping its head inside her mouth. ‘Swallow it, baby!’ Martin said and I grabbed the back of her head just as I saw Martin do a minute ago, pulling her onto me, slowly inching my way inside of her. Again, she gagged and her face reddened, her nose looking like the clown’s. It was a bizarre view, this small woman kneeling in front of me, obviously struggling with an unnatural way of something big being pushed down the throat, but trying very much to accommodate and please. When I was deeply inside of her mouth, buried to the core, Martin pushed her head forward towards me. ‘Hold it,’ he said. ‘Hold it!’ and she tried with all her might to keep me there as long as she could. Finally, we both let her go, her head flew off my dick and she gagged a couple of times. I had a panicky feeling that she was just about to spill all of her liquid dinner over my exposed manhood, but she just coughed once or twice, looked up at me and smiled. I guess smiling was a big thing at making her feel okay, so I smiled back. I looked at Martin, and there was the huge grin on his face again.


   ‘You want to swallow it one more time?’ he asked and she looked at him without an answer, smiling. He pushed his own dick inside of her mouth, this time burying all of it in one motion. He held her tight to his body with his dick throbbing inside her mouth and Daria gagging wildly. Then he let her go and there was a round of smiles flying between my brother and the woman he almost suffocated with his huge dick. He winked at me and nodded his head in the direction out of the bathroom, and I figured probably into the bedroom. ‘Come on,’ he said and helped Daria up. She stood up and half leaned on him, giggling hysterically now. Martin bent down and kissed her on the mouth. Then he kicked off his pants and boxers, and I did the same. I walked out of the bathroom, followed by Martin and Daria. She staggered and I could see that the alcohol had now taken a full effect. I headed towards the bedroom, but Martin said: ‘Hey!’ and as I turned around pointed to the couch in the living room. He led Daria to the back of the couch. He pressed her against the couch, running his hands around her body and roughly grabbing her breasts, kneading them through her bra. She moaned grabbing with his hand behind both of them, grabbing and squeezing his ass.

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   He let her go for a moment, fiddled with her bra for a moment and finally managed to undo it. He slipped it down her arms and her glorious breasts bobbed in front of me. They were huge and beautiful, with nipples bigger than I had ever seen. I couldn’t help myself but to plump down on the couch and kneel in front of her, taking one of the nipples inside my mouth and started sucking. She moaned and I sucked as if my life depended on it. Alicia was a skinny girl and had hardly any breasts to speak of. Daria’s boobs were god given gift; I loved it and enjoyed every moment of it. As I was sucking on her nipples, my brother undid her miniskirt, pulled it down as well as her panties. ‘Move,’ he told me and as I did, he pushed her over the couch, positioning himself behind her. ‘You’re so wet,’ he said and I took that as an excuse that he was not going to give her an oral treat that he made her do to both of us. I could see him positioning himself on her and then slowly sliding inside of her. The deeper he went, the louder her ‘aaaa’ became. He pushed all of him inside and then started rocking in and out, while her head was bowed down, her shoulder length hair waving wildly towards the couch, her boobs swinging like ripe fruit in the wind. He pumped in and out of her, and then started to fuck her faster and harder. Her hand shot behind her, trying to push his stomach away from her, and as I looked at her face, which was a bit hard to do as it was almost buried inside the couch seat now, it was completely red, eyes shut tight, mouth open in a silent ecstasy.

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   I stood in front of them, stroking my dick, not wanting to make myself come before I get some more of that heavenly mouth around it. All of a sudden Martin pulled out and lifted Daria off the back of the couch, leading her around it. He motioned to me to lie on the couch and I did. Without having been told, Daria walked around the couch, still a bit unsteady on her feet, this time however, I couldn’t tell whether it was from the alcohol or the effect of my brother’s thick rod poking inside her short body. She lifted her leg and brought it over my body, sitting on me for a second, then pushing herself up and positioning my dick onto the entrance of her wet pussy. Very slowly, she sat down on it, sliding it all the way in, and as if burnt by my skin jumped up with a loud ‘AH,’. ‘Come on,’ said Martin. ‘You’ll get used to it, baby. ’ And she slid back down on it, again jumping up, but this time in a less dramatic fashion. After a few tries, she let herself fall onto my dick with all her weight, her boobs swinging in front of my face and I took one of the nipples in my mouth, gently biting onto it. She started pumping herself up and down my dick, with my hands placed under her big ass; pushing it up and then letting it fall back down. She moaned, in my mind a little more than she should have, but I figured she was either too drunk to control herself, or she felt that the louder her moans, the more we’d enjoy it. Then, she started cursing, ‘oh shit, oh fuck,’ I sucked harder on her nipples and she kept on ohshit-ing and ohfuck-ing and ohmygod-ing. It was a fabulous fuck as far as I was concerned. She was tight and dripping wet, I could feel the head of my dick hitting the back of her shaft every time she slumped herself onto it.

