A Beautiful Mess


Topic: In the hot tub. . . My name is Kya. I am seventeen years old and am of Asian heritage. I have big, dark brown eyes and long, straight black hair that frames my face. I’ve never really considered myself attractive in a traditional feminine way because I’m so skinny and petite, and my breasts are very small but with incredibly sensitive nipples. In school I found that my nipples would become erect at random times, which was very embarrassing for me.
I’ve always been sexual, even before I hit puberty I was always thinking about kissing boys and having them hold me and stroke my body. When I finally hit puberty, these feelings got so strong they were close to driving me insane. I’d mentally undress every boy I’d see and I’d try to imagine what their dicks looked like and how it would feel to have one inside of me.
My father was very protective of me. So much so, he didn’t let me have sexual education, so I had never actually seen a boy naked before. I wasa bit of an outcast at school, so I couldn’t ask my friends about it either. Just thinking about it made my little pussy so wet with desire. I knew I would cum immediately if I saw a boy pull down his trousers in front of me…
It was a humid summers night and I was in my black bikini in my father’s hot tub, looking at the stars, imagining having a boy in the hot tub with me holding me and telling me how beautiful I looked.

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   I sighed and poured some whiskey that I’d stolen from dad’s stash. ‘Why don’t boys like me?’ I thought to myself. As I got drunker I felt more and more depressed. Since my father was away for the weekend, a normal teenager should be having house parties and doing things they may regret in the morning. But I was sitting alone in a hot tub, thinking about all the things I’m missing out on.
‘This is too depressing’ I thought and got out of the hot tub, and made my way to the side door back into the house. On our driveway I saw one of my dad’s friends walking up to the house. He saw me and waved.
Topic: Topic: Beautiful mess. He pulled away from me, and I looked at him. I was completely breathless. Almost hypnotised, possessed by his taste, his body. I wanted him inside me so much. “You know, your father tells me of how protective he is of you. .

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  ”I tried to compose myself. ”Oh, really?” I asked. ”Yes, he says that he’s terrified of you being taken advantage of. He thinks at such a young age you don’t know your own mind…”“Oh I do!” I pleaded. “Please! I want to see…”“My penis?” he grinned. I nodded. I wasn’t shy anymore. I needed it. I’d do anything just to see it. “Hmm… alright then… Get on your knees”I nodded. I sat right in front of him, my eyes fixed on his shorts. I gently stroked his bulge. It was so warm and strong. I could almost smell his sex. I could feel my juices trickling down my legs now… I had dreamed of this moment since I was twelve.

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   “pull down my shorts” he commanded. I said nothing and slowly undid his belt, my hand shaking. I eased his shorts down his strong, muscular legs and could see the bulge in the boxers. I was so happy. It was very big by the looks of it, and I always heard girl’s in school say bigger is better. I braced myself for this moment and slowly started to pull down his boxers. I could see his pubic hair. It was dark brown, but the aroma that came off them was very inviting. I couldn’t believe I was about to see a boys dick. It didn’t seem real. I could feel my pussy throbbing with excitement. I had wanted this for such a long time… I pulled his boxers down and revealed his manly tool. It was beautiful. I suddenly squealed and trembled as cum trickled out of my bikini bottoms. I had an orgasm just at seeing it.

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   I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The strong, but fragile head that glistened with some sort of lubricating liquid… The warm, sensitive looking balls. I spent minutes studying it, holding the length in my hand. It was very thick. So thick that I couldn’t fit my hand all the way around. It was just how I imagined it. ”Do you like it?” Steve asked. ”It’s so lovely” I said with a smile. ”Do you know what to do with it?””No””What does your instinct tell you?””It tells me to… kiss it, to love it, to stroke it up and down and put it in my mouth” I said very quickly, my lust for his dick had shot through the roof since I saw it. His scent intoxicated my nostrils and my entire being. All my senses were focussed on this beautiful instrument that was in front of me. “Good girl” he said in a sexy tone, stroking my hair and cupping my face in his cheeks. I smiled back and felt the need to please him…cupping his balls in my hand, I gently massaged them and nervously kissed the tip of his dick. He moaned loudly and I smiled, a trail of liquid oozing out of his dick and onto my lip. It tasted incredible.

