A show at the theatre


To say that Charlotte and I had been having marital problems was probably as understated as saying that Hitler was an annoyance to the Jews of his day. Yelling was a common event, deception even more common, and we had just had our second anniversary go by, since the last time we had fucked without both being drunk.

Why we stayed together, I couldn’t say. Perhaps we tried to hold on to the good 5 years, before I caught her cheating for the first time. Maybe it was because neither one of us wanted to risk losing our beautiful home… I still don’t know, but for many months I’ve been thinking to myself that the only good choice we’ve ever made in our marriage was not to have children.

Usually I think that after my third full glass of scotch…

It was after a particularly nasty fight with Charlotte, and at least 8 times the legal limit of alcohol, that I decided to go see a movie.

I couldn’t tell you what movie it was, but the theatre was half packed with teenage girls. I ended up in this particular show, after wandering after a teenage brunette with a particularly hypnotic ass, and telling the boy at the ticket counter that I was there to see the same movie as her.

So finding myself with a ticket in hand, I wandered into the theatre, and was promptly bored to tears, sitting by myself, in a plot-less farce of a movie, with a pretty-boy in the lead role.

I nearly had decided to leave, when I heard a gasp above and behind me, and another voice telling the person who had gasped to be quiet.

Feeling no inhibition by this time, I wandered up to the balcony, to see who was there, and was far from disappointed.

In the back row of the balcony, was a young man, probably just out of high school with short dark hair. His shirt was unbuttoned, and his legs spread slightly, and propped up on the seat in front of him. He may have noticed me enter, except that his face was otherwise occupied at the time, mingling with the face a woman in her mid twenties, with long braided red hair.

She had on a short skirt, and clearly had no panties. This was made even more obvious by the fact that her legs were also slightly spread, and resting on the next row, with her right leg curled under the young man’s left.

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   Her jacket had fallen down off her shoulders, showing an orange silk blouse underneath, which was already half unbuttoned, leaving her young man to freely grope her breasts.

His right hand was very busy, squeezing first one breast, then the other, pinching each nipple in turn, while his left hand, searching for a good angle in their oddly positioned pleasures, was rubbing along her leg, and sliding repeatedly along her beautiful snatch.

In the state I was in, my cock took notice of all this in an instant, and began to strain against by zipper. I was reduced to an animal in heat within seconds, and without so much as ten seconds thought, I unbuttoned my pants, and began stroking my 7 inch cock, without any consideration of what might happen if a member of the theatre’s staff came looking where we were.

She was the first to notice. As he began to move his kisses down the side of her neck, she looked at me and froze for just a moment, before noticing my exposed dick. She didn’t stop. She simply smiled at me, as she reached over to his already unzipped pants, and pulled out his cock, to start pumping it in her hand.

Mesmerized I began climbing up to be closer to them, and see more of this amazing scene. I matched rhythm on my own cock, as she stroked his, coaxing drops of pre-cum from his slit, rubbing the head of his cock to lubricate her hand, and continuing the spectacle for me, her new audience.

As I grew closer, I could see that she was trimmed, but not shaven under her skirt, and her glistening pussy was decorated with hair as red as the hair on her head. Her young man was breathing hard now, but still trying to stay quiet, at her tried to keep a rhythm with two fingers in her slit, while actually shaking with pleasure from her hand on his cock.

He didn’t notice me until I actually sat down beside her. And he froze for a moment, surely postponing his inevitable climax, but soon relaxed, with a confused look on his face, as she whispered to him “It’s alright. He’s been here the whole time.

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Even in my drunken state, I had made no move to touch them, but she made her move in just moments, reaching out, and grasping my aching cock, in her soft, gentle hand, and squeezing it, as she began jerking both of us at the same time.

He held out for a few moments longer than I, but soon we were both squirting our seed all over ourselves, our beautiful read-head, and the seats of our balcony.

She smiled, and actually giggled for a moment, which prompted my nervous new friend to shush her again, but she wasn’t done yet.

We continued, now somewhat absent-mindedly, to rub any part of her either of us could find, each with at least two fingers working on her soaking gash, as our pleasure spread through us, relaxing us in body and mind, and she continued to rub our soft members, one in each hand, and she turned to kiss me.

I know many guys are one-shot wonders, but this has never been the case for me. It took me a few moments, but with her tongue caressing my lips, I was soon stiffening again, and as I reached into her blouse, to feel around for just a little more than a handful of young breasts, I found that my new young friend was still interested too.

He was pawing at one of her breasts the way young men often do, before they learn how to peak her pleasures properly, by being gentle, and deliberate in their touch, but it was enough to help me keep her going, as he watched her stroke my dick, with awe and wonder, as if she was not doing the same thing to his own.

She turned then, and kissed him, on the lips, then on his neck, and then she moved over, pulling her leg out from under his, and straddling him, facing the movie screen.

By this time, my young friend was alternately shushing her, for panting too loudly, and letting out quiet moans of his own, as she once again brought him to the peak of his pleasure.

She pulled more forcefully at my cock, as she moved over onto him, and guided me around to face them, as she smeared her ass with juices from her own pussy, and began to lower her ass onto his waiting dick.

Kissing me again, she leaned back, and pulled me over so that I had to put on leg through their legs, just to stand, and she pulled me forward, placing my dick-head at the opening of her waiting pussy.

All pretence of being quiet, or avoiding attention was gone by this point. He was now grunting forcefully, each time he thrust upward at her, and she was moaning so loudly that the movie audience below had stopped watching the movie, as they stood trying to see up into the balcony for a real show.

As he and I fucked her together, with each thrust, each grunt, each moan, each drop of sweat inspired by our collective passions, I felt them both spasm beneath me, and as I kissed her mouth, and he kissed her neck, finally she screamed in ecstasy, as I sprayed another load of cum deep into her pussy, and with the pronunciation of “Oh GOD” he sprayed into her ass.

We collapsed in a heap, not bothering to pull apart.

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   He and I remained inside her, as we began to go limp, breathing heavily, sweating, and laughing at the absurdity of it all.

The theatre’s manager arrived moments later, and of course we were escorted out, and asked never to return, but we had enjoyed ourselves so much, that as we left we all agreed it was worth being banned from seeing shitty movies.

We didn’t bother with names. We just left each other that night, with smiles on our faces, and the watchful eyes of theatre security, making sure that we left the premises without making any more of a scene.

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