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   Martin stood at the side of the couch behind my head, grabbed Daria by the hair and pulled her head up. He thrust his dick inside her mouth and started pumping in the rhythm with me. I tried to slam inside of her harder and harder with each thrust, and so did he. She moaned and gagged, but could not say a word any more. Her face, neck and boobs were again red; she strained to keep the rhythm with both of us. Martin pushed his dick as far as he could and I could see that a few times he managed to bury himself completely inside of her mouth, then keeping her there, while he continued pumping into her without pulling out. I felt the tingling in my balls and knew that I was very close to coming. I pumped faster with as much force as I could muster, making her fly almost completely of my dick only to impale back onto it with all her weight, which made her eyes pop up wide open. I took my mouth off her breasts and slipped my hands off her ass, only to grab the melons that I was sucking on a minute ago, squeezing them roughly, making her jerk off Martin’s dick and scream: ‘OH, SHIT! YEAH!’She was quite heavy and I don’t know where I got my strength from, but I hugged her body, locking my arms behind her back and pushed myself up and for a moment, I held her in the air, sitting on my dick, and then as gently as I could, tried to put her back down on the couch onto her back, but her weight pulled us both down and I sort of slammed her down. She yelled and I looked at her. Then she smiled at me. ‘You’re dick is hurting me,’ she said and that really brought me over the edge. I started pumping in and out of her as if these were the last seconds of my life. She yelled every time I slammed inside of her. I could tell that she was hurting, but each time I delivered a blow, she would yell Yeah or Fuck or oooh yeah.

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   I pumped like a madman, and when I felt my balls burning and my dick spraying out my spunk, I buried myself deep inside of her, grabbed her by the shoulders and kept pushing myself inside, pulling out only an inch or so. I heard myself screaming and cursing, too, something I have never done before. This woman who I did not find appealing at all, but for her breasts had just been the best fuck of my life. I finished and sort of slumped onto her, breathing hard, feeling the sweat on my forehead and the small of my back. I finally got off her and sat up on the couch, pushing her feet onto the floor. I looked around for Martin and saw him coming out of the bedroom, carrying a pillow in his hand. He grinned at me and then winked. This time, I grinned back and meant it, too. He walked to the couch and threw the pillow on the floor, right in front of it. ‘Come on, baby, my turn,’ he said and Daria smiled. ‘Lay on the pillow,’ he said and she tried to lay down facing away from the couch, with her head on the pillow. ‘No, no,’ Martin said and guided her. He turned her around, made her lay down with her ass on the pillow, facing the couch, her calves resting on the couch seat. He grabbed her ankles and lifted them up. I could not imagine where he got all his strength from, but for one crazy moment, he dangled her in the air, her head almost touching the floor, her hands pushing against the floor.

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   He moved her towards the couch, gently putting her shoulders onto the pillow, her back resting against the front of the couch beneath the seat and then he pushed her legs over her head. The position seemed very uncomfortable, her stomach gathering in several rolls, her legs awkwardly swimming in the air. Her weight was fully supported by her shoulders. Her face was yet again turning red. ‘Hold her ankles,’ he said and stood over her, his legs on each side of her, as if he was going to use her as a chair. He faced the couch and as he positioned himself onto her shaved pussy, I had a glorious view of big dark dick slowly sliding inside her wet pinkness. She let out a loud ‘aaaa’ as he pushed all the way in. ‘Good girl,’ he said and she shut up. Obviously, he knew what to say to convince women to do what didn’t feel very comfortable. At least, that was the case with Daria. I could never have imagined myself in that position for anything. I stood there in front of them, my dick still dripping my own cum and Daria’s juices, undoubtedly my mouth gapping with amazement. Martin lifted his left leg and placed the foot on the couch seat. Then, he started pumping in and out of her. I knelt in front of her, grabbed her ankles and pushed them further over her head.

