The Debate part 2


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Fiona finally got tired of not getting any sex and had sex with her husband's best friend. Little did she know that her husband was doing the same thing on the other side of town in a fancy hotel that came complete with video games and a pool table inside their room.
Truth is, although Fiona's tits were huge, they were fake. Randy had gotten tired of them. He liked his women with big, natural tits, which was why he was with Diane tonight.
Randy and Diane were attracted to each other immediately. Randy was tall, black, well-built, and wealthy; Diane was white with long, blonde hair, had a lot of sex appeal and a natural look that captivated Randy.
Diane knew he was married. She didn't care. It was purely a sexual thing so they didn't waste time talking when they got to the hotel. They went straight to business kissing and groping each other right next to their room's pool table.
Diane's pussy was getting soaked quickly. She leaned back on the table and slid her panties to the side. Randy kissed her pussy lips and started licking all around the sides.

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He came close to her clit, but never made contact with it. Instead, he let warm air from his mouth blow over it and kept licking around the lips.
"Don't tease me," said Diane.
"But I like teasing you," replied Randy.
He gave in after teasing her a little longer and started licking her clit. Randy could see the sensations rushing through her body right away. She started quivering and her mouth fell wide open, almost as wide as her legs.
"Oh, oh, yeah, right there," moaned Diane. "Yeah, lick it. "
He was flicking his tongue on the meaty inner lips and he would sometimes stop to take a good long suck of the clit, which would leave Diane squirming and panting for more.
He closed his lips tightly around her clit and began sucking hard on it as he used his tongue to stimulate it. Diane's legs were shaking badly. Her screams were getting louder. She grabbed the back of his bald head and said, "That feels so good!"
She was looking down at him eating her pussy. They made eye contact and held it.

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   She was feeling her own tits and digging her nails into his head.
It was getting hot in there. Her pussy was tingling something fierce.
"Oh, yeah, tongue-fuck me, please!" she said as she continued to stare down at him with her shapely body twitching as an orgasm drew nearer.
"Make me cum, baby. Make me cum. Oh, yeah! Keep licking it!"
She let go of his head and got a good grip on the pool table so she could thrust her horny pussy into his face. After a few seconds of licking, Randy noticed her rhythm kept breaking.
She was getting really loud and wild. Her juices were spilling all over his tongue.
When she calmed down, she said, "You got that cock nice and hard for me?"
Randy didn't answer. He just kept sucking her clit.
"Let me suck your cock," said Diane.
"I wanna put it in you so you can taste yourself," said Randy.
"Yeah," said Diane.

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   "I'd like that, yeah. "
He stood up and Diane laid all the way back on the pool table. Randy's pants and underwear were already off, so all he had to do was wait for Diane to get her panties off.
She spread her legs wide for him and arched her back. A loud moan from the gut came out as she felt his hard black cock pushing into her tight cunt.
He didn't fuck her for long, just long enough to coat his dick with fluids from her pussy. Then he pulled out, Diane got off the table, got on her knees, and sucked in a mouthful of Randy's black cock.
She let it fall from her mouth and started licking his balls as he stroked it until it was fully erect. Then he stuffed it back in her mouth.
She was holding onto his thighs as she sucked in deep mouthfuls, taking his cock as far back as she could go without strangling herself. Then she stood up and said, "Give it to me. "
She turned around and bent over. She wanted him to fuck her doggie style, but Randy loved to eat pussy, so he started eating her pussy from the back first.
He slid his tongue from her clit to her asshole and licked everything in between. This nastiness was one of the things that she liked most abut him.

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"I want your cock right now. Give it back to me," she begged.
Randy's cock was throbbing like a broken leg by now. When he stood, it was already at full salute and bobbing up and down.
Diane lifted one of her slender legs onto the pool table. He slid it in easily since Diane's twat was already soaking wet. She started moaning as they both relished the feel of her warm flesh sliding over his hard shaft.
"Oh, fuck me, ohh!"
Looking down on her, Randy loved the sight of her delicate body bucking back and forth as he drilled her. He started stroking it harder as time went by.
"Oh, yeah, keep fucking me!"
Diane took her leg off the table because it was getting harder to keep her balance with Randy digging her so hard. Randy grabbed her by the waist and pummeled into her wet snatch.
Randy took his shirt off, leaving him totally naked. Then he hooked his thumbs under her ass cheeks, palmed the fleshy part of her ass, and lifted up on it.
It left Diane's ass raised higher than normal, which opened her pussy up and allowed for much deeper penetration. Randy called it the "Gorilla Grip" and he'd been using it every time he fucked doggie style ever since he was a teenager.

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He let some saliva drop from his mouth onto Diane's asshole. He used his thumb to smear it around. Then he applied pressure to it and Diane started moaning like she was dying.
He kept fucking her and applying a little more pressure until his thumb started entering her asshole. After a while, he'd gotten his thumb up her ass to the first knuckle.
"OOH, GOD!! FUCK THAT PUSSY!!!" screamed Diane.
That, he did, until he couldn't bear to just finger her ass anymore. He pulled his dick out and dropped back to his knees licking around her asshole and poking at it with his tongue.
Diane was going wild. Her ass was really sensitive and Randy's kinky ass knew exactly how to exploit that knowledge.
The more attention he gave her asshole, the kinkier she got. She even sucked his cock some more, licked all over his balls, begged to be fucked from the back with her head to the floor and rear end up, but every time, Randy would return his tongue to that asshole and make her cream like a Twinkie.
Randy stopped all of a sudden and sat on the other side of the pool table. Diane was following close behind.
He started masturbating his cock as Diane draped one of her legs over his lap.

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   Randy stuck his finger in her pussy, pulled it out and started playing with her clit.
"Your pussy is so wet," he said.
"Yeah, it's wet. Just for you," replied Diane as she was humping his hand and grinding her teeth. He'd gotten her really horny tonight.
"My pussy's open," she said.
He motioned for her to get on his dick and start riding him, which she did with the utmost energy. She was moaning loudly as she bounced on his cock, feeling her tender pussy yield to its firmness.
He turned her around the other way so she could ride him reverse cowgirl style. This was a lot better because it put her at a better angle to really bounce, grind, and thrust on his dick.
She was going wild and screaming louder. That poor little pool table's legs were squeaking. They sounded like they could buckle at any moment, but Diane and Randy were too much into the sex to notice.
Luckily, Randy felt an orgasm coming up soon so he motioned for Diane to get up. She went straight to her usual position (her knees) and waited with her mouth wide open while Randy vigorously stroked his cock in her face.

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"Aaugh, oh yeah, oh yeah. OHH!!" he shouted as hot cum spilled from his cock and landed in Diane's mouth.
Diane was happy and satisfied. It was time to go home to her black boyfriend, whom she had just cheated on with Randy.
She hoped her boyfriend wouldn't want sex tonight. Her pussy couldn't handle a fucking by two black studs in one night.
But little did she know, her boyfriend wasn't at home either.
He was at the same hotel in an even more expensive room getting a blowjob by a much younger woman.
The debate continues. . .
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