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  . really salty. Once again, my primal instincts took over and I wrapped lips around his cock, which made his entire body shiver. I squealed loudly as I pushed his dick deep into my mouth, slurping up his juices. His moans satisfied me, I could feel the head of his dick throbbing in my mouth. This was so pleasurable, pleasing this gorgeous guy. I supported his shaft with my hand, and he grabbed my head to hold it in place and started fucking my mouth. Every time he entered my mouth, I’d moan. I took off my bikini bottoms while he fucked my mouth and started vigerously rubbing my clit. I had orgasm after orgasm. I couldn’t breathe because his cock was so big but I didn’t care. It was getting messy. A mix of his juices and my saliva was dripping out of my mouth. It was disgustingly beautiful. His juices mixed with mine….

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   He recognised this sentiment and rubbed them all over my face, which made me cum again. ‘I’m his. Belong to him’ I thought He pulled out of my mouth and rubbed his dick against my face. I squealed in delight and desperately tried to lick, kiss and suck his gorgeous tool. He smiled and asked me what I think should happen next… “I want you to fuck me” I whispered. ”Mmm. . Good” he grinned and told me to lay down on the floor. I was now completely naked on the floor, about to be fucked for the first time. He pinched my sensitive nipples, which caused me to cum yet again. There was a puddle of my juices on the floor. I was so excited. He put my legs onto his stern shoulders and I stared down at his perfect cock. It was glistening and I trembled with excitement as he neared it to my hungry pussy. He looked deep into my eyes as he rubbed his head against my clit, this drove me wild and I started to tremble and shake my head.

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   I shut my eyes and screamed as loud as I could as I gushed all over his shaft and balls, which made my hip’s go into a wild spasm. He smiled and grabbed my hips firmly, restoring order to the chaos of my orgasm and pressed his head against my hole, slowly pushing a bit of his dick inside me. ”Ohh GODDDD” I moaned. Having him inside me felt so invasive, but I craved more. I could feel his head throbbing inside me, rubbing against the inner walls of my vagina. It was such a beautiful friction. I breathlessly gazed up at him while playing with my erect nipples as he slowly went in and out of me, pushing his dick deeper into my with each thrust. “MMMMNNN” we both moaned in unison. He was pressing against my hymen now. Tears ran down my cheeks as he leaned over me, moaning loudly as he did one long, powerful thrust, breaking my hymen. The pain was unimaginable, but so was the pleasure. I could feel his balls pressed up against me. I could feel him throb inside of me. I could feel his heart beat. I looked down at his dick as it went in and out.

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   It was even gorgeous when it had my blood and juices all over it. Every time he entered me it sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout my body. It felt like a constant orgasm. He started slamming into me really hard. His balls were slapping against me and drove my clit wild. He was moaning now, and the throbbing of his head got more and more intense. I could feel my vagina muscles tightening, and I let out a breathless moan as I once again gushed all over his cock. This excited him more and he fucked me in a frenzy, we were both moaning mindlessly at one another as he fucked me harder and harder. Losing my breath, I found myself clawing at his chest, scratching it with my long nails as his long, thick shaft devoured my innocent pussy. He suddenly pulled out of me, moaning very loudly and held his dick above my face. His dick was covered in my blood and juices, and I stroked his balls in anticipation, instinctively opening my mouth. His dick suddenly exploded, overwhelming my senses with an incredible sensation. I felt his manly liquid shoot all over my face, dripping off my cheeks. I desperately massaged his goodness into my skin and mouth. It tasted wonderful.

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   I couldn’t believe it was his cum I was tasting. Half-way through his orgasm he shoved his dick in my mouth. To my delight I felt him cum straight on my tongue and I lovingly gulped his man juice down. It was so refreshing. He smiled down at me and caught his breath as I smiled up at him with his cum all over my face, stroking his manhood and lovingly cleaning it with my tongue, swallowing all of our juices. Swallowing our beautiful mess…. .

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