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   The position he was in, every time he pushed inside, his entire dick got buried and her own uncomfortable position prevented her from stopping him. I looked down at her and I could see that she was staring at me, staring deep into my eyes, her face twitching each time Martin first pushed inside, and very soon starting slamming inside of her. She started with her oh fucks and oh gods and again, and after a while, the words became slurred into one single very long word, that became louder and louder, ending in a high pitched scream. She caught breath and started all over again, words first, fusing together and pitching up into a scream. But she didn’t cry, her face despite the traces of pain seemed to be twisted into a freaky ecstasy, as well. Martin kept fucking her, his motions becoming faster and harder with each thrust. It went on for what seemed a very long time, I wasn’t sure how much longer she was able to stay in the position that she was in. I was so fascinated by the whole scene that to my surprise I could feel my dick rising up again, some 15 minutes after I had finished inside of her. All of a sudden, Martin’s thrusts seized, he was buried deep inside of her and I could see him looking down onto her pussy. Her eyes popped up wide and she yelled, ‘NO, NO, NO!’ I got up to see what happened and walked around the couch. I could see his dick still buried in her pussy to the hilt, the middle finger of his right hand rubbing against her asshole, and sliding in just to the first knuckle. He pulled it out, rubbed the little deep pink hole again and slid the finger in. ‘Noooooo!’ she yelled, but he ignored her. He half pulled his dick out and slammed it back in, at the same time pushing his middle finger inside of her. He did this for a while, and my own dick saluted his action, hardening up to the point of almost hurting.

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   I have had anal sex before, but women that I was with didn’t seem to like it all that much, so it was always just a few hurried half strokes in and out before they pulled away from me and led me back inside their pussies. Finally, Martin pulled his dick out of her pussy and his finger out of her ass, stepping away from the couch and helping her out of the uncomfortable position, laying flat on the floor. ‘Just a little bit,’ he said and she shook her head no. ‘Look at James,’ he said, turning her head towards me. I stroked my cock, as if to show her how much she turned me on, and would she please let us do this?‘Look at him, you did this to him!’ he said and kissed her on the mouth. ‘You’re so sexy,’ he said and took her right boob into her mouth. He ran his hand down her body and placed it onto her pussy. He started rubbing her clitty, rubbing it fast, pinching it and then rubbing it some more. She moaned and thrust her hips up towards his hand. He lifted his head and looked at her, ‘If I make you come, will you let me in your ass?’ she shook her head no, but he rubbed her pussy even harder, now sliding two fingers inside her, pulling them out and spreading her juices over her clitty, which he then rubbed vigorously. ‘Just a little bit,’ he said pleadingly, ‘please, just a little bit. ’ He rubbed her pussy and in a few minutes, she started trembling, then thrashing and finally wildly slamming against Martin’s fingers, which never left their place between her legs. ‘Will you?’ he asked, ‘Will you, please?’ and finally, as she was cumming she screamed, ‘YES, oh YES, I will, I will, I wiiiiillll!’ She kept thrashing and he kept rubbing and I swear she must have had more than just one orgasm. She seemed to kept cumming over and over again. Every time her thrashing slowed down a bit, my brother’s skilful fingers brought her back into the ecstatic screams and promises that, yes, she will let him fuck anywhere he wanted to.

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   Finally, he let her rest for a minute. He stood up, leaving her to lie on the floor, while he went to finish off my drink that I had completely forgotten about. He looked at me and for a moment I felt like a fool, standing butt naked in front of my butt naked brother, both of us with huge hard ons. He winked at me and went back to Daria. She grabbed his offered arm and he pulled her up in one motion. Again, he bent down and kissed her on the mouth. Their intertwined bodies, so different from one another in color seemed very beautiful at that moment. He grabbed her by the hand like a lover taking another lover for a walk and led her into the bedroom. I followed and he motioned to me to lie on the bed. I did as he told me and he pushed Daria gently towards me, telling her to get on top of me. She did as she was told, obediently impaling herself on my dick, this time without any dramatic jumps and gasps and started gently rocking herself up and down my hardness. Still fascinated by her big breasts, I grabbed each one with my hands and squeezed and knead as if they were dough. Meanwhile, Martin walked over to his nightstand, opened the drawer and took out a tube of ointment, waving it in the air for a moment. He unscrewed the top and squeezed a huge blob of slick-looking cream onto his palm. He grabbed his dick with the other hand and smeared a generous amount of the slick whiteness onto it.

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   Being the witness to this action, it again made me be turned on as I was some half an hour ago in the other room, while I was wildly humping the plump woman that was now jumping up and down on my dick. ‘Come on,’ he said and motioned to Daria to get off me, which she very obediently did. He made her stand at the side of the bed, pushed her forward and grabbed the tube of ointment again. He smeared the same slick lotion onto her ass hole as he did just seconds ago on himself. Then, he slowly pushed just the very top of the tube inside her ass and squeezed. He took the tube out, put it on the nightstand and his middle finger found his way into her ass, turning left and right, as if he was smearing the walls of her ass. I set up on the bed; intently looking at what he was doing, gently stroking my cock. I wanted to follow him inside that hole; I wanted to blow my load in there, too. Finally, Martin positioned himself onto her ass, holding his cock with his right hand, and grabbing her hip with the left. He slowly pushed inside of her, and her head shot up, but her body stayed still, leaning over the bed, supported by her own hands. ‘Okay?’ he asked and she nodded. He pushed in a little more, and more still and I could see on her face that it was not a comfortable feeling. Then, he started pushing further and further without stopping, slowly, but determinedly burying his entire dick inside. She stood still, her face contorting into a mask of discomfort and possibly pain, but there was no moaning or screaming this time. ‘All in,’ he said when he finally reached the end and as if to praise her smacked her ass with the hand that was a second ago holding his dick.

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   Now, his hand grabbed the other hip, he pulled out a bit and very slowly pushed back in. This time, she jerked up a bit, but still no sound. Martin looked at me and his eyes paused on my hand massaging my dick. He looked into my eyes and winked. Then, he started pumping in and out of her. Taking half of his dick out and pushing it back in, very gently, but nonetheless, I could tell by her face that it must have hurt somewhat. At one point, her hand came off the bed, reached behind her and pushed against Martin’s belly. ‘Easy,’ she gasped. ‘Please, easy,’ she said and for a few moments, Martin stilled himself, only to begin pumping in and out again. ‘Yeah,’ he said, ‘so tight and’ he pushed in all the way, ‘so beautiful. ’ He pulled out and pushed in all the way, repeating how tight she was and how beautiful and how this felt divinely good. She stood still, face full of discomfort, but now little yelps escaped her throat, becoming slightly louder as Martin started pushing inside of her a little harder. I was fascinated with Martin’s self-control, I couldn’t see myself being this gentle. All I wanted to do is slam my now throbbing dick inside her asshole and fuck the life out of her. As Martin started moaning, his thrusting became more intense and harder.


   Daria moaned with him, but her moans were not pleasure enticed. Suddenly, Martin regrabbed her hips really hard. ‘I’m gonna cum, baby,’ he said and she moaned loudly. ‘I have to cum, baby,’ he said, pulled his dick almost all the way out and brutally buried it all the way to the hilt in one motion. Daria screamed, but surprisingly, still stood still. As Martin started to pump her ass as hard as he possibly could, wildly and almost animal like. The harder he fucked her, the more she hurt, the louder she yelled, ‘Yeah, fuck me, fuck my ass!’ Again, I was fascinated by this mad scene of obvious abuse and submission. Martin fucked her hard and fast, harder and faster, until his own eyes were just as ready to pop out of is head as Daria’s were. ‘Oh fuck,’ he yelled all of a sudden, pulled out of her and slumped himself onto the bed, sliding his body further up, so that she could take his cock into her mouth while he was cumming. I did not have to be told even once that the back door is open to me now. The only regret that I had was that the minute I buried my dick deep inside her asshole, it took all three strokes and I was coming inside of her shitter while my brother was coming into her mouth at the same time. We finally slumped on the bed, I exhausted, Daria probably exhausted and thankful that the invasion had finished, Martin on the other hand didn’t look all that exhausted to me. He looked at the digital clock on the nightstand and rolled his eyes. ‘Martin will take you home,’ he said to Daria and I winced at the brutal rudeness he displayed, even though I was used to it since childhood. I imagined he would have more courtesy than that.

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   But then, what could you expect from a guy with literally hundreds of women in his bed, but no girlfriend to speak of. He could be a real pig. As it were, I didn’t take her home. I was too drunk to drive and I put her in one cab and took another one to my house. The following day, I called my brother and we chatted about the experience the night before. I was concerned that there was going to be awkwardness in the office, but he told me that she is being transferred to the Houston office at the beginning of the year. He laughed and asked me if I seriously thought he would have involved himself into something like last night with somebody like Daria if he didn’t know he would never see her again. After I hung up the phone I felt empty. I most certainly enjoyed the night before, but as so many times in my life with my brother I felt used. I felt as if his dick was being showed down my throat the night before. I swore to myself I would never let myself sink to that level again. At least not with my brother. I called Alicia and she was surprisingly nice. We decided to have dinner, and I know it will probably lead to sex. I would love to fuck her in the ass like I did Daria